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I have been reading pets for more than ten years now and would love to help anyone who has issues concerning their pet. A bit of background on me you should know. Since I was a child, I could read animals and of course brought every stray home trying to convince my parents we needed to save them. This did not always work so I did what I could. When I began reading pets for people, I would find, especially with dogs, that most dogs did not understand why their beloved owners did not understand them.

So I felt the need to go further into understanding dogs on a psychological level which led me to finding a trainer that taught K9’s, or as most people know as Police Search and Rescue and service dogs. I studied for 2 years learning the behavior and thought processes of K9’s.

I now realize why dogs don’t understand humans as much as we like them too. Dogs think much different than humans. Dogs live in the moment and don’t worry about what happened in the past, or worry about the future. Also, K9’s think a little differently than regular pets. A pet is just happy to have a home, just laze around the house and eat, play with their owners and of course sleep. The difference is that K9’s truly need a job and have a life purpose similar to humans.

The difference between a pet and a K9 is basically their prey drive which leads back to their primitive DNA factor. I find that most people who have uncontrollable dogs are those that truly have a high prey drive and just want a job no matter how small. In essence, they need a sense of purpose. When I get a call from a person who is frustrated that their dog will not listen or obey, I find that the owner does not understand the energy of their animal. I then do what most people refer to as the “Dog Whisperer.” This is the process in which I teach the owner how a dog thinks so that they can become one with the energy of the dog.

Dogs have a natural order in a pack whether it is in the wild or at home. Someone has to be either an Alpha or Pack Leader. This role needs to be the person in a domestic situation. The rest of the family then follows the progression downward. The dog must be at the bottom so that no one is hurt and so that the dog will listen to everyone in the family. If we do not have this order in place, we do not have a happy dog or family.

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  2. Shannon De Leon

    When I get home from work it’s usually around 5:30pm. My boyfriend gets home around 2:30 3:00pm so he’s with princess until I get home. Princess is a small long haired chihuahua who is the complete opposite of the “Cliche” that people associate these animals to be such as.. yippy,hyper,and shy. My dog loves kids, adults, loves to be pet loves being the center of attention and she is very docile. She doesn’t hide behind me when she meets new people, she loves to go right up to them and figure it out herself. She’s like a kid to me. I’ve had her for 4 years now since she was 6mo old. She’s always there for me and knows when i’m sad or excited. So I have just a few questions I am trying to find some answers to. One is how come everytime I come home she grabs her chew and jumps up on the couch and just starts chewing away. She gets so excited when I come home she runs up to me and I pick her up to say my hi’s then she runs to her “toy box of goodies” and always grabs the chew. why is that?Second is how come she always licks my boyfriend nonstop sometimes. He’s been with us for 3 years and she absolutley loves him. When I come home she says hi to me real quick then jumps up on him and licks him. Then she grabs her chew. Why is that? Everynight when we go to sleep she licks him basically until we both fall asleep. He does take showers..so I never think its because he smells:) and he doesn’t use lotion. So I don’t know why she licks him so much. Third question is, is she stays right by me when we walk even without a leash. I never have any other problems with her, everyone who meets her who doesn’t really like dogs, falls in love with her, it’s amazing! But the absolute only problem I have with her is that as soon as she see’s a squirrel or birds, she runs after them sometimes 1mile or so. She forgets I even exist. I have such a hard time calling her and getting her to come back. I talk in a low voice which she associates that she’s done something wrong and tries to butter up to me and apologize,(She’s never scolded) I don’t believe in that… but she never comes back to me when I call her. I usually have to go find her. It’s taken me 1 hour before to find her. I always use a leash now but how can I get her to come back to me, or get her to stop chasing after any little critter with 4 legs? Other than that she’s the best thing in the world to me! I don’t want to bring her to a training class, I would like to teach her myself. Please help me if you can!~
    Thank you,

  3. Elizabeth Torres

    I like ur article very much about animals and pets. I would like to share something interesting that happened to me and my labordor retrieve mix dog,princess almost a year ago and two years ago. Well back in 2007, I was in the basement reading the bible,when my dog was facing the wall,she doesn’t normally do this. As I looked at her and asked her what’s wrong, I turned around and by the washing machine, I saw a huge dark blobby figure passing by quickly and I didn’t know where it went. In November 2008, my dog and I were sleeping in my parents’ room,when all of the sudden,she became uneasily,started to circle around and walked back and forth in the bedroom. I asked her what’s wrong princi, I turned over and saw a white shadow with a face covered in a orangy-yellowish stripes on its face. My dog’s birthday is May 9,2003 and mine’s is May 15,1982. Does this mean that my dog is pyschically attuned to me? And is it possible that I’m half pyschic?

  4. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    What a great article! You are so right about dogs identifying the “alpha” person in the household (Cats are always the “alpha” people in the household, so it doesn’t apply to them:)) When we adopted a 10 week old black lab female puppy from a shelter, I held her while we looked at her, held her while we filled out the paper work necessary, and held her as we got in the car. Within 3 minutes, her little nose had crept across the console toward the alpha person in the household-she automatically identified him. Therefore, even though I had held and cuddled her, she could identify me as the “second in command”.
    Her sense of purpose has developed to carry the newspaper and deliver it to “Mr. Alpha” every morning-she is devastated if anyone else carries in the paper and barks until one gives the paper back to her and she carries it to him.
    They really are amazing and lovable.
    Ext. 9146


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