What Type of Psychic Should Each Zodiac Read With?

What Type of Psychic Should Each Zodiac Read With? | California Psychics

When the Zodiac Need Psychic Insight

We each have our own way of communicating, and when we engage with psychic readers, our hearts, souls, thoughts, needs, and desires are revealed, so we need to feel a true connection with them. One way to best create a fulfilling bond can be to match up your emotional style with the right psychic. It can be that the strong, silent person needs tender, compassionate readings, or the fiery soul may need to be spoken to in a way that uplifts and inspires them. And sometimes those who are straightforward need blunt insights in return.

Here we’ve chosen three psychic styles that might best match a particular zodiac sign: Straightforward, Compassionate, and Inspirational. Each of these styles is well represented here by our fine readers on California Psychics. You may find you prefer one particular type or a mix of all three. When you read your sun, moon, and rising sign descriptions, you will find the answer to the question, “What type of psychic should each zodiac read with?”



The Ram wants to feel they can conquer the entire Universe and inspiration is their rocket fuel. The Mars-ruled do exceptionally well when they connect with a psychic who uplifts them and acts as their cheerleader, bolstering their energy, joy, and confidence to explosive new heights.



The Bull can be very tender at heart, and compassionate understanding goes a long way with them. Though they have astonishing inner strength, these Venusians do best when they have a gentle psychic who has deep empathy for them and can sweetly feed their souls with the flowers of renewed life.



The Twins can take it, no matter what it is. John Wayne himself was a Gemini, and he knew a thing or two about shooting from the hip. He could handle anything life threw at him, both onscreen and off. The Mercury-ruled are often a lot like The Duke and take their psychic readings straight, no sugar-coating.



Moon Children can be as hard-shelled as their Crab symbol, but they are sympathetic souls inside their soft and tender hearts. Tough though they are, deep down the lunar-ruled are empathically sensitive, and they require warm, gentle, and caring compassion from their psychic readers.



The Big Cats love to shine like the warm sun that rules them, and they live to generously share bottomless purrs of joy and every good and luxurious thing with those who cherish them. They in turn adore psychics who inspire them to gloriously light up the Universe with their loving selves.



The Mercury-ruled Virgin delights in all that is crisp, clean, and nicely laid out, including their psychic readings. They want the straight facts lined up perfectly so they can study them with their keen eyes, missing nothing, to better see how to create the precision-filled and exemplary lives they desire.



The Venusian-ruled love to feel elated by all that is beautiful, and this includes the spoken word. They are genuinely heartened by the kind supportiveness of an inspiring psychic who makes them feel like they truly can manifest all the wondrous, splendid, happy things they can imagine into their lives.



Scorpions feel very deeply. They are sensitive, perceptive, and readily pick up what others are feeling too. The Mars/Plutonian ruled are incredibly strong within, but they need compassion to thrive. They crave the tender sweetness of an empathic psychic to gently assist them through their intense lives.



It is known that the Archer can let fly some razor-sharp arrows that may pierce almost any armor. If someone shoots back, the Jupiter-ruled merrily dodges it with a laugh and notches another round. They appreciate the frankness of a straight-talking psychic because being direct is just natural to them.



If you hear someone say, “Just give me the facts,” they might be a Goat. The Saturnian-ruled eat hard, cold, difficult-to-swallow issues for breakfast, then look around for more to chew on. They like their psychic readings very much straight to the point because they have life’s mountains to climb.



The Uranian-born run on a kind of cosmic electricity, and they are readily recharged by the inspiring psychic reader who makes their spirits rise up like the phoenix to soar skyward again. The Water-Bearer knows by heart what Peter Pan said to Wendy: “Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning.”



The sweet Fish live in the mystic realms, and loving-kindness flows in their veins. They thirst for the compassion given to them by a sensitive reader, for tenderness is their lifeblood. They know only the truly strong are gentle, and as Neptunians, they roll in the deep with the eternal strength born of love.

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