All About Topaz and Cirtrine: November Birthstones

All About Topaz and Citrine: November Birthstones | California Psychics

Healing and Lucky

Those with November birthdays not only get to enjoy their special days within the month of gratitude (and culinary indulgence!), they also get to call two very special gems their own. Topaz and citrine, characteristically amber or yellow in color—though topaz comes in many more hues—both have a number of healing properties that can be harnessed during the busy holiday season, and any other time of the year, for that matter. Here’s what you should know about these unique and powerful birthstones.


Topaz was discovered on a faraway island in the Red Sea that used to be called Topazios in ancient times. (Although, now, it’s said that the gems discovered there were more likely to be peridot than topaz.) The name of the stone is also thought to come from the word topazos, which means “to seek.”

Topaz is thought to warm up when exposed to the sun’s rays and then radiate that solar energy, which helps with healing and recharging. However, the gem is also thought to get its power from the moon as it changes from crescent to full, during which time topaz helps its bearer detect deceit and fraud.

Topaz can be amber, yellow, brown, blue, grey, colorless, red, or pink. Blue topaz is thought to help with communication, ushering in wisdom and truth. Yellow topaz is thought to give its bearer confidence and charisma.

This stone’s main power lies in its ability to direct energy where it’s most needed. But it’s supposed abilities are many and varied. Topaz is thought to bring love, good fortune, joy, and good health. In addition, it can help you receive love, be more open, and release tension.

When it comes to the body, topaz is believed to help with digestion, and ancient cultures believed that sucking on topaz before a meal allowed people to enjoy the flavors of their food more.

As a spiritual stone, topaz can be an effective tool for connecting to the psychic realm, as well as aiding in both meditating and engaging in visualization practices. Purple topaz in particular is thought to embody the energy of prayer, giving its bearer a feeling of spiritual wealth.


Known as the Merchant’s Stone, citrine has long been associated with abundance, prosperity and the manifestation of wealth, making it a helpful stone for those in business or embarking on monetary ventures. But its powers aren’t just about making money—the stone is just as much about sharing your good fortune and encouraging generosity as is it about generating income. For those with problems spending too much money, carrying a citrine in your wallet is supposed to help stop the outward flow of cash.

Citrine is a stone to help make dreams come true. It’s associated with manifestation, transforming dreams into reality, and stimulating the imagination. For those engaging in new pursuits or taking a chance on a goal, citrine is thought to help awaken energy and determination.

Most crystals need to be cleared of negative energy from time to time but not citrine—it actually doesn’t harbor or hold a negative charge. Instead, it changes or dissolves negativity. In this way, it’s a powerful stone for harnessing positivity or turning negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones.

Citrine is associated with mental health as it is said to strengthen self-esteem, intellect, motivation, creativity, and joy. By stimulating the brain, it opens up our sense of intuition and promotes both motivation and self-expression.

This gem is associated with a number of places on the body, and a healing item for them. It’s thought to reverse degenerative disease, balance chemicals and negate infection, especially toxicities in the bladder and kidneys. It’s also thought to help with circulation and purifying the blood, stimulate the thyroid, ease eye problems, and relieve constipation. Finally, this stone is believed to remove cellulite.

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