Psychic Lucy: Use a Pendulum to Make Decisions

A Tool to Find Simple Answers

It is a wonderful time in society as 2013 promises to begin a trend to “better” times. Many of my callers have begun “waking up” during the devastating last seven years of our history. And many of you have asked me for a tool to help you find the simple answers to your questions when I am not online. I plan to share this tool with you here, called the pendulum. I recommend you do not use it to answer your own, personal questions. You’re better off talking to a psychic. Even as a psychic, I consult other psychics for answers to my own questions! You see, the psychic gifts are given to us so that we may help others.

Most people’s questions have an 85% accuracy rate when using a pendulum. So practice and have fun while learning this tool which will simply give you a yes or no answer.

The pendulum is held in your left hand (unless you are a lefty—then use your right hand). For your first pendulum, it is best to buy one with a crystal that “calls to you.” Hold the pendulum by the top with your left hand and let it dangle just above your right hand.

Ask the pendulum a simple question to see which direction is yes and which direction means no. I suggest asking something like: “Is my name _______ (saying your real name)?” Watch the pendulum begin to go in a circular motion. The direction it goes will be your “yes answer.” Then ask: “Is my name _______ (stating a false name—just to double check)?” That will be your “no answer.”

Always leave your crystal to cleanse in rock salt overnight. That way when you want to ask it questions it is always ready for use.

So ask away, and may God bless you all on your new journey into the use of tools to help others make decisions. Remember that only the divine has the final answers and this is “for entertainment purposes only.” Although you never really know until the truth is shown to you.


3 thoughts on “Psychic Lucy: Use a Pendulum to Make Decisions

  1. Pamela

    Great article on pendulums. I have used them so much. I “hear” the angels and they had me
    design around nine of them charged for different intents. My very first one disappeared and it caused me to design pendulums. It is unhealthy to get attached to our tools as we have much innate inner power. Blessings,

  2. sammie hyden

    would like to try the pendulums. but never lead people to believe they cant harness the same energy as a “physcic ” as we all have to ability and our or my job is to teach person how to raise their abilities that we should already be masters at. become your own physchic or empath. you can learn how to enhance your ability from a true psychic which we all are but one knows the difference if just money for answeres. We light spirits or hear to teach you to depend on your own innate powers, grow ,learn and get to the next level we so desperatly need to do. you just need a teacher or faith to show you how not instant answeres, etc, many physichics can teach you, empaths can show you and angels can show you, etc.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Lucy,

    Very nice article on pendulums !

    Lucy is an excellent psychic, so to all of you who have yet to try a reading with Lucy, I highly recommend her.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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