Your Mercury Forecast for December 2012

Find Your Adventurous Edge

Following its final 10 days in Scorpio, Mercury spends the bulk of the month in Sagittarius, imbuing our thoughts and words with an adventurous edge. Just be sure you don’t wind up with your foot in your mouth!

Read on to find out what Mercury holds in store for you this month!


You’re energized after the 10th. Channel your mid-month, progressive energy by doing something positive for the less fortunate.


You’re feeling open-minded and free-thinking. Let that energy translate into some reflection. The truth is within your grasp.


Make no decision before all the facts are in. A rush to judgment could leave you worse off than when you started. Are you regretting a decision? Talk with Psychic Burke ext. 5655 to see how you can recover and correct your course.


Don’t overlook the details this month. You may not have to think as deeply as usual, but by skirting over the little things, you could screw up the big picture.


You’re seeking broader understanding these days, lion. That’s a good thing. Opportunities make themselves known near month’s end.


Let your inner artist out this month Virgo. Stop being so practical and indulge whatever whimsy you can muster.


You’re being given both sides of the story, Libra. It’s up to you to implore your judicious nature to decide what to do with them.


Don’t waste your time being dogmatic this month, Scorpio. You’re not going to win anyone over; you’ll just create more work for yourself!


Watch your tongue before you speak, archer. The stars are aligned to ignite your mind; you needn’t share every thought you have in the process.


The 21st ushers the Sun into your sign, and 10 days later, the winged one follows. Hibernate early in the month so as to seize the energy boost later.


You’re already a free-thinker; now is the time to put thoughts into action. You can make a difference, or make progress, toward a well-aimed goal.


Don’t let yourself get confused this month, Pisces. It’s been a massively productive year, and you’ve come too far to turn back now. Confidence is key!

9 thoughts on “Your Mercury Forecast for December 2012

  1. Nancy

    To Emeral smile, run the other way! I’ve been there. Go to Alanon or therapy. Change yourself inside and you will attract what is healthy inside you. Stay away from relationships for awhile and work on loving yourself.

  2. Ruth

    As he moves into a quiet period, and I into an active period, is it possible to both accept my own part and his in this dance.

  3. Emerald smile

    A couple of months ago I broke up with my very verbally and physically abusive boyfriend. He was a substance abuser and cheated on me constantly. I knew the signs and he told me that he chose to be wrong anf yet I still stayed. Immediately after our break up, he said that God has changed him and he is ready to fully commit, marry me and treat me like a queen. He has also apologized on numerous occasions. Although I hve noticed hi displaying a more positive attitude, I am still a but suspicious and hesitant to give him another chance eventhough I still miss him and love him. My friends and family feel I should stir clear and that God will send me someone better. What should I do?

  4. mp

    at 12:17 UT on 5 Dec 2012 mercury is transiting through last degree of Libra. How it is stated that Merc in in final 10 degrees of Scorpio before entering Sagittarius since prediction in Vedic astrology changes?

  5. krishangopal lal

    what is my lucky numbers and day. i am very poor man, please help me or give some suggestions. i cannot work with my problems pysicallt and mentally. please help me. thankyou.


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