How to Manifest Your Highest Good with Water

How to Manifest Your Highest Good with Water | California Psychics

How to Manifest with Water and the Law of Attraction

It’s an astounding truth that a simple vessel of water, combined with the Law of Attraction manifestation principles, can bring many of your desires into being. The Law of Attraction’s main principle is that like attracts like, so if you concentrate on positive thoughts, you will attract positive outcomes. This is how you manifest your dreams, desires, and intentions into reality.

Why Manifest with Water?

71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water, and our bodies are 65% water. Water is also one of the four main elements and is an excellent conductor of energy. Science has even proven that water molecules are affected by our thoughts (more on that in a moment), so it makes sense that it would be excellent at aiding us in our manifestation practices.

The Science Behind Water Manifestation

In the 90s, Dr. Masaru Emoto performed intensive studies on how our intentions can literally change the shape of water and ice. By exposing it to positive and negative stimuli, the ice would change forms, turning into beautifully patterned snowflakes when touched with positivity, and creating less pleasing patterns when exposed to a negative environment.

Simply put: Positivity equals preservation and growth that opens the flow of love energy while negativity equals decomposition and destruction that stops the flow of love energy.

Easy Ways to Manifest with Water


Bless any water you come into contact with. Say a little prayer of love and gratitude for each glass of water you drink. It helps create balance and harmony in your life, which in turn radiates throughout our planet and the Universe. It carries the energy of love and gratitude and helps create greater peace, love, and harmony among the world’s people, the earth itself, and even the stars.


Labeling water bottles with short and sweet manifestation affirmations, such as: I am a money magnet, I am successful, or I attract love is an easy and portable way for water to carry your affirmations into the Universe every day. Another easy thing to do is to say a short affirmation out loud whenever you wash your hands throughout the day. If you’re particularly attuned to astrology, you can even speak specific affirmations attuned to your zodiac sign to give them a little more potency.


Run yourself a bath or step into the shower, and as you let the water wash over you, picture all of the negative energy you may have picked up washing away and feel the light of positivity enveloping you in protection for the day ahead.


Crystals can help with many things, including manifestation, so when you combine crystals with water, the Universe is bound to listen. Placing crystals that match your particular needs and desires into your drinking water or bath water will raise your vibrations and allow the laws of attraction to get right to work. You can even purchase water bottles that allow you to screw different crystals into the bottom, infusing your water with their various properties as needed. There are some companies that also add crystals to their bath bombs. If you are starting from scratch though, be very careful of which crystals you choose. Some crystals are toxic, while others will be ruined by water. If you are not experienced with crystals, start by putting crystals near your water until you learn more about them. The effect will be similar and just as beneficial.

Harness the Power of the Moon

Moon water may be a fad now, but it’s also an ancient tradition and a powerful manifestation tool. On the night of the Full Moon, fill a container (most recommend clear glass) cover it, and place it outside or in a window where it will be fully exposed to the moonlight. As you are putting the container in the proper place, say a small affirmation or prayer over it, and thank the moon for helping you achieve this goal. If you want, you can place a few crystals around the container to help strengthen the affirmation. Leave the water exposed to the moon for a few hours or overnight, but make sure to collect it before the sun touches it.

You can drink the water, though you may want to boil or strain it first, or you can put it in a spritz bottle and cleanse your space with it. Some experts say that the lunar cycle you make your moon water in can affect the properties of your moon water. They recommend that if you’re not familiar with the characteristics of each Full Moon, it’s best to consult with an astrologer before you make moon water. If you’d like to do so, you can always call one of California Psychics’ expert Astrology Psychics.

Try it Yourself

There are those who don’t want you to know the incredible power you have with your positive thoughts. By using these manifestation principles with water, you can change your life for the better. Joined together, people can change the world with love.

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