Tips for Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals

Tips for Cleaning Your Crystals and Gemstones | California Psychics

Caring for Crystals

Many of us have turned to various crystals and gemstones to empower aspects of our lives, to put up a buffer against negativity and toxicity, or to simply lend a calming aura to our homes and workplaces. But how do we care for a tool that does so much for us? Simple, we cleanse and charge them so that they can continue to do their jobs.

There are almost as many different methods to cleanse and charge your gemstones and crystals as there are gemstones and crystals to choose from. Sometimes your method will be dependent on the stone that you are working with – there are several stones that should never be placed in water and some stones that will actually fade in sunlight. Other methods can be utilized no matter what the stone is. Suffice it to say, you will have many options to go with.

One place to start is the elements, as each one has its own method to clear and recharge your gems.


Water is something that most of us easily have access too, and much like washing our hands when they are dirty, washing gemstones with warm or cool water can clean away the sludge that can build up on them. But you need to use care, as several stones don’t do well with water. A safe rule of thumb is that if it ends in “ite” it probably should be kept dry. If you are looking to cleanse kyanite, calcite, halite, kunzite, angelite, azurite, selenite, malachite, fire opal, moonstone, amber, labradorite, or turquoise, you should look to other methods. Although, selenite never really needs to be cleansed in the metaphysical sense as it does that all on its own.

A variation on this is to add some essential oils, especially lavender or clary sage to a spritz bottle with some purified water and then gently spritz your stones.


Using sage, rosemary, sweetgrass, or frankincense to gently smoke your stones as they sit in a bowl is a fast and friendly way to cleanse your collection.


When it comes to using Earth energy you have a lot of different options. You can place them in a bowl of salt, or even in various herbs like lavender or juniper. And while you can use simple table salt, Dead Sea salt is even better for cleansing. Placing stones in a Himalayan sea salt bowl and letting them sit for a couple of days is another excellent method.

You can simply bury your stones in or place them on soil. This is a fantastic way to nurture both your plants and your gemstones if you happen to have a garden.

You can also use other stones to siphon off the sludge. Selenite is one stone with this wonderful ability, but you can also use shungite, nuummite, citrine, kyanite, carnelian, clear quartz, and hematite. The one downside of hematite is that unlike others that can self-cleanse, hematite doesn’t, and after a while it will not be able to absorb any more negativity and will need to be ‘retired’. When this happens, the stone will usually become very dark and all you need to do is bury it and return it to the Earth.


Carefully pass a stone through the flame of a small candle several times to cleanse by fire. Likewise, if you have access to a fire pit, you can place your crystals on the outer perimeter to gain the blessing of the flame. If you want to gain the added benefit of using herbs, feel free to add some to your fire to get the best of two worlds.

Natural Light

Sunlight or moonlight are also powerful, natural cleansing methods to take advantage of. You do have to be careful if you decide to go with the sunlight option though, as many stones will fade if subjected to too much sun. Smokey quartz, aventurine, rose quartz, fluorite, sapphire, kunzite, amethyst, emerald, morganite and other beryls, aquamarine, citrine, opal, moldavite, garnet, and lapis lazuli will all begin to fade if care is not taken. This is why moonlight tends to be everyone’s go to.

The Power of the Mind

Prayer, ritual, reiki, and visualization are all excellent methods that you can use to help not only to cleanse gemstones, but to charge and imbue them with the energy and purpose that you are looking for. This does not have to be an elaborate process either. Simply sit quietly with the stones in your hands or hold your hands over the stones and visualize any psychic sludge being removed. The inherent power of the crystal will reassert itself until the positive is all that is left.

Trust Your Instincts

As you can see, there are many fantastic choices when it comes to tending to your crystals and gemstones. Simply let your instincts and intuition lead you.

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