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Manifestation Affirmations for Each Zodiac Sign

Manifestation Affirmations for Each Zodiac Sign | California Psychics

The Power of Manifestation

We can all use powerful bursts of positive energy to fill up our manifestation-rocket fuel tanks in order to successfully attain what we desire in our lives, yes? A good affirmation not only amps you up by propelling your heat-seeking missile-self in the right direction toward your target of attainment, it also helps clear away any flotsam, jetsam, or debris you want to release in order to help you more easily get to where you want to go.

By reading these potent energy booster affirmations for your sun, moon, and rising signs, you’ll feel fired up and ready to take on all the world and triumph over it like the conquering hero or heroine you are! Turn those dreams, wishes, and hopes you’re visualizing into victorious reality with these manifestation affirmations for each zodiac sign!

Zodiac Manifestations


I am a successful go-getter and I manifest my intended results with great enthusiasm. I am courageous in pioneering ways to achieve my goals. I release impatience and any selfish tendencies as I take right actions based in lovingkindness, compassion, and empathy.


I have everything I need within myself to attain what I desire. I release any tendency toward being overly stubborn as I gently persist in bringing my hopes and dreams into full fruition. I am safe, secure, and blessed with that which is good, always and in all ways.


I think through all the positive ways to get what I want, and I am successful in drawing in whatever I hope for. I know I am adaptable and communicate my needs well. I release any distractions or tendencies toward indecisiveness while serenely focusing on achieving my goals.


I feel confident and secure in nurturing my dreams as I bring them to life. I release any tendencies toward being overly protective, cranky, or moody, and I trust that I am safe, happy, and fulfilled. I use my sensitive intuition to attract all I want and need.


I will myself to create everything I need to attain all that I go after, and I am always victorious. I release any tendencies toward egotism and poor temper. I am loyal, faithful, and generous. I shine like the sun as I radiate love and warmth to all.


I analyze every positive way to manifest what I need in life, and I am always rewarded handsomely for my efforts. I accept that I am enough just as I am. I release any tendencies toward perfectionism and over-thinking and replace them with loving self-acceptance.


I balance my thoughts, feelings, and actions with fairness, peace, and serenity as I attract everything I want and need into my life. I release any tendency toward putting other’s needs before my own and treat myself with lovingkindness at all times.


I desire all that is positive and good to come into my life and I name, claim, accept, and receive everything I want and need in perfect Divine timing and Divine order. I release any tendency to be overly intense as I focus with passion on the wondrous blessings I am always manifesting.


I see clearly what I need to do to achieve my goals, and I succeed in manifesting all I wish for. I release any tendency to be bluntly tactless, for I understand and implement the commitment and wisdom required for making my dreams come true with kindness, faith, and compassion.


I utilize my natural ability to work smart as I easily achieve my goal of climbing to the top of the mountain of success. I release any tendencies toward worry and pessimism, and treat myself and others with lovingkindness, wisdom, understanding, and positive hopefulness.


I know what I want to manifest into my life, and I create the changes I need to succeed as I effortlessly achieve all the desires of my heart. I release any tendency toward being overly rebellious and instead use my powerful will to lovingly attract all I want into my life.


I believe in my dreams and trust I will succeed in making my awesome visions real, and I always achieve what I want. I release any tendencies toward flakiness or being overly self-sacrificing as I create all that is positive for myself using my vivid imagination and deeply empathic intuition.

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Discover your Zodiac Compatibility with other signs:
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