Lover’s Path Tarot: September 20 – 26

Lover's Path Tarot: September 20-26 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

What are the emotions common to all lovers, regardless of time or location? Which stories, from all cultures, contain the clues to our love dilemmas?

Well, The Lover’s Path Tarot has come to the rescue! This amazing Tarot deck by Kris Waldherr contains the essence we seek through its vivid artwork, which evokes the stories of mythological lovers throughout time. We see in the mix of media, watercolors, and oils sealed with acrylic, a brilliant depiction of what we ourselves meet in everyday life and relationships.

So, let’s enter the week through the Lover’s Path and see what the future holds.

September 20 – Sunday


Fertility, whether it’s physical, emotional, or mental, rules the theme today. In this card’s depiction, Caesar and Cleopatra are surrounded by animals, domestic and wild! She appears pregnant and mighty Caesar stands behind, deferring to the wave of new life taking place all around. Are you ready?

September 21 – Monday

Nine of Cups

A white robed goddess celebrates the fullness of her happiness. This is a day to celebrate! Caution is needed, so that the cups don’t overturn and waste the nectar of success that they contain. Join wisdom with abandon.

September 22 – Tuesday

Five of Staves (Wands)

It appears to be a battle, but it is a mock battle. The competition is playful and not angry. Applaud the victories of your rival, and accept their accolades. We all work for the good of each other, whether we know it or not.

September 23 – Wednesday

Queen of Staves (Wands)

This card’s queen is Fricka and she holds a bowl of fire! Her dress is the bright orange of second chakra creativity. Although the tree behind her is bare, and it is winter, her wand of action and desire is sprouting with the green of springtime. She looks at us with a gaze of hope and encouragement. She is saying: “Keep reaching.”

September 24 – Thursday


Persephone and Pluto are deep in thought. There is tension in the air. An impasse has been reached in their communication, and they seem estranged. Is it over? No, something has died and something new in their union is about to be reborn! They stand in the gap at this moment, but a new cycle is taking root. It is bigger and better. An old relationship is transformed into a new one today.

September 25 – Friday

Eight of Staves (Wands)

Communication picks up and takes flight! The birds of all species, perched on this card’s wands, show all the different forms it will take. Peaceful, light, and sweet, or brave like an eagle. Literally, you may hear from someone long out of touch.

September 26 – Saturday

Prince of Arrows (Swords)

Cupid shoots his arrows through a cloudy sky, never knowing for sure who his target is. An unexpected love develops today. It is important to be mindful of the consequences. At the same time, it is overwhelmingly hard to resist Cupid’s arrow once it has left the bow. You are in for a romantic surprise!

A Fun Spread to Try: The Lover’s Path Spread

This is a 13-card spread for when you want to take a really deep look into a love relationship. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a problem. The spread gives insight into how to get closer to your lover!

It looks into the relationship on four levels: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air, also represented by the suits named cups, wands, swords, and pentacles. The major arcana in this spread represent core issues, and the minor arcane represent details.

First, separate the major and minor arcana into two piles before you shuffle. Shuffle each pile thoroughly and keep them separate. Place them face down on the table.

When you are ready and feel tuned in, draw four major arcana cards and place them in a top row.

Then, draw eight minor arcana and place them slightly below, with two cards “holding” one major arcana card in a wedge.

Shuffle the remaining cards of both arcana together, and draw card thirteen from the unified deck. Place it alone to the right of the spread. This card represents the theme of how the partners are being transformed by the love they share!

Cards One and Two: Minor Arcana

These cards represent the Water suit (Cups). Card One shows your emotional needs, Card Two, your partner’s.

Cards Three and Four: Minor Arcana

These cards represent Fire (Wands). How do each of you use energy, especially in your careers? Card Three represents you. Card Four represents your partner.

Cards Five and Six: Minor Arcana

These cards represent Air (Swords). What is the intellectual connection? How do you communicate? Card Five represents you. Card six represents your partner.

Cards Seven and Eight: Minor Arcana

These cards represent Earth (Pentacles). What is your physical connection? How do you express sensuality and affection? Card Seven is you. Card Eight is your partner.

Card Nine: Major Arcana

What are the emotional issues you face now in your relationship?

Card Ten: Major Arcana

How do you help each other succeed in your life paths and career?

Card Eleven: Major Arcana

How do you help each other gain wisdom through intellectual pursuits?

Card Twelve: Major Arcana

How does sexuality support your love for each other?

Card Thirteen: Major or Minor Arcana

What is the overall “theme song” of your relationship?

A final step to try with this spread, is simply to do the reading together with your lover. Use it as a communication tool. Where would you two like to create change in your relationship? What do you especially appreciate about being together? Where do you both see it growing?

Thanks for joining me. Love blessings right at’cha!

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    I thank you for this Lover’s Path Tarot for this current following week! It’s very interesting! But, I am currently single! However, I was in a relationship recent. So, maybe this applies to the future?


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