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You Create Your Reality

The Law of Attraction is the name given to the natural law of the Universe, more commonly known as The Law of Cause and Effect. It is based on the belief that “like attracts like” and that universal energy will respond to us in a way that supports our own realities, true or false, good or bad. It delivers to us what we think into it. The Universe is completely neutral and does not decide, discern, or choose for us. It simply responds to us exactly as we have asked. As you believe, so it delivers unto you.

The Universe always says yes, no matter what we put out there. Fortunately (or unfortunately), we are in the driver’s seat! We alone are in control of our destinies and are 100% responsible for what we have or have not experienced. The nice thing is, if we create our reality and perception with thought, that means we can also un-create it and replace it with something better in exactly the same way.

The Law of Attraction

One of the common misconceptions of The Law of Attraction is that positive thought alone can get you what you want. The Law of Attraction is not just about thinking about what you want from life. To get the law working for you, you have to:

  1. Believe with all your heart that you deserve what you’re asking for, even if your subconscious doesn’t believe it. “Fake it till you make it” and “act as if it is already true.”
  2. Plant the seed of what it is you really want. You can do this by visualizing what you want wrapped in a great big bow.
  3. Have faith that what you want essentially has your name written all over it and believe that the Universe is conspiring to bring it to you right now.
  4. Be grateful in this moment for receiving your good.
  5. Let it go, and let the Universe do what it does so wonderfully. Put that beautifully wrapped gift into the basket of a hot air balloon, cut the tethers, and release it into the sky.

The Law of Attraction works for everyone in the same way that the Law of Gravity works. It’s just there. When it appears not to work, it is when we have unknowingly thrown a monkey wrench into what we have asked for. Something as simple as continuously checking to see if the Universe is delivering what we want indicates doubt and will delay or divert our intended outcome. 

Trust the Universe

Have faith and patience. When you plant a seed, you don’t go out and dig it up every day to see if it’s growing. You plant it, you water it, and you trust that there will be a return for that seed. By the same token, understand that if you’ve planted potatoes, you will not get corn. If you want corn, then plant corn! You will get exactly what you’ve planted, so keep your intentions clear and don’t muddy the waters with doubt or indecision.

How long does it take the Law of Attraction to work on our intentions? Well, it takes as long as it needs to. It can be in the “blink of an eye” or it can take years, depending on how clear our intention is and whether or not we allow ourselves to receive our good. We have to be open and receptive to the belief that we deserve that good, and we have to provide a clear passageway for the Universe to deliver it. It will land in your lap when you’ve done the work as you are supposed to. If we continuously put up blocks against the Universe, then it’ll take much, much longer. It really is all up to us.

We are all individualized expressions of the infinite, and deserve the very best. The Law of Attraction is simple, but it’s not easy. With repeated effort and perseverance, you will see positive results.

The Universe is waiting for you to declare what it is you want in your life, and is more than willing to bring it to you. All you need to do is ask and trust that the Universe knows what it is doing. And remember, “Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains.”

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8 thoughts on “Laws of Attraction

  1. Lily

    I love reading all your blogs, this one was great! love staying positive in all situations and faith is key !

  2. Glenda Wagoner

    I love the idea of manifesting all good. I wish good for all and do my best to do good to all. It is my season to receive good now that I have learned the hard lessons of natural law.

  3. Dc

    Im only 20 and i can tell u this wen u visualize it endure it thats all find and dandy but effort is the key.. positive belief ,overwelming urself with the feeling tht u already got it but effort u have to put wrk in and that path will lay straight out for u
    it may not be dat mansion u dreaming but it will be a big house

  4. sony

    Its really informative & felt good to read it. Hope that i can follow it truly bcoz the thing that i desire is an impossible thing now. But i believe that the positive energy i.e. God will give me that i desire.

  5. sarwar

    what it will go come back to us if u wai for love give love but what we want today is to hook and cook we want we can get it but not satisfy us.

  6. Nancy

    This is so true!! It makes so much sense and is just so simple. What a nice way to live our lives. I today and always will now think of the Universe as a boomerang and will remember to throw out there what I wish to come back.

  7. Debbie

    I have really enjoyed reading your blogs….especially the ones today. The reason being is that they are for one,informative


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