Cancer Traits: Warm and Endearing

Cancer: Warm and Endearing | California Psychics

Cancer Traits

Today we are going to explore the wonderful traits belonging to the favored crustacean of the astrological sphere: Cancer. These warm and endearing people can be far more complex than they appear. In this article, we are going to look at the many facets of these folks and discover even more than what you may already know.

Born between June 21 and July 22, the typical Cancer will tell you that there is no such thing as a typical Cancer. These are people who can be as imaginative and creative as any other sign, but they do it all while holding their loved ones and their home close to their heart. Ruled by the moon and with Water as their ruling element, these people can be quite fragile and quick to change moods.

Cancer Individuals are Highly Passionate

Known for their nurturing ways, some people forget that the Cancer traits are also among the most passionate. Cancerian people are often highly intuitive, and they use their psychic gifts more often than they realize. As a Water sign, they can be very mutable with their emotions. As with other Water signs, those “still water” traits can run more deeply than is displayed on the surface.

Understanding Cancer Women

For the female Cancer, home and nurturing are two of the most focused traits. She is brilliant, loving, and passionately connected to those in her inner circle. If you want a domestic partner who will manage to keep the home fires burning only for you, look no further than a Cancer woman!

These women excel in tending to the needs of others; however, they must pay attention to the things that they need personally, or they run the risk of depleting their energies to such a point that there is nothing left for themselves.

A Cancer trait that can be exceptionally challenging for those who choose to fall in love with this sign is “clingyness” with their beloved. It doesn’t matter if you are in a romantic relationship or a familial endeavor, once a Cancerian has claimed you as their own, they are not easy to discourage. This can be both a blessing and a curse.

Cancer Loyalty is Amazing

The loyalty of the Cancerian is legendary! These are people who will not let go unless all hope is lost, and even then, they will still have to be convinced. They will continue to hold on to hope for the strayed love one until all faith has faded.

Understanding Cancer Men

Loving a Cancer male can often seem as though he is nagging or demanding far more than seems logical. Don’t worry, however, because this is one way he is expressing his love. He feels as if he knows what is best for those in his world, and he will do whatever he can to bring everyone in line.

The Cancerian male has many of the same traits found in the Cancerian female, except his moodiness can create an atmosphere of suspicion and control over his environment at all times. This can be a tremendous burden on those who love this man.

The male Cancer is also someone who feels emotions deeply. Because Cancer is ruled by the moon, he is much harder to pin down to any one emotional reaction than some other signs in the zodiac. That changeable moon can also wreak havoc on his expressions of devotion. The one who falls in love with this man must learn his rhythms, and be willing to accept them all. He genuinely means well, even when it feels like he doesn’t.

If Cancer had a motto, it would be, “I feel more than I ponder”. These people are quick to go with their brilliant intuition, and often do not consider anything other than their gut feelings. They will have a perfect union when they find someone patient enough to deal with their mercurial traits while also appreciating their need to protect and nurture anyone and everyone in their circle.

Understanding Cancer Children

Cancer children are often seen as precocious and inventive. There also seems to be a disproportionate number of Indigo children who are coming into our plane of existence as Cancerian kids. These brilliant children often have very clear recollections of past lives and other metaphysical experiences.

If you happen to be the parent of a young Cancerian, pay attention when they talk to you about random events. You will be surprised as to the amount of ancient wisdom that can come from these wise and wonderful children.

The Cancerian personality lends itself best to connections with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. Earth and Water can balance one another; however, Aries and Libra are often quite contentious with our favored crustacean.

As in all matters astrological, it is best to have a detailed chart when determining the final compatibility of any signs. Love can defy even the stars in the heavens, but sometimes it can be a rough ascent.

Cancer Traits Infographic | California Psychics

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    I was born June 19 I feel like I have some Gemini plates but I’m really a cancer at heart you really explained it very well astrology has so many different aspects to see the world thank you for that


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