Psychic Q&A: Are Soulmates Real?

Psychic Q&A: Are Soulmates Real? | California Psychics

Looking for Love

I have waited for three years to get my health and finances in order. I have recently moved into my forever home, absolutely love the area, and now I want to find a soulmate. I have two daughters that are out of the house, they are both doing very well, and I feel that now is my time. What can I do to put myself out there, and what do you see for my future? I need guidance and help, and I’m truly ready… thank you

Have a good day,

Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 responds:

Dear Ellen,

Thank you so much for your question. I’ve consulted my guides through the use of my tarot deck, and I have great news – I see a lovely romantic future for you, and a long-term partner with whom you will be very happy!

I can see through the Six of Cups that your children play a very important role in your life, and that it was essential for you to help them with their transition from living with you to living on their own. I can also see the challenges you faced with your health and finances. At this time, things may have felt as if they were at a stand-still romantically. My guides have revealed to me through the Hermit card that focusing on yourself was critical at this time. Your life required your full concentration in these areas. Whether you were consciously aware of it or not, focusing on healing your life and getting on your feet were the right decisions for you to make. I admire your patience and methodical approach – you will find that it will pay off for you in the end in many areas of your life.

Allow me to explain. I often speak with clients who would like to change their lives, and they want to change everything at once. Sometimes they will call me, stuck and frustrated because they wanted the new relationship, the career change, and the move all within the same couple of months. There are some readings where major changes like these do occur, but most of the time, lasting change happens when we focus our energies on what we want, and tackle one issue at a time.

My cards will often reveal, for example, that a client wants a new relationship, but I can see that she is going through some frustrating experiences at work and with her extended family and friends. The natural desire is to think to oneself, “I’d love to be dating right now, and have a partner to relieve me of this stress and to share my life with.” But the new person who comes into your life, regardless how much they like you, may be overwhelmed by your circumstances. A client I read for recently tried to date while she was going through a major transition in the business she owned and with her adult children who she was still supporting financially. She met a man that she had a wonderful rapport and chemistry with – their first date suggested possibilities for a great future. But the timing was off, several times when this man wanted to spend more time with her, she had to “put out fires” at home. She canceled several dates, including a romantic weekend, always at the last minute. When we discussed it later, she acknowledged that she wished she had waited until her business was in better shape and her children were more independent before she had begun dating. While this man was understanding – he had challenging relationships with his own adult kids – he realized that she was unavailable and moved on.

I share this with you because as I can see from your cards, because you waited, the channels are open for love. At a time where you are feeling healthier, your money is in a better place, and your children are doing well, you can finally relax. I am being shown, with the Five of Wands upside down that this just wasn’t possible before. You might have gone on a date or met someone, but your mind would have been elsewhere. Now you have the energy to fully create what you want.

Look to this Summer for some wonderful experiences and some much-needed vacation time. My cards reveal that you are going to meet your partner at a social gathering that you are both invited to by a mutual friend. There will be more than one person who asks you out, so be prepared, but one will definitely emerge as the person you’ve been looking for. The chemistry will be strong, and I know you will be very happy. As I tell my clients, miracles happen when we are most relaxed. And you’re at a place where you can finally take a breath, and you have yourself to thank for that. Enjoy it!

Good luck, Ellen, I wish you the best,


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6 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Are Soulmates Real?

  1. Margretta Montalbano

    Why do psychics feel one must keep searching for a soulmate when that person has passed away? Love is intangible and a bond that doesn’t end at death…so why are those of us who already met that soulmate but they have crossed over, not encoraged to continue that love bond beyond???

  2. Laura

    In this piece, the question “Are soulmates real” was never really touched on. What I read was advice from Cameron to Ellen regarding timing about entering a new relationship.
    Cameron’s advice says nothing about whether or not soulmates are real. I thought that was the question. Hmmmm, I’m left scratching my head. Just a lot of words that didn’t even address the heading of the article.

  3. MaryAnn Stevenson

    Well wondering if a long distance relationships is worth it? So much in common, life’s experiences.n

  4. Dee McFadden

    Hello Cameron
    When I ask questions its always about my love life and I’m wondering have I found my soulmate and just dont know it yet? But more so I’m thinking of a new venture a business venture a salon that has everything a spa would have just not in a resort or hotel. Do you see this business in my future?

  5. Alma Winn

    Ii was in a relationship for 12yrs.he left home now I’m starting life on my own ‘I started dating meet this man but I’m afraid to start dating him more and show my feeling he lives out of town but I’m not sure if he’s ready or is it me he was married 23 2yrs.divorce he says he’s ready go on with his life I did go to his house I had a good time but I’m saying I’m not ready or what should I do


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