Going in Circles Leads to Understanding

When is Repetition Good?

It’s said that it takes a genius at least three times to hear something before they grasp the meaning and truly understand the concept being presented before them. With that said, I’d like to address why psychic readers repeat themselves and seem to go in circles when giving a reading.

Let us, for the sake of being humble, say that your man or woman, your friends and family members, have an average IQ. You’re calling for a reading desperately trying to understand an issue or make a situation better or solve a problem, the psychic reader asks for your name date of birth and the names and birthdays of the players in the quandary you’re calling about. Your questions are reasonable (or not, in some cases), yet you want to know what you want to know, so you spill your questions out and we listen with great care, not only to the words you’re saying but also to the tone of you voice, the speed in which you speak, and in doing this we get to feel your vibrations and the urgency of the information you are seeking.

Over the years I’ve noticed how many ask the same question in different ways. For instance—when will I hear from my loved one? Will my loved one be calling me before my birthday? Does my loved one still have me on his speed dial? Same question, three different ways to ask it.

By the psychic reader validating the answer to your questions more than once, you begin to settle in and open your mind and heart to hear more information that the universe is presenting to you. Yes, he loves you; yes, he thinks about you because he loves you; yes, he will call because he thinks about you and loves you. This is the beginning of the circle.

Then we move on to the “when”—timing is everything, yet when you’re a reader dealing with past lives, present lives and future predictions, it can make it difficult to pinpoint an actual hour, day, week, month or even a year. Those of us with tools can use them to figure out a season or get pretty close to an actual event happening. The readers with spirit guides get validation from their guides in the timing venue. So when you’re seeking psychic guidance from a few of your favorite readers and more than one of us gives you confirmation of a time frame, you feel good about that. Again, hearing something more than once is a good thing.

As we round the bend, your psychic reader will go over all the things you talked about, once again repeating the information—then, in the last stretch of the circle, you’re asked if you have any more questions, and if you want to hear anything again to make sure you got all the information down pat. If you’re lucky enough not to get cut off before the good-bye, “thank you” is said and you go on your way.

Take notes. Ask if you do not understand something. Travel the circle to get a complete reading that brings you happiness.

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5 thoughts on “Going in Circles Leads to Understanding

  1. Lii

    I feel kind of terrible conedisring that I haven’t read this series yet I’m entering to win. But, come on, those have to be some of the cutest key chains I’ve run across. And they’d make such a lovely addition to my growing odd keychain collection. – Asher (from )

  2. misskrystal

    Quinn, your posts are always awesome. Thanks for another great one. Please keep them coming. Hope your New Year is going well! Miss Krystal

  3. Psychic Aurora ext. 5365

    Beautiful post Quinn! You explained so concisely why it can be difficult to pinpoint an exact time. I feel it’s most important to know that a thing *is* going to happen and to convey a sense of certainty.


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