Love and Date an Aquarius

Learning to understand an Aquarius is paramount if you intend to date or think you may fall in love with one.

Unlocking the Mystery

If an Aquarian had things their way, which they would really like, there would be only 11 signs in the zodiac. Aquarians are independent and very proud of their originality, and they don’t want to be lumped into a group. The person who manages to get the Aquarian’s attention is the one who seems to appreciate them for the unique and somewhat mysterious and magnetic beings they really are. While most people see Aquarians as both friendly and at times frantic, you, as a potential love interest, see them as unique and charming individuals. If you truly understand them, you know that allowed their freedom and independence, your Aquarian will become a loyal, open-hearted partner who will always champion your cause.

Dating an Aquarius

Aquarians love to play the field prior to being in a committed relationship, and they won’t commit until they find someone they can communicate with both verbally and mentally. Like Geminis, Aquarians place a premium on communication. They’ll be plenty of pillow talk between the two of you too. Having common interests is also something that will keep you connected as a couple. Joining clubs that rescue animals or have an interest in preserving the environment will create a deep bond. Aquarians are humanitarians at heart.

Love an Aquarius

If an Aquarian loves you, you can bet they see you as a rare gem. They may have many acquaintances but fewer really good friends, and they would rather stay single than be in a committed relationship with someone who doesn’t communicate with them and understand them to the deepest core. When an Aquarius says, “You get me,” they say it with delight, and they mean it.

Aquarius is a fixed sign, meaning they don’t like it when they have to deal with change. It’s more important that you can fit into their world than for them to bend themselves around yours.

“Change is always to be welcomed rather than feared because it leads to the best relationship choices and the greatest freedom.” – Faith ext. 9608

The philosopher in them knows though that no one is perfect. However, if they love you but still find some of your habits intolerable, Aquarius will wonder how they can get you to change those habits. There would be less single Aquarians if they could just learn to live with the little “imperfections” belonging to their significant others.

Aquarians Aside

Of course our Sun signs only make up a part of our personalities. Knowing that alone, will ease any anxiety Aquarius feels about reading this article, which they will undoubtedly shed doubt on. That’s because there is one thing that every Aquarian has in common with every other Aquarian, they like to be individuals. And though they would like us all to think they are complex and indescribable, they are simply normal people with big hearts and big dreams. They like to be financially secure, they don’t like taking orders, they’re extremely generous with their resources, and they love to argue about trivial things, until you give in, because they probably never will give in themselves.

“Astrology brings so much to the table, it gives you the personality, likes and dislikes of a person. Their nature is uncovered and if it is not a match for you, it can be worked around to make it work.” – Quinn ext. 5484

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107 thoughts on “Love and Date an Aquarius

  1. larpir

    I am with Corie, Sibila. If you love reading philosophy books -you are with Aquarius, they are not bankers neither MacDonald workers.. Interesting topics-they are in, paying bills -out.
    Yes, material, routine, everyday duties are are boring for them. Somebody will have hands to do work…for them.
    or, maybe, organising some kind of revolution would suite the best for them…verbally. …generally, speaking does not mean action.

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  3. lisa

    I totally agree with you. I too am a Libra, but he is a Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius. The man never grows up and has spent far too much time allowing me to do his cooking, cleaning, laundry, child raising, and bill paying. He too spends and spends and has the addictive personality, always the party.
    Sorry to hear you are doing it too. And of course us Libra’s just keep on loving until, most of the time, bitter and unfailing end.
    Keep your heads up girls, remember Libra’s are warriors!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nora

    I loved Aquarius, who was born on February 1, for 2 yrs. He was very strange, very distant, but we really could talk for hours about everything in the world and …him. He did not want to talk about me or know me. He had no friends but his family was his world and his priority. When he was with me he loved me perfectly and I was in Heaven. When we were not together he was digging digging, sending me pages of emails about investigating…himself as always. I never knew when I see him again, I felt I was nobody, I never knew his plans, I was told never ever call him or visit his house. Mysteries all the time… Very eccentric man! Finally I was so confused that left him… I sent him email. And he just vanished! He even was not interested why I left! 4 women left him before me… I think he is happy to be alone. What a waste of time!

  5. Risa

    I am born Feb 14 and so of the things I agree with about Aquarius people in this article but, I can’t say that all of them are like what the article describes. I believe that all signs have things that are appealing and some not so appealing about them. I say judge individually and not on the whole.

  6. bigbaby

    Wow i am an aquarius born feb.1 an everything u said is so true if we can’t communicate with one another we dnt have a future an thats real an for yall’s info i have never had any addition an i am nt lazy an if ur aquarian is lazy,dirty,drug addit it might be because u make them miserable wit yo ass

  7. Roberta

    I too am an Aquarius and don’t like playing the field either. I too like being in a loving relationship. I also agree that everything else is exactly on.

  8. Charis Lee

    An addendum to my other comments— I can totally relate to David’s aquarian esoteric side. We are both Pagan and open minded to any and all who cross our path’s-again I can understand and can relate. We are alot alike in many ways. Also most important is that I understand a laid back approach about freedom and independence-I am a gemini and love my downtime and don’t need alot of time and attention all the time. I understand his privacy and alone time. WE both need ALOT of Space-lots of it…people don’t get that but I do though.

  9. Charis Lee

    hey – once upon a time I fell deeply madly in love with an aquarian guy with his MCdreamy eyes and bow smile. He smelt like vanilla cookies and just was a big body builder muscular teddy bear. He had hair to die for and was/is a drummer. He was so intense- it was awesome. His birthday is January 20th and I wished him happy birthday. I miss him terribly as a person in my life that just “got me”-I can’t describe it there was just so much chemistry on so many levels. I lived for him just busting my chops…he was good at that and taught me how to do it back to him-it was fun and funny. I am a gemini. Our talks were awesome and I loved learning and exchanging thoughts with him. I wish him well and just saying I miss ya babes…

  10. arise

    As a Gemini, I’m supposed to be compatible with Aquarius. I’ve had many close Aquarian friends, but have never been in relationship with one. I like to see evidence that I’m the only one, hear declarations of love, receive displays of affection — none of which are volunteered by an Aquarian.

    With my Aquarius friends there has always been a curious moment where they feel the need to make an out-of-the-blue, unasked-for extravagant promise — just before they really let me down. “We have to stay close and support each other” — then she sleeps with my boyfriend. “What we need to do is work together to get your book finished” — then he breaks off all communication.

    I think my Gemini detachment is hard for them to handle. They are used to being the detached ones. The extravagant promise is their last-ditch effort to hook me with something. They like to see the commitment coming from the other side of the relationship.

    For that reason, Libra and Leo are a good match for an Aquarius; also Capricorn gives them much-needed stability, and is strong enough to stand up to their lack of consideration. Of course, to get a true idea of compatibility, you should have an astrologer compare the whole charts (all the planet placements) of both people.

    Love and luck on your birthday, Aquarius! :^)

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  12. assiren

    perfect!!!! i just dated an aquarious guy for 4months….and everything is exactly described him! thats why i learned something now…ask first the zodiac sign before going in a date!!! lol! 😉

  13. Babs

    I am an Aquarian, Feb 2, but does not enjoy playing the field! Everything mentioned is soooo true! I am very very independent but loves being in love with one person romantically. Humor is one of Aquarians best quality and as far as bad habits and flaws, “what flaws?” “what bad habits?” hahahaha! 🙂

  14. Sara

    Acquarians are wonderful people, highly intelligent, innovative, witty, but on the other hand eccentrics, quirks. They have their own ways in life and will never bend or flex for other’s feelings. Oppurtunistics too, turning the wind suddenly against the innocent one who trusted them, for the sake of their own joy and happiness. When you find such an acquarius ( man particularly), turn and run away to the other end of the globe…..there are so many lovely people out there. Happy Birthday Acquarians!!!!!!

  15. Marla

    Sibila, your Aquarians sound just like my Aquarians! (There are three of them) Im a Libra and love and appreciate their minds and their eccentricities, but have a really hard time with the total lack of responsibility for anything. You are also rright on about the addictions. All three of them has an addiction to three different things and none of them think they do. Despite all of this, Ill continue to love and care for all three of them. Im such a Libra! 🙂

  16. Reeta Paul

    Your description of Aquarius male is very very true and correct . I have been and still being in relationship with a aquarian man who is ditto as you have described selfish ,egoistic always likes to mention which qualities I lack and never wants to change himself not even once, even for the trivial issues. Always likes to chase the different women when we go out for a dance as he says dansing is his hobby and I keep sitting, also right in front of me he flirts with other women we are engaged which he puts as his compromise with me . He travells a lot but alone as he says that I do not do the things he does I do not share his interests and even I try my best to adjust with him. Many women have left him before me but still he never sees his own fault but women could not understand him and were unfair to him as he puts it.

  17. letha

    wow you hit then nail on the head. I was married to a wonderful man but he passed a few years ago. We had a beautiful life together. He was a leo. He loved the way I was a flirt. He would laugh and say “someday you are gonna give some ole man a heart attack.” But I am the lucky one taking you home.

  18. Leash

    I love this article, but every time I read about Aquarians, I also see that we love our independence and playing the field and things like that. While most Aquarians that I know do, I am exactly the opposite. I hate playing the field. I hate alone time, and I’m a very dependent person…unfortunately. I can’t figure out why, but it is what it is.

  19. Lisa

    Wow, “David in Denmark”!!!
    I feel like that, too ~ about this site. Excellent…
    Hey, Good Luck too! That’s a set-back, but you Aquarians are really tough! KEEP GOING! And Happy Birthday to You!????

  20. Lisa

    Greatest God Luck, “David in Denmark”!!!
    That’s too strange…I made a typo…instead of “good”, I typed,”God”!!! Wooo

  21. Josie Behnke

    I have been in a relationship with an Aquarious and a lot of this is really true. Though in my case, I’m a Leo and for the most part tend to balance each other out. I know the person I have been with can count on one hand how many seriouis relationships he’s been in, and according to him, maybe out that handful one or two he trust enough to open up. He still surprises me with some of his comments and views of thing…but we lived together as room-mates for a while getting to know each other before making things official…and even then he was still figuring thing out until recently.

  22. Violet

    I’m with Corrie and Sibila. Let me know when one of these kind, supportive Aquarians surfaces. I’m not holding my breath.

    I was married to a very well-intentioned Aquarius, who cheerfully let me support the household, endlessly clean up after him, pay all the bills, and endure one fiasco after another — until his insane spending, refusal to cope with reality, and overall irresponsibility had a serious impact on our daughter’s well-being, and I packed her up and left.

    I’m a Libra, and ending a marriage had been unimaginable to me, but in the last few years of the marriage, I felt like a pack mule in a waterless desert. To the Aquarian’s credit, we’ve managed to sustain a friendship — he’s bright and good-hearted, though he still lives like a 12-year-old with a credit card. However, I know that if I hadn’t taken the leap, I’d still be one jump ahead of the bill collectors and living in a sty.

    Aquarians can be great at big ideas, but something other than great on reality.

  23. sandra

    Dear Astrologer,

    Libra’s are good for the sign on dating aquarians, what is the sign that is really good for libra’s?


  24. Lisa

    OK! NOW I get it! Totally.
    My Mom ~ January 23, Me ~ October 30!!!
    Yep, this IS US!!!
    You guys are spot-on, every time! Thank you!

  25. Kiritkumar Mehta

    It is quite interesting to know Aquarian have common character.
    Each individual has different interests hand habits. Can it be
    generalize for all Aquarian?

  26. Denise

    The Birthday Girl is attracted to a Leo male, who oozes sensuality, passion & romance. The attraction has lasted over 4 years and I’m still under his spell…it’s been the best compatible relationship I’ve ever had…he’s a healer, appreciates me, supports me and we enjoy each other’s company. He’s also a younger guy so I enjoy showing him the finer things in life that I’ve experienced and enjoy, when we travel to the wine country, resorts and cruises. Our home life is domestic bliss…very simple, living at the beach. I feel desireable and beautiful around him, and we have conversations about everything. Love is in the air!

  27. rochelle

    wooo.. awesome this is is truly amazing.. I’m an aquarians and i felt like we’ve been met before while your article bec. of some facts that are really pointed me as well.. love it really.. :))

  28. Kris

    I am dating an Aquarius, and I just got into a small debate with him yesterday. I definitely found that it is generally true Aquariuses have an overwhelming need to be understood to the core. They like to be seen as unique and separate from the “typical” crowd. For example, he can say, “Your exes might have thought that way, but *I* don’t think that way! Don’t lump me in with them!” Aquariuses take great pride in being different, and it pains them if you don’t understand them or acknowledge their layers.

    Communication is indeed a huge deal to Aquariuses. I’ve found–having dated two Aquariuses thus far–that they are extremely curious about everything in the universe. A woman must remember that often times they will ask questions without any motive behind it, save for just wanting to glean information to fill their noggin. Any other guy asking that same question, would probably have an ulterior motive behind it, but not with Aquarius, it seems. This is something I am beginning to really “get” about this sign…

  29. vandana muthuramalingam

    Dear California

    How are you? I am fine. I born in India country city is Thanjavur I born September 21 1972 the time I born is 5:22 am in the morning . Can you see my astrology for free thaks alright.

    from Vandana Muthuramalingam E-mail me then

  30. corrie

    Both my husbands and the person I’m with now and none of them are as you say in your aquarious profile. All are cheap,excentric,selfish,not at all communicable,with the exception of one they are lazy to the point of no return, dirty(never brush their teeth or have a shower more than once a week),have no friends, never like to go out . And one should date an aquarious?????? I can’t get rid of the one I have. About to have a nervous breakdown

  31. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I find that all of my Aquarian friends are extremely generous people, very creative and artistic, and are very animated and active people in their community.
    They come to me for grounded advice……I go to them for inspiration. And my Aquarian friends have never let me down.

  32. thomas

    i live with and love an aquarain you hit the nail on the spot im a lebra and it helps my aquarian to open up sexualy from prud to freak

  33. Esther Kunde

    This is a great one, i am in love with Aquarian and i really do like and love him from my heart. Am capricorn, its been from one misunderstanding to the other and he doesn’t even remember my birthday even when i remind him of it a day to it. He is sweet but changes like everyday and doesn’t say sorry when he should. Are we a match?

  34. JoAnn

    I know an Aquarius and this describes him completely. Will not commit. Strives for financial security. The world revolves around him but is also generous to a fault.

  35. Sibila

    I guess a certain number of Aquarians can be described this way but so could be any other sign as well. I have dated throughout life mainly Aquarians and I am not surprised that most of them remain single. Male Aquarians are mostly self-centered narcisistic Deities who can’t bear competition (not to mention female!) of any sort, can’t deal wtih any kind of change and usually play the ‘nobody understands me’ victim who therefor also has at least some kind of addiction. Their main problem is that they don’t really want to take any kind of responsibility or make any committment to anyone for what they call individualism which translates into “leaving all their options open” but want the other one to committ. Well, they are just boys who don’t want to grow up and be responsible for their lives. In other words, when they speak they sound soooo perfect but when it comes to action, then there is none and usually by then the Aquarian God is gone too. Sounds familiar, Goddesses?!

  36. David Treagger

    I could not have put it better myself, I am an Antiquarian and everything you have written above is right on the nail. I can honestly say that I reach 50 on Feb 9th this year and California Physic’s is the only site I look forward to your Horoscope each and every day as 95% of the time, what you write each day actually happens.
    I am English and 6 years ago I suffered a serious accident at work and you guys give me the will to fight for what I believe in and encourage me to battle through every days obstacles that are put before me each and every day. Mind you I am still waiting to hear when and if my life will turn better financially in the short or long run, all I can do is hope and read the daily editorial and one day I shall start beginning the new life I so much need and desire soon.Keep up the the good work everyone

    David in Denmark

  37. Brianna

    I just finished reading this article and found how true this is because I’m an Aquariun and have quite a few people I hang out with but I only have 2 or 3 really good friends


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