5 Ways to Cope With Disappointment

Seeing the Light on the Other Side of the Pain

Life’s disappointments come in many shapes and sizes, to people of all ages, but at the core is the same principle. Disappointment is the difference between your expectations and reality. Coping with disappointment is similar to coping with loss. Depending on the depth of your disappointment, you might experience a variety of emotions — anger, hurt, jealousy, sadness — over the course of a few hours, days, weeks, or months. When you cope with disappointment in healthy ways, you can reach a point where you not only accept it, but also learn and grow from it.

1. Allow yourself to feel the loss. One of the worst ways to handle disappointment is to deny your feelings, hoping they will go away if you refuse to acknowledge them. Buried feelings eventually surface in unhealthy ways, such as physical illness, addiction, or misplaced anger. It is better to accept your feelings, even if they are unpleasant. Remember that you are not alone. Everyone experiences disappointment; it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

2. Identify your feelings. If you can label what you’re feeling, you can deal with it in a systematic manner. Are you sad? Angry? Heartbroken? All of the above? Talk about your feelings with a trusted friend or write about them in a journal. Expressing how the disappointing situation makes you feel will help you work through those emotions and eventually get over them.

3. Analyze your expectations. Did your disappointment result from having expectations that were unrealistic? If so, adjust your expectations in future similar situations. Let go of expectations of how something should be and, instead, look at how it actually is.

4. Research the disappointing situation or otherwise educate yourself. While working through your emotions, also look at the facts surrounding your experience. If you are disappointed because you did not attain a certain goal that you had set for yourself, such as getting hired for a specific job, figure out if you could have done anything differently. Study the habits and attitudes of people who are successful at what you want to achieve and then apply a different strategy at your next attempt.

5. Give yourself time to see the disappointment in a new perspective. After some time has passed, you might realize that your disappointment was actually a blessing in disguise. Psychic Gina Rose ext. 9500, who has experienced crossing over to the other side twice, explains: “I’ve learned not to question the obstacles thrown into my path, but to view them as lessons to be learned, challenges and fears to conquer and overcome.”

Coping with disappointment requires time and a willingness to view your situation from a different perspective. If you need help seeing the big picture, call one of our knowledgeable psychics today to expand your awareness.

“Nothing is forever, happiness does come after the pain.” – Tansy ext. 5289

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26 thoughts on “5 Ways to Cope With Disappointment

  1. David

    Why do you think by getting extecid for the shins new album, you would be setting yourself up for disaster. Is it because you can’t see how it could be as good as the firsta0album?

  2. Blessing okwi

    Im going through a disappointment of lossing a job offer.This article has help me to see disappointments as part of life.

  3. zama odilia neh

    This article has actually made me to understand what is dissappoint, infact I filled so bad when my boy friend came and just left without having anything with me or giving me anything. When I called him he said he has already gone, of which we have not seen each for one year but after reading this article i filled satisfied.


    Gods rishest blessings.

  4. Gwen Brush

    I understand that obstacles are there to help us grow but once in a while I would like to take a break from growing. For example bad relationships. I have had my fair share of hardache and quite frankly I wanna grow with someone not have to get over yet another. There are plenty of people in relationships who continue to grow. Why do I have to grow and grow and grow before-then I get the reward of a decent man?

  5. carol

    No matter what I do its wrong no one cares I try to hard to make everyone happy thier happy and iam not i hide how i feel and no one sees it its better that way what dose it matter any way i no one any way one day it will be my turn to be happy.

  6. Mark Taylor UK

    It is so easy to say expect nothing!!!! I feel we must all have something to look forward too and have expectataions. without such we have no vision, no goals, no lessons to learn! The main thing/ lesson to learn here is::::::: How to manage the expectations good and bad!

  7. jaydbest

    thank you, so true till you see what going whit your self but I don’t get the part of not expecting it.I was thinking your dream was a expection situation we live for your dream if not you are on the wrong path.When it hurt it meen your are living somthing and you need to learn or find out what you did wrong to your self .thanks for the 5 step Disappointment . But Disappointment it myth mean you are to hard on your self or want to beat the clock.All have a greatful day you guys are anwsome.<3

  8. jana

    I like Gina Roses’ comment in the article!!!! All things that happen to us in this life, are lessons to be learned from, and the way we deal with them helps us not to keep repeating the same mistakes….. disappointment is not a bad thing to go through, and later it usually happens to be the right thing at the right time, though we might not agree with it at the time. Hindsight!!! Trust the universe, its usually right in its dealings with us, we just need to accept and listen and learn. We should always expect the best, even it it doesnt happen, then that is for the best…… but its sad to expect nothing, surely forward and upward is the way to go???

  9. trivedi

    Recently I have retired from my job.Iam very much depressed by my personal financial as well as health problem.I have become very short tempered and not getting peace of mind.I try to do lot of meditation and attend different religious meetings and all.But at home still remain tense.
    Pls. gude me how can i come out of it
    Thaqnks and regards

  10. kevin duncil

    How does the old addage go? Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? As with most of the old sayings, I feel that this one rings true.
    How sad would it be to go through life having never known love? And as bad as it is when it ends, don’t we all rejoice when we find love again?
    The truth is, it takes a long time to really get to know someone, and even then people do change. There is an old native saying that states, ” No one can step into the same stream twice. For as soon as your foot falls the first time, the stream is changed”. And so it is with each of us and so it is with the universe. Constantly changing, existing in a state of flux. As unable to resist change as a pile of sand on a windy day.
    So it is not so much the concept of limiting ones expactations, as it is being able to accept the fact that often times our expectations are not met, and continuing to strive toward our goal, whatever it may be. Much the same as the fabled “Don Quixote”, “To Dream The Impossible Dream”.
    As children, when we learn to walk, there are moments when we stumble and fall, yet we keep trying to stand up and walk, and with each step, and each passing day, we grow stronger, and we learn how to walk, and think about the look on a babies face, the first time they successfully walk across the floor to the waiting arms of their loved ones. It’s as if all the bumps and bruises, and even the disapointments, just vanish into space.
    And are we not the same way when at last we find our way into the arms of someone who loves us, no matter how many times we fell, no matter the scars, and the disapointments, each time love finds us it is like we are reborn, made new again.
    So, keep trying, dream that impossible dream, with hopoe in your heart, and a smile on your face, and before long it will be yours again, maybe not forever, but if we accept life for what it is, and people for who they are, we are better off, I feel than someone who shuts themselves off, and expects nothing from life, for that is when life just might live up to your expectations.

  11. Pearl

    be always ready to whatever may comes or outcomes or less expectation to what is most u wanted it to. and be realistic so that less pain or disapointment will be experienced or felt and be ready to face and accept it with open mind and move on…

  12. Betty

    Its so hard to try to go forward and seek love again after 4 years of so deep in love only to find out he didnt feel the same

  13. Ruth Barnett

    Iguess in my last relationship , I guess i got dissappointed cause i was working more on the relationship than he was and at the end i was the one that got hurt,so therefore i will not expect nothing that way i will not get hurt.

  14. Denise Perry

    I’ve tried to get over the emotional shock , but everytime I turn around I feel like I’ve
    hit with a baseball bat, each time I tried to accompish something , somethng is setting me
    back as fast as I try to move forward, including bank wise, It’s like something evil
    is working against me. It becomes even more emotional as well as the disappointment is
    become more and more a realty, It has hard but these five steps I hope will work for me
    as I work my way through these matters.

  15. Leilani

    Thank you so much for this great article which gives us practical tools to handle disappointment. With the many changes and challenges we face personally, nationally and globally, disappointment is bound to happen somewhere along the line. So having the skills and knowledge helps us cope with it better, and make better decisions in the future….. like not having any expectations at all!! Cheers 🙂

  16. glenys

    What if it’s a daily event? What if you expect nothing, and then learn that’s exactly what you get? Yes, disappoinment causes anger, resentment, sadness, etc. Sometimes as humans, we need to look forward to expectations; it’s what causes excitement in what can be an otherwise predictable/stable existence. To deal with consistent disappointment diminishes us as a member of our gender, and indeed as a member of our species.

  17. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Good little article….

    allowing yourself to feel the loss is important……I’ve witnessed too many people that bury it and go into denial, then rush into the same pattern again, making same mistake all over.

  18. Nicole

    Not sure I agree and there are exceptions to every “rule” out there…even psychic ones.

    I like the main philosophy though…


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