How To Create Your Dream Future

Are you happy with the reality you have created for yourself? I have witnessed through my spiritual counseling for over twenty years many passive creators and deliberate creators.

The passive creators have very few questions and are dis-empowered by their beliefs, conditioning, indoctrination and programming. I assist them in realizing their beliefs are just ideas they received from years of conditioning in the home, indoctrination in the schools and religions and the programming of societal propaganda. They have been caught in the web of co-creating their reality with a collective consciousness that creates through fear.

To release those patterns, a passive creator has to be willing to face those fears and clear the emotional attachments to what they believe is reality. To facilitate the empowering of a passive creator into a deliberate creator is an awe inspiring experience.

Five years ago a client brought her 18 year old daughter to me – she was suffering from depression. I began working with her, clearing her emotional body and she then began to create her reality by changing her beliefs through her true imagination. Imagining her future without the limitations of old beliefs and emotional attachments she deliberately created her dream. Her greatest fears were lack and abandonment. She wanted to go to college and believed she did not have the money and feared her mother being left alone. In reading her energy matrix I could see she had the potential for becoming a genius even though her grades were just average. She was going to graduate in 6 months and believed she had no future. She came for a session every 2 weeks until graduation and experienced many healing changes. She began to empower her thoughts with ideas instead of beliefs. She became aware that ideas could be changed without emotional pain. She began to understand free will.

The next year she spent many hours at the public library educating herself continuing to shift from a passive creator to a deliberate creator. In the Spring she applied at colleges and in the fall entered the college of her dreams. She is in her 4th year at MIT in the astrophysics department. She had become a deliberate creator and was living her dream.

Deliberate creators always have questions and they are aware of the power of thought. They realize that the questions are more important than the answers. Without a clear question there can be no clear answer. Once there is a clear question the answer guides them and the deliberate creator takes action creating their reality through the empowerment of free will. I think therefore I am.

If your reality is not pleasing to you look at your beliefs and ask yourself the question, “Does this belief support well being in my life?” If the belief does not promote well being let it go and replace it with another idea that does. Challenge yourself to come up with an original idea that is just yours. Remember how to dream again through your true imagination and become a deliberate creator. Many blessings on your journey.

Do you feel like a passive or a deliberate creator? Share your stories.

18 thoughts on “How To Create Your Dream Future

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  4. nrusingha charana ojha

    thanks sir i belive hundread persent ur messge very very useful me.i goingh on positve i am very glad but this credit only for ur advice i obey.

  5. Catherine Specht

    Hi Mariposa,
    I began my healing with you this past July in Taos. Now, because you helped awaken me out of a dark slumber, I am on my way to an enlightened future aware again of my gifts and potential.
    Thank you,

  6. nivasbabu

    You have stated history of average human beings on this earth, in a few powerful words-more importantly, how others control my life through their ideas implanted in my beliefs. The power of ideas and belief and how it creates a reality is clear, thank you. Your’s is the most impactful short paragraph I have seen, that has given me self reliance and FREEDOM – in just seconds. LIFE REACHES OUT TO ALL, NOW THRU YOU. Love you, NIVAS BABU M

  7. Elizabeth Gill

    I am also a 9 which I had read is also the number of the Mystic.Actually, I had read that for all intents and purposes that the number 9 does not exist in Numerology. I had a good laugh when I read that.I have always felt that I was somewhat psychic and Spiritual too with a good sense of humour. How about you?

  8. Jean

    I know my life path is 9 and my presonality
    is 25,I also have a broken marriage, even
    though he’s moved on so he say’s, is it a possibility that with childhood conditioning
    and the fact the #9 and 25 comes into play
    I can’t or wouldn’t move on…

  9. Pamela

    I had a cat named Mariposa, (which means butterfly in Spanish)and I found her when I was all alone. I had been through a terrible ordeal, and my cat was sick one day, and dying. I cried out in prayer asking why did anything I loved have to die or go away, as that was the way it was. I left the house, and came back. Mariposa was healed. She lived another 17 years.
    It is a hard transition when people realize that what they fear, gets created. It’s even harder when their fears a well founded from real trauma from bad people. A man I had just met held my hand, looked at me, and said I will be right back. He gave me four courses of the Sedona Method with the workbook free. It helped. I manifested that too LOL. It is hard work, but worthwhile to be what your article states so clearly. I had felt cursed before I had the help from the course. Sometimes anything I thought manifested. Literally. Now I am not a victim, but a creator of my own dreams. Thank you for your article.

  10. Deb

    I agree Chanel, we are def. instilled with subconscious conditioning. I would like to get to the core of this for myself, I know what I want to do, but I know there are some pretty thick layers of a beaten down spirit…although I have a generally positive, happy outlook, I still fall back on that blame game. I want to finally shake that and rid my self of that damaging weight!

  11. Mr. James Edward Johnson

    First and foremost, I am James Edward Johnson, called and chosen, as a Child of God, and a Peaceful Warrior;
    I feel that we all must cultivate the mentality, the heart, and the attitude of a warrior, because, honesty is not synonymous with the truth, since knowledge and its proper use wins battles, thus, we must love people and use things, not love things and use people, so, anything anyone does in unrighteousness will not ever prosper them, for, arrogance always contain the seeds of its own undoing,and, any unrighteousness is a sin.
    In the beginning, I was with God, and God was looking out over His creations of humankind, different ages, eras, times…He asked “why are they so inhumaned to one another? then they ask My help, and I send them My Saints, My Apostles, My Sojourners, I even sent My Son, who else can I send?” and for whatever reason I opened my mouth and said, “send me”, not realizing that He had already sent His Son, and thus, there were bright lights blinding my eyes, I was upside down, and someone was hitting me on my behind, it was December 19th, of 1948, I was borne; several months after May 14th of 1948; thus, I was ‘estranged’ from God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, yet, I would not change a thing about having to come to earth, America, and to be among ‘you people’; my people.
    Emphatically yours,
    James Edward Johnson
    Peaceful Warrior

  12. indigodanceIndigodance

    I am having a really bad time with my email friend at the moment. We were having some really good conversations on life in general with the empahsis on spiritual awareness and working towards helping others (there was a lot of discussion on finding ones own truth!!)
    He is so co-conditioned its really is quite painful – I feel his pain all these miles apart.
    Now I have had an email “telling me” he has a chance of a new beinging with a friend with benifits (wife is around – but I am not judge nor jury – so I dont say too much).
    Anyway – back to friend with benifits – he dosent want to hurt her feelings – as she has told him if he wants his “benifits” he has to stop emailing me and seeing other “friends with no-benifits (just friends”) (as she doesnt trust him or us !!)
    I personally was horrified (I work with emotional abuse – so do know a lot about manlipulation) – but he is besotted with her. To justify why – he quoted an American woman who wrote about converting to Sufism – and being extra wife. The quote was something like if a woman marries man – she serves him – if man marries more than one woman he serves them – hence he feels blessed and likened himself to such service with two women.
    Unfortunatly, I passed a comment that he was trying to justify being unfaithful by using this quote to fit his own agenda (big mistake !!)
    It looks like I am about to loose a very good friend – if I must, I know it will be…
    God this is so painfull, I am struggling to find my own peace !!!

  13. Chanel

    You are right, Maryanne, it is difficult to overcome childhood conditioning, BUT, that is what it is – conditioning. It is a learned pattern of behavior that we didn’t know when we were born. Therefore, since it was learned – it can be unlearned once we are aware of where the behavior pattern came from. Discipline and self-awareness is the key. We ca ALL ‘learn’ to become the Best we can possibly be once we stop blaming others and take complete and total responsibiity for each one of our actions. When that happens we truly become happy and in control of our lives.

  14. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    I agree with you, Maryanne. That is why sometimes visiting our past can answer a lot for us–and we can do that for our clients in readings. I suggest it, wonderful way for closure or perhaps, rebirth in spirit? Supportive readings can speed the process no doubt. Great point. Thanks.
    Miss krystal

  15. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Mariposa,
    Great article…..a psychic can be very helpful,as Maryanne stated, in helping a client figure out exactly what their Karmic path and Karmic gifts are. And then…to assist in helping the client realize their full Karmic potential.
    Realizing one’s full Karmic potential equates to happiness….mind, body & spirit,.. and usually to financial success as well.
    Blessed Be )O(…..Gina Rose ext.9500
    Mariposa…you such a peaceful aura surrounding you….I noticed it looking at your picture.

  16. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Hi, Mariposa,
    Thanks for a great article!
    I do believe that childhood conditioning, along with subsequent “acceptable, appropriate” conditioning from schools, peer groups, even media can be very, very difficult to overcome.
    Further, I firmly believe that a great portion of the work we do each day with our clients involves overcoming some of that conditioning.
    Even though it’s very difficult to let go of that conditioning and some of the resulting beliefs that do not support where we want to be in life, I firmly believe supportive readings can speed that process up.
    Ext. 9146


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