Your Daily Focus: September 28-October 4

Your Daily Focus: September 28-October 4 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

We saw the turning of the wheel from summer to autumn this week and soon, for some of us at least, the leaves will start to change colours and fall. Having grown up in the northern part of the country I always looked forward to this time of the year with mixed feelings. I did hate to see the summer leave, knowing that lazy days were over, but I loved fall! I loved the smell in the air, the hint of crispness when I would get up in the morning, and the colours that seemed to be everywhere. There were always those few trees that seemed to desperately try holding onto their leaves though, as if allowing them to fall would somehow make them less of a tree. Some of these trees were even still holding onto them when the first snow would fall, no longer summer’s verdant green or harvest’s red, gold, and orange. They were tired, dry, crinkled, and brown, giving off the energy of something that no longer had the strength to hold on, but out of stubbornness does so, long past its time.

How often do we do this? Holding on to people, thoughts, behaviours, and things out of a fear that by letting them go we lose a bit of ourselves. Or we hold on to fear itself, and that incapacitates us and causes stagnation. What we need to remember is that just like the trees that drop their tired leaves only to re-create themselves in the following spring, we too will grow into a new version of ourselves if we have the courage to let our own proverbial leaves fall.

Sometimes it is in letting go that we finally find ourselves, and this week’s Daily Focus meditates on this idea.

September 28

“Part of the reason why we hold on to something so tight is because we fear something so great won’t happen twice.”

Fear of change is one reason why we hold on to our past or a present that isn’t fulfilling, but another reason is that we worry that the lightning strike that happiness sometimes feels like won’t happen for us again. Perhaps we were thrilled when that job came through a year ago and seemed to be everything we wanted, but now it is boring and unfulfilling. Or it could be that the love that we once knew is no longer there, but being with someone is better than being alone. We have to remember that even lightning can strike twice and that great things can happen to us again as long as we are willing to open ourselves up to them. Today’s word is Trepidation.

September 29

“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” Paulo Coelho

Saying goodbye to our old selves or lives takes a lot of courage. When you feel that you don’t have that bravery to say goodbye, try to think about all the times that you DID have it and the way you were able to grow and change. Even little steps take courage and over time those little steps move us ever forward towards new ‘hellos’. Today’s word is Valour.

September 30

“Clinging on to the remnants of your past realities isn’t going to change your present realities.” Sneha Mathur

Reality is both relative and transient. What was true yesterday may or may not be as solid a truth today or tomorrow, and how we handle those remnants of former truths will shape our tomorrows. There is nothing wrong with thinking back to our former lives or selves, remembering them fondly and recalling lessons we learned; but holding on too tightly will do nothing to change the life we are living today or help us make the most of it. Today’s word is Reality.

October 1

“Embrace uncertainty, embrace change.”

Change is never guaranteed, there is always the chance that what we think will happen won’t, or it won’t happen the way that we expect it to and that is scary!  Some of the best opportunities we have to help us to change and grow come from embracing those crazy changes and enjoying the ride that we most likely will find ourselves on. We were uncertain as children when we learned to ride a bike, we were equally nervous when it came to starting school, driving, graduating, moving, and yet we still did all those things. We changed and the changes might have been a bit of a mixed bag, but we survived them. Embrace the changes that will be coming into your life and look forward to what direction the journey takes. Today’s word is Evolve.

October 2

“Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future.” Daphne Rose Kingman

Many times we review our pasts through rose-tinted glasses, blocking out the obstacles, trials, and pain and only remember what serves us. Sometimes its okay to do so; it can help us to heal from past hurts and move forward. But we can get so wrapped up in those memories that we mistakenly believe that our past is all we have left. Don’t become Miss Havisham in your own version of Great Expectations. Keep your eyes and focus on the future that you wish to have. Today’s word is Outlook.

October 3

“Life always tries to push you forward but, it’s you who’s still clinging to the past.” Vinidzi

We all have moments when we say that life is holding us back, or that the Universe is blocking us, but sometimes those obstacles are meant to push us forward, if in a less than gentle way or in a direction that we weren’t expecting. When that happens, we cling even more tightly to where we are now or where we were. Try looking at those challenges not as obstacles but as the path that you are supposed to be on. Stride forward and refuse to let your past fears or expectations hang on to you. Today’s word is Endeavor.

October 4

“Stop clinging on to the past and strive towards a beautiful tomorrow.” Mrualini Deo

Annie sang “Tomorrow, tomorrow you’re only a day away!” and she did so with such hope and determination that we all had to smile and anticipate the best for the little red haired orphan. We should try to face our tomorrows, next weeks, months, and years with that same enthusiasm. Don’t tie yourself so firmly to yesterday or today that you are not able to take advantage of new opportunities tomorrow. Today’s word is Encourage.

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