Your Daily Focus: November 23-29

Your Daily Focus: November 23-29 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

Greetings Fellow Seekers, and Happy Thanksgiving week for those of you in the US. For many of us, we look forward to spending catching up with friends and family while eating, laughing, and enjoying stories and games around the table.

Kids in school come home with lists of things that they are grateful for and share them before everyone tucks into a delicious meal and the makings of wonderful memories. It is in this spirit, that this week’s Daily Focus looks at reasons to be thankful, and it is my hope that some of them make you chuckle a bit!

I hope all of you have an amazing week and that the start of the holiday season brings you all the best that life can bring!

November 23

“Saturday afternoons = When relaxation meets opportunity.”

After a long week of running here and there, Saturday can be such a balm, but many of us still use our Saturdays as an unofficial workday. We cram household chores, yard work, groceries, and other assorted tasks in those scant 24 hours and before we know it we are just as exhausted as we were on Wednesday evening. Saturdays should be a gift we give ourselves. Even with everything that we must do on the weekends, we should still try to find some opportunity to relax, breathe, and find a moment to call our own. Today’s thing to be grateful for is Leisure.

November 24

“I built a fort when I was little, with pillows and blankets.” Jimmy Butler

Pillows and blankets are among some of the most amazing creations! As children they are the backdrops to our imaginations. When we are sick, the coolness of a pillow can soothe our heated faces and being wrapped in a soft blanket takes away the chill at any age. With cooler weather coming I’m sure most of us will be thankful for a warm blanket to snuggle up in. Today’s thing to be grateful for is Snuggling.

November 25

“May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.”

I love my coffee! I am sure most of us love our daily dose (or three) of caffeine. Aside from the drink itself the whole ritual of spending time with friends, sharing good times, and tears while sharing a cup of coffee is just as wonderful a blessing. Did you know that in Ottoman, Turkey the women in the Seraglio would read the coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup in the same way that tea leaves are read? Today, may your coffee be strong and plentiful, your Monday be as smooth and short as possible, and the future you see in the bottom of your cup be full of wonder. Today’s thing to be grateful for is Java.

November 26

“Color is an intense experience on its own.” Jim Hodges

Can you imagine living in a world without color? A world of only black, white, and shades of grey? The right color can make a room a soothing place to be or electrify it, and by extension, us. When the day is grey, many of us instinctively reach for something that is bright and cheerful as if to minimize the dullness of a stormy sky. Whether the color is found in a rainbow, the clothes we wear, or decorating the rooms that we spend our lives in, it is an important part of the world around us and should be appreciated. Today’s thing to be grateful for is color.

November 27

“Be grateful for yourself, be thankful.” William Saroyan

We take time to think about the people and things that are important to us and that we are grateful for, but how often do we realize that we are also worthy of that same thankfulness? You are an amazing, strong, bright, unique individual and someone out there is thankful that you are in their life. Never forget that! Today’s thing to be grateful for is You!

November 28

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” William Wordsworth

Although paper doesn’t make the world go around the way it once did, there is still something special about keeping a written journal or getting a letter or invitation in the mail. Even though drawing and painting can be done on the computer now, many artists still love the feel of paper and pencil, ink, or paint when it comes to their creative muse. I have read that when we write down our long term goals and desires we stand a better chance of having them come true. All the more reason for us to take a minute and write down what we want to see come into our lives and then keep that paper as a reminder of the promises you made to yourself. Today’s thing to be grateful for is Stationary.

November 29

“Traditions create memories that fill your mind with peace, love, happiness, and security.”

We all have traditions that have been passed down to us that help to define who we are and how we celebrate special days and events in our lives. I admit, living up to those expectations can sometimes make it feel as if we can’t branch out and create on our own. But over time, we can usually find ways of merging the tried and true to our uniqueness and create something wonderful in its own right. Many families use the day after Thanksgiving to decorate their home for the winter holidays, while others might go shopping as a clan, and still others may simply spend it focusing on enjoying the quiet before the proverbial storm that blows through in December.  Whatever your family or personal tradition is, reflect on how it makes the day after a holiday just as special as all the red-letter days in your calendar. Today’s thing to be grateful for is Customs.

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