Whimsical Tarot: November 24-30

Whimsical Tarot: November 24-30 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Welcome to the world of fairy tales and whimsy as we walk through the charming and imaginative world of childhood through the Whimsical Tarot by Dorothy Morrison. The warm and humorous illustrations by Mary Hanson-Roberts engage us instantly when we look at this deck. My first thought in studying it was that this would be a wonderful holiday gift for a young person in our lives who is interested in Tarot!

This deck expresses each card’s meaning through events from fairy tales, folk legends, and myth. These are encoded into our minds in early childhood, which makes it a deck we all can relate to and give us a chuckle. The comforting and smiling figures on these cards include members of the animal kingdom, familiar to us as fairy tale characters. They make for an inviting and optimistic perspective on human dilemma, even when addressing conditions of sorrow, loss, and fear, which are realities of life.

Bruno Bettelheim, in his intriguing book, The Uses of Enchantment, uses fairy tales as a device to enrich psychoanalysis. These myths and legends have layers of meaning which can be applied to any age group from child to adult. Although the stories are drawn with simple strokes, contemplating them brings sophisticated concepts and insights to the surface.

Let’s see what the week has in store for us now. As we go, notice how interacting with the stories of childhood can shed insight into what’s going on with us today!

November 24 – Sunday

The Fool

This fool is a scarecrow who graces the box of cards, chasing a gorgeous monarch butterfly. It is summer and the landscape is bucolic and peaceful. He stands on a haystack as he reaches toward what he finds beautiful in the moment, while a bluebird perches close by in a neighboring tree.

We are asked to reach out to what brings beauty into our lives today, whatever it is in the moment. The Fool reminds us to make and take the time to do so and to exist in the eternal now.

Let’s ask: How can we enjoy each moment of our lives to the fullest extent today? What beautiful person, place, or thing do we need to slow down and lovingly notice?

November 25 – Monday

The High Priestess

The High Priestess is wearing the blue gown of dreams and intuition. Her serious expression is, nevertheless, serene. She carries a magic wand and is waving it! Multicolored energies emerge from the wand. Her blessings are numerous and varied.

Let’s ask: Who comes bringing blessings today and how can we reach out and gratefully receive them?

November 26 – Tuesday

Three of Rods

It is a medieval potluck! Someone stirs the cauldron of physical and emotional nourishment, while someone brings the fruits of her garden, another, a flask of the wine of good spirits. Although it is winter, the neighbors are helping each other survive and keep warm.

Let’s ask: During times of dark and cold weather, who can we meet with warmth and support to keep the fire of life going?

November 27 – Wednesday

The Emperor

The Emperor is Santa Claus in this deck! He wears a red robe and a furry hat with a tassel. His countenance is smiling, royal and generous as he moves through the landscape.  He is bringing us a bundle of our own power. The Emperor archetype masters the world of manifestation. The Emperor tells us that we have the necessary skill to be the final authority in some area of our lives. In some crucial area we have more sovereignty than we know.

Let’s ask: What is he referring to regarding each of us today?

November 28 – Thursday

Five of Pentacles

The Ugly Duckling fairy story tells us about a young swan who, due to circumstances, hung out with a lot of ducks. They heaped ridicule on him because he looked funny and didn’t fit in. He felt like an outsider and a beggar until one day a school of swans recognized him as one of their own and informed him that he was, actually, a lovely swan, not a weird looking duckling, as he believed.

The Pentacles or Coins are magical talismans representing our potential. They are about what we possess in all categories as valuable resources. If our resources are misunderstood or not valued because they don’t fit in with a certain scheme or system, we may judge ourselves to be of lower worth than we are. If we believe this strongly enough, we may not see that there is warmth and acceptance very close by.

The card challenges us today to see that if we are feeling like an outsider, maybe our inner or outer environment could be changed for something that works better and makes us feel happier and more valued.

November 29 – Friday

Eight of Cups

Little Miss Muffet runs from the spider near her cushion. Well, I do not blame her there. But somehow I think the “spider” is more than literally that. We are scared from the hang-over of traumas which we all seem to endure at one time or another. Do we, at time, also participate in creating our own misery?

The Eight of Cups suggests yes. It is a card of departure and leaving behind what has made us happy in the past but what is no longer part of our Greatest Good. What are we going toward? Sometimes, we’re just simply running away and sometimes that, in itself, is necessary.

Miss Muffet’s place of security has been invaded by the scary spider and she runs away screaming. But, if she simply got it on her stick and tossed it out the window, she could remain comfortable and secure in the space that belongs to her. How can we do this with something that is unnecessarily intimidating us today?

November 30 – Saturday

Three of Cups

Whee! A hot tub party with libations flowing freely, with a lot in reserve! This is the celebration of intimate friendship and conviviality. The three men in the tub are surrounded by frothy bubbles as they soak and enjoy their toast together. They are increasing each others’ joy, and their own, by sharing the soak in the hot tub.

What are they celebrating? This is a day to see what is close by and choose to celebrate it. Do we take a lot for granted? A fun exercise is to create a “gratitude list” everyday and try to find different things each day to be thankful for. Then celebrate, and include others.

A fun spread to try: The Yes or No spread

This spread can be very useful for the many questions that come up during the holiday season. Whew. All that high key energy!

Shuffle the deck thoroughly and spread the cards flat on a table face down. Pull three cards randomly from the deck and lay them sequentially left to right horizontally.

Ask your question, requiring a Yes or No answer. Examples:

Will Jason and I get married?

Will I get the job?

Should I move to Arizona?

Does Alex love me?

Does Mary have another lover?

Turn over the three cards so they are face up, working left to right.

Answer: If two out of the three cards are upright, the answer is yes. If two out of three cards are reversed, the answer is no.

Study the content of each card to give the “Why?” of the answer. Why is it yes, or why it is no.  Study the suit the card belongs to and the standard signification of the image. Is it upright or reversed? This will fill in the details about the emotions and intentions surrounding the situation. Be sure to ask just one question for each spread, for clarity.

Thanks for joining me today! See you again.

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