Your Daily Focus: July 9-15

A Summer Tarot Daily Focus image showing a woman sitting on a dock with her arms wrapped around her knees. The image is tinted with an orange-to-amethyst gradient.

A Tarot Breakdown for the Week

It’s time for another Tarot spread. This time, let’s look at cards with themes that fit the summer mood. To most people, summer is about doing. Winter calls us to rest, spring wakes us up, and summer pushes us into action before autumn helps us recover. During summer, the sun is high in the sky and brings the longest days of the year. Its presence reminds people of the physical, the tangible, and the attainable. Summer is about things that can be felt — about experience and action.

This list includes two Major Arcana cards: The Fool and The Sun. It’s also going to look at some of the Eights, which represent action (or sometimes inaction) across all the Tarot suits. Additionally, most of the cards in this spread are Wands cards, as that is the suit of action, passion, imagination, and exploration.

Saturday, July 9

“The Sun is the epitome of masculine energy. It’s the physical, the warm, the material. It is all the things we can see and touch.”

When most people think of summer, they think of sunshine. The Sun is about more than just metaphorical warmth, though that does play a role. That said, it’s also about everything that people can interact with and touch. What does the sun do? It illuminates and nurtures. It allows us to grow and move forward. This is a card associated with sensation and physicality. It’s a card for movement, and it can represent love and enjoyment.

Sunday, July 10

“The Eight of Coins is about steady action. This is a card that proves practice makes perfect. It’s a card of results.”

The Eights tend to be action cards, and the Suit of Coins, in particular, is associated with work. As such, this card is about mastering a skill. It’s about pushing yourself to the limit and finding out what you’re capable of. It’s not a card that encourages slow, steady work. Instead, it’s about having your feet under you and being able to take on more, more, more. You may even find that there are people looking up to you. Don’t be afraid to show them the ropes.

Monday, July 11

“The Eight of Wands is about fast action, about making choices, moving forward, and standing by your convictions.”

The Suit of Wands is already about action, so it’s no surprise that the Eight of Wands is a card of action and passion. It’s about making a scene! This is a card that urges you to get up and sing karaoke, to ask your crush out, to go on that last-minute camping trip. It’s a good time to say “why not!” and jump right into an adventure.

Tuesday, July 12

“The Two of Wands is about choices, often the type that branch out into several options. It requires a bit of imagination and a leap of faith to move forward.”

When it comes to the Two of Wands, there’s a bit of a feeling like the grass is always greener on the other side. Sometimes your imagination can get pretty far ahead of reality, but isn’t that what makes the future so exciting? It can be fun to daydream and hope for the best! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Wednesday, July 13

“The Four of Wands is a card of familiarity, of returning home and rekindling old romances and friendships.”

Summer is a time for relaxation and vacation. It provides an opportunity for people to connect with others. This is a chance to explore both new horizons and revisit old ones. This week, meet up with friends and family! Make time to connect with the people you miss. This is also a great day to make plans, surprise a friend, or welcome an unexpected return.

Thursday, July 14

“The Six of Wands is all about image, about winning a popularity contest and having others look at you with a bit of awe.”

Being viewed with respect and admiration feels good. It’s something that almost everyone enjoys, yet it can be difficult to come by. This is a good time to check in on your motivations and ego. Are you striving for the acceptance of people who don’t see the real, authentic you? Do you feel like you have to “fake it to make it,” so to speak? Pay attention to what your true talents are, then focus on discovering how you can tap into them and shine as your most genuine self!

Friday, July 15

“The Fool is not afraid to try new things, to stumble on the way to walking, to make mistakes and face them happily.”

So often, people are held back by the fear of failure. The Fool can seem like a negative card, but in reality, there is a lot to admire about being willing to step forth blindly, trusting that you will end up where you need to be. The cycle of Tarot is not easy, but each moment carries both joy and grief. The Fool knows this and moves forward anyway. This card is a reminder that it’s okay to stumble and fall on your way to your destination. Sometimes, life really is about the journey. You may realize that the hidden moments along the way — the ones that only reveal themselves when you let yourself try and fail — are just as meaningful as your end goal itself.

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