How to Prepare for the Summer Solstice

How to Prepare for the Summer Solstice | California Psychics

Welcome to Summer

The Summer Solstice originated from the Ancient Celtic celebration called Litha, and like every other major Celtic holiday, the Summer Solstice is all about duality: the physical aspects of the day, and the spiritual ones. Once you have taken the time to act, to communicate, to think about problems intellectually, to engage physically with the earth herself, and once the celebrations are over, it’s time to shift the focus back into the realm of internal meditation. You should end the Summer Solstice feeling charged up spiritually.

Celebrating the Sun

We celebrate the Summer Solstice when the sun reaches its yearly zenith, and because this celebration takes place during the time of year with the most daylight, it’s easy to focus on this particular holiday as just being about embracing and living in the light. But the Summer Solstice marks a turning point for the year with a return to darkness, which is why it is important to harness this energy when it is most powerful.

An Increase of Light and Energy

Much like the moon, which waxes and wanes monthly, the sun also cycles. First, there is the daily cycle: the sun rises, the morning brings us energy, motivation, and inspiration, and as the sun sets and the day winds down we search for clarity, we reflect, and we give thanks for what we have. The same thing happens on a larger scale too. In the months leading up to the Summer Solstice, each day is longer than the last, making this the time to look at what we would like to bring into our lives. Allow the sun to charge you like a battery, so you can hold that spiritual warmth as the year turns and the days begin to shorten again.

A Time for Action

The sun is sometimes viewed as the spiritual manifestation of masculine energy. It represents the physical, the intellectual, and the tangible. We can feel the warmth when it beams down on us and recharges us. In the days leading up to the solstice, any magic centered around these more spiritually masculine attributes will be stronger. It is a time not for rest but for action, not for intuition but for logic, not for sowing but for reaping.

The Summer Solstice should be a day to enjoy the sun, physical activity, and appreciation of beauty. It’s about physical activity, having your feet in the grass, and feeling the earth’s abundance. It is the longest day of the year, which means we have the most hours to enjoy it, but unlike in the past, we may have to modify how we enjoy it. For example, you can virtually join the celebrations at Stonehenge here.

Preparing Your Tools for the Summer Solstice

The days leading up to the Summer Solstice, as well as the day of, are excellent times to recharge not only yourself but any magical tools you use. Crystals, tarot cards, runes, charm bags— all of these things can benefit from the power of the sun. Leaving tools in a windowsill during this time will help make them more potent with regards to the power that the sun possesses. Imagine yourself being filled with light, take time each day to appreciate the earth, the material things around you, and your physical body. An excellent way to do this is by practicing Sun Salutes, a simple yoga exercise also known as Surya Namaskar in Sanskrit, which is meant to connect your body to the sun and honor the cycle of rising and setting. This is a deeply spiritual practice that requires nothing but your physical body, the earth below you, and the sun above.

Charge Your Spirit

The things we do in preparation for and on the Summer Solstice can impact our spiritual journey in big ways over the coming months. This is a perfect time for love magic, for family healing, and for manifesting physical changes to the body. If we are able to impart the spiritual wisdom of the sun’s energy into our tools and ourselves, to charge up spiritual reserves, so to speak, then we will have that energy inside of us to use as we return to darkness, and enter a new phase of the year.

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