Your Daily Focus: July 20-26

Daily Focus: July 20-26 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

Warm greetings my fellow seekers. Can you believe we are already coming up on the end of July?  I know I can’t! I was out having a birthday dinner with my daughter last week, she just turned 18, and it hit me how fast time slips by. As we were eating, a family with a little girl, who was about three; came in and were seated near us. My daughter and I watched this little girl who was so excited by everything she saw, and I couldn’t help but remember what my girls were like at that age. We sometimes think that the older we get the more answers we will have, or how much wiser we have become, and yet many times the words spoken in truth from a child can carry so much more honesty than our own.

Watching this little girl made me realize how important it is to embrace traits like innocence, honesty, and a joy of life. And this, my dear friends, is where we take this week’s daily focus from. Let us all try to view the world around us with the wonderment and hopefulness of children.

July 20

“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”  -Franz Kafka

It never amazes me how children can find something beautiful in most things that they see. Even a gloomy, rainy day can make them laugh and smile; whereas to us adults, all we can think of is the annoyance of getting wet and dragging the mud inside with us. Do you remember being young and playing in the puddles on rainy days? I do. I especially remember going out when my daughters were little and the laughter we would share while jumping about in the numerous puddles. Remember to strive to find something beautiful every day. Those memories can lift our spirits when the grey clouds roll in and threaten our joy. Today’s word is Rainbows.

July 21

“Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind.” -Samuel Ullman

Some of us feel old way before our time. Maybe you were the serious, mature child in the family and that tendency carried over as you got older. And let’s face it: we all have to deal with the responsibility of ‘adulting’, but does that mean that we can’t have an outlook on life that is youthful and enthusiastic? Definitely not! The number of candles on our cake might threaten to burn down the town, but we can still feel as youthful as when there was only one candle. Today’s word is Mindset.

July 22

“Youth smiles without any reason. It is one of its chiefest charms.” -Thomas Gray

Don’t you feel better when you are smiling? Or when someone smiles at you? Even a trying day can seem more tolerable when someone shares a moment of kindness with us. Children seem to smile all the time, like they instinctively know that it makes a palpable difference in how they experience the world and how people will interact with them. For today, be aware of your smile and other facial expressions. Becoming aware of how non-verbal communication affects us is an important step in controlling our environment and energy and is part of taking control of our destiny. Today’s word is Smile.

July 23

“Age is an opportunity no less than youth itself.” –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We often think about life offering opportunities to the young, and we have all heard the saying ‘Youth is wasted on the young,’ but if we take that to heart we limit our own openness to the opportunities that the Universe brings into our lives. In many ways the older we get, the better position we are in to recognize a good opportunity when it comes our way. With age comes deeper insight into who we are, and what truly makes up happy. Don’t place limitations on what your life can become, no matter what your age. Today’s word is Ageless.

July 24

Those who love deeply never grow old.” –Arthur Wing Pinero

I am always moved to tears when I read the stories of couples who have been together for 60 plus years. Many state that the love and devotion they share is what made even the darkest trials in life bearable. My own parents had been together for 51 years before my dad passed away, and my mum still talks about how their connection helped to keep them young and always moving forward. It isn’t just love for others that helps to keep us young, but also loving ourselves. This is something that many of us have great difficulty with, but it is just as important as the deep connections we have with others. Strive to nurture those relationships and allow them to nurture you so that you too can remain young at heart. Today’s word is Cherish.

July 25

“You are as young as your self-confidence and hope, and as old as your fears.”

As we get older, we sometimes start making choices and plans out of fear rather than joyfulness or hope. We talk ourselves out of activities, hobbies, adventures, and opportunities all because we fear things going wrong or we tell ourselves that we are ‘too old’ for such things. Starting today, stop holding yourself back with fearful talk, and start building up your self-confidence! You have so much to offer and to bring into the lives of those around you, never forget that. Today’s word is Empower.

July 26

“Youthfulness is about how you live, not when you were born.”

This week’s meditations were all leading to this one quote. We can be chronologically young – but old in how we view the world around us. Likewise, we can be older on paper and have the same joie de vivre as a child learning to walk and explore the world around them. It isn’t about how many years you have been alive, or how much the world has changed since your birthday, it is about where your heart and mind is when you set your feet on the floor each morning. Let today be the day that you decide to start each morning with a zest for life, learning, and possibilities and return to the joyfulness of your younger self. Today’s word is Rebirth.

Have a wonderful week and strive for a youthful outlook into your life!

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