Cat’s Eye Tarot: July 21-27

Cat's Eye Tarot: July 21-27 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Debra Givin, the creator of Cat’s Eye Tarot, has been a veterinarian for 22 years in an exclusively feline practice. It is not an overstatement to say that she knows cats; body, mind, and soul!

I find this deck so enjoyable because of the way each card portrays feline nature so realistically and precisely. Givin believes that much can be learned about human life by observing the life strategies of cats. In her deck of Tarot, as in life, cats “fight, play, love, hunt and contemplate the mysteries of the Universe,” right along with their human friends.

This book of Tarot states that “cats are experts in the subtle art of body language” which they use to communicate with other beings in order to maintain their space and avoid conflict. They’re so good at reading us that we often believe they are more psychic than we are! Their motivations are complex and their actions fascinating.

Come join me today. Let’s watch how the mysteries of cats clue us into the mysteries of existence.

July 21-Sunday

Knight of Wands

This orange colored cat is as warm and spicy as the suit of Wands itself. He perches languorously on his tree branch but his tail betrays alertness. He is contemplating a pounce. He knows this must take place at exactly the perfect moment to be successful. His steady and dispassionate gaze misses no nuance of change in his prey. It is twilight, and he has risen from his diurnal sleep refreshed and ready for business. He surveys his surroundings serenely and shows admirable control of his impulses…until the time is ripe.

Ask: What facet of my life is ripe for a pounce?

July 22-Monday

Four of Wands

In this card our ginger-colored kitty is playing with a Monarch butterfly. His little sister looks on in enjoyment and admiration. They have found a route of escape through the back fence and are celebrating new-found freedom. A roam through new territory is often more fun with a companion. The day has turned out better than expected and they celebrate with enthusiasm!

Ask: Is there a route of escape that I have previously over-looked? Who could I take with me to celebrate?

July 23-Tuesday


The scales of Justice are balanced evenly in the darkened room. The piper is now to be paid. With a soulful glare, the Abyssinian cat enters the courtroom alone. What mischief will she be paying for tonight? With darkness closing in, she knows that the only way out is through. In visiting other houses, she may have escaped the rules of this one, but night is now falling and the balance between freedom and comfort must be obeyed, along with the rules of her house.

Ask: How will I deal with the consequences of my choices and what actions will I take now?

July 24-Wednesday

The Tower

Lighting strikes through a dramatic purple landscape in this card. Our calico kitty is stuck on top of a collapsing roof and she knows herself to be in danger! Her owners are safe inside, nowhere to be seen. The widow’s walk atop her elegant house is highlighted. Grief grips her heart as she precariously edges her way down the side of the house to safety. Solid ground is her goal and nothing else matters.

Ask: What treacherous situation must I negotiate at this moment? What course of action will ground and center me most safely?

July 25-Thursday

Ten of Cups

The white Persian kitty basks in the lap of love. Her eyes are dreamy and bright with contentment. She is supported by loving arms wearing the rose color of the heart. She gently lays her paw on top of the stroking hand of her loved one. She emotionally has it “made in the shade,” and money, power, fame, and strife are nothing to her now! The card tells us today that emotional fulfillment is very near.

Ask: Am I willing to accept love and fulfillment in all its forms today?

July 26-Friday

King of Swords

He leaves resolutely through his cat door to do battle. His face is tense and somber. His immaculate toilette shows in the whiteness of his fur. It will be a battle of the minds. His razor sharp reasoning powers shine in his icy blue eyes. He will win the fight through concentration and crystal clarity; his weapons are thoughts and words. This card announces: there is an important test coming soon. You will score high as a result of effort, skill, and superb attention to detail. Remember that luck favors the prepared mind.

Ask: How can I most skillfully prepare for the upcoming “test” in my life today?

July 27-Saturday

Ace of Pentacles

A large rat retreats into a thicket. Our cat nails him by grabbing his tail. Through his stealth he has executed a coupe! He will celebrate a feast this evening as a result of luck and his efforts. Force and practicality has helped him score his luck. Prosperity has followed his method and patience and he will share his luck with those he values.

Ask: How can I identify and act on my true purpose in this lifetime? Who do I want to share in the benefits?

Special Note: A fun spread to try with this deck is called the “Nine Lives” spread. It features nine cards, pulled randomly, arranged in a vertical sequence, left to right, with 3 for Youth, 3 for midlife, and 3 for Maturity. These three life stages can relate to a job, your career, a relationship, or a life. In each stage we play, we stray, and we stay.

Study the cards in each sequence and see what they reveal about each stage in the lifespan of what we have asked about. How do they relate to each other to tell the story of the experience?

Thanks for joining me today in our study of the Cat Kingdom through the lens of the Cat’s Eye Tarot deck! See you next week.

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