Your Daily Focus: January 1 – 7

Your Daily Focus: January 1-7 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

It’s a new year! I want to return to my favorite medium to talk about cycles, beginnings, endings, and how we can focus this New Year energy in productive ways. I have a little bit of a personal vendetta against New Year’s resolutions and here is why: I was born on January 3, which I lovingly refer to as Dead Christmas Tree Day. By the time my birthday rolls around, everyone is broke, hungover, and on a diet. It’s the worst. I have had to beg my friends for years to put their New Selves off for a few extra days to indulge me. Now, in my thirties, it’s less important to me that people be willing to party hard and flashy, thankfully, but the distaste for suddenly dropping all things fun and luxurious in favor of restriction is just such a Capricorn vibe, and one that I appreciate most of the time, but absolutely not on my special day.

In this week’s Daily Focus, I want to look at how we can approach cycles, endings, beginnings, restrictions, and indulgence, because only by finding balance can we enact any long-term change.

Saturday, January 1

“Death. The card of endings, of change, of rebirth.”

This is the end and the beginning. It’s a time for looking at what we’re letting go of, but not in a wasteful sense. In an ecological sense, excrement can become the fertilizer for our internal soil. What crap, so to speak, can we turn around and put beneath us, allowing it to be the catalyst for something new. This card is about growth, about gardens, about the cycle of life. Carry that energy with you.

Sunday, January 2

“The Ten of Swords. A card of letting go, facing fears, and leaving the worst behind you.”

This is one of the scary cards in the deck, one that indicates the end of something you’ve fought hard for. It’s about being out of options—or out of time. The year has ended, and the clock has, metaphorically and literally, run out. It’s time to let go, and not in the way the Death card asks us to, where we use our past as a foundation. Here it’s time to do things differently, even if it means starting over.

Monday, January 3

“The Devil. A card of examining, embracing, and understanding your vices.”

Oh, good old New Year’s resolutions! This is a time where we are all forced to examine our vices. It makes sense, then, that this is the card associated with Capricorn, who rules the skies above at this time. It’s an interesting choice on the surface, but the more you understand about both the card and the sign, the more the symbiosis of restriction and indulgence becomes apparent and urgent. This is the time to examine what you want to change within yourself, but also the time to understand that declaring change is not always the best or most effective way to enact it.

Tuesday, January 4

“Eight of Swords. A card of looking inward, examining our own flaws, and how we wish to navigate the world in light of those things.”

As much as this is a time to look at what we want to change about our behaviors, it’s also a good time to look inward at some of the more delicate and complicated behaviors that no longer serve us. It’s easy to make your goals about weight loss or socialization, but what about emotional regulation, time for yourself, and prioritizing rest?

Wednesday, January 5

“Four of Wands. A card of homecoming, celebration, and reconnection.”

This is a time to connect with loved ones and carry that connection onward. A lot of us have just finished celebrations of the holidays, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, or New Year’s. Now, as we transition back into regular life, it’s important to keep the spirit of connection alive. Winter is still going, and it’s long, so make sure you reach out to those you love.

Thursday, January 6

“Judgment. A card of testing the self, values, and beliefs.”

Like all new beginnings, this is a time to examine who you are, who you want to be, and what paths lie ahead of you. It’s not just for changing your body type or your hair color, it can also be about changing your values, or how you act on those values. Judgment is a card of looking back and asking yourself if you’ve done the things you needed to, if you learned the lessons that you were meant to, and if you’re really ready to carry them into whatever comes next.

Friday, January 7

“The World. A card of possibilities.”

It’s a new year! A new chance to grow, learn, and explore. This, like any time, really, is a chance to recreate yourself. This week, I urge you to look deeper than surface resolutions and think about the kind of life you want to be living. Think about what you can do to make that world a reality in a way that is sustainable and doable in the long term.

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