Important Astrological Dates to Watch Out for in 2022

2022 Important Astrological Dates to Watch Out For | California Psychics

Change in the Skies

As we go into 2022, it seems like we are all looking for something exciting to look forward to. Although astrological transits do not cause events, they reflect events that are destined to take place in the world.

Our job, as enlightened human beings, is to bring out the positive side of the astrological events we will experience, and minimize the destructive and limiting side of them, even though they seem to happen suddenly and inevitably.

Below are the retrogrades, eclipses, nodal shifts, and several planetary aspects in the year ahead that will give us the opportunity to practice doing exactly these things!

What Do Retrogrades Mean?

Retrograde periods signal a time when planets appear to be moving in the reverse direction. They create snarls, stagnancy, indecision, and obstacles at their worst. It is important to realize that they are priceless opportunities to “go back” and revise, revamp, and revisit people, places, and things with which we have unfinished business. Used wisely, they are a wonderful way to make everything better.

The basic energy of a planet, its sign, and its placement in your natal chart reveals where and how you can make these occurrences work in your favor.

Retrogrades of 2022

  • Venus: Dec. 19,’21-Jan. 29,’22 (Capricorn). Another chance at love! Especially, for Capricorns, and for Taurus and Virgo, which aspect this transit by trine.
  • Mars: Oct. 30, ‘22-Jan. 12, ‘23 (Gemini). Hold back on projects and rework strategies and goals. All Air signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, will react to this retrograde most strongly.
  • Jupiter: July 28, ’22- Oct. 23,’22 (Aries back into Pisces). Cash in on blessings that stayed “in the bank.” Get ready to clean up, Aries and Pisces!
  • Saturn: Jan. 4, ’22- Oct. 23, ’22 (Aquarius). A time to tighten up procedures and discipline. Let’s face it, Saturn works on all of us. The Saturn ruled signs, Capricorn and Aquarius, will have the easiest time with this because it’s part of their soul signature to have self-discipline.

And of course:

Mercury Retrograde Periods in 2022

All communications, written or spoken, professional or personal, will be revisited and revised. They will be expressed through the key-note energies of each sign that they take place in.

It is good to find out from an astrologer which houses these signs rule in your natal chart. This gives you the advantage of knowing where and how communications need to be improved.

  • Jan. 14-Feb. 4 (Aquarius/Capricorn)
  • May 10-June 3 (Gemini/Taurus)
  • Sept. 10-Oct. 2 (Libra/Virgo)
  • Dec. 29-Jan. 18,’ 23 (Capricorn)

Outer Planet Retrogrades

  • Uranus: Begins 2022 in retrograde until Jan. 18, then retrogrades again Aug. 24-end of 2022 (Taurus). Environmental and economic shake-ups will result in something better. Taurus, Scorpio, and those signs squaring Taurus and Scorpio will feel the inevitable change!
  • Neptune: June 28-Dec. 4, ‘22 (Pisces). Our dreams and illusions are examined and reformed. Water signs especially will dream their most realistic and beautiful dreams.
  • Pluto: Apr. 29-Oct. 8 (Capricorn). Power structures will be revised, or crumble. Be cagey when dealing with authority. They may become draconian.

What Will Eclipses Bring in 2022?

Eclipses bring to light what has been hidden and force those issues to the table. They are powerful catalysts for change. Used wisely, they give us extra impetus to do the things we most deeply want to do.

The eclipses of 2022 signal one thing: healing, healing, and more healing, through breakthrough cures and new discoveries in the environmental, financial, and healthcare realms! These come to light on, or shortly after, the date the eclipse occurs.

Taurus and Scorpio will be most directly affected, but whichever house in your natal chart is ruled by Taurus or Scorpio will be the one to force the changes.

Also powerfully affected by these eclipses will be people with sun, moon, or Venus (the personal planets) in Water or Earth signs. Those who have personal planets squaring or opposing these eclipse signs and degrees may face some challenges by what is brought to light. Used constructively, these events are very beneficial for all signs! They move energy up and forward.

  • Partial Solar- Apr. 30, Taurus
  • Total Lunar- May 16, Scorpio
  • Partial Solar- Oct. 25, Scorpio
  • Total Lunar- Nov. 8, Taurus

An Important Lunar Shift

The Nodal Shift of the Moon’s North and South Node: Jan 19, 2022

The moon’s nodes shift every 18 months, so this change will last into the spring of 2023. Nodes move backward through the zodiac signs and this shift takes place in Taurus/Scorpio. Get ready for exciting breakthroughs in health and healing!

Game-Changing and Helpful Aspects of 2022

The following planets move quite slowly, and their effects are deep, powerful, and go on for a while with lasting effects. In this case, these aspects are good!

Feb. 14- Pluto trine North Node (Capricorn/Taurus). Old structures break down and new health discoveries emerge.

Feb. 17- Jupiter sextile Uranus (Pisces/Taurus). Lucky chances that involve risk, lasting for about one month.

Apr. 12 -Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Spiritual inspiration and reaching Higher Consciousness is possible.

May 3- Jupiter sextile Pluto (Pisces/Capricorn). Career luck for Earth and Water signs.

A Challenging Aspect

July 21, 2022, and again, on Sep 21, 2022. (Aries/Aquarius). Jupiter semi-square Saturn. Over-reaching meets a reality check. Things that moved ahead at full steam may now come to a sobering halt. They will come back in a better, more lasting form after the aspect clears for the third and final time on March 21, 2023.

A Promising New Year

Of course, there are hundreds of astrological aspects in any given year. Aspects can shift every few days, or every few hours, as the sun, moon, Mercury, and Venus move throughout the signs each month.

These, however, are highlights of the most promising events coming up for us soon. They signal the positive changes we are all looking forward to as we roll into 2022!

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    Very interesting report of Astro dates for 2022…saved me a lot time to work these ones out as and when,
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    Dear, I want to say thank you for your job. It is helps me to guide my live and sometimes make a decision.
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    more good than bad days is what i read for myself ( pisces) female
    i do hope positively this year is better than the last few”……
    God first . than mystery of astrology
    i am still employed- growing older
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