Your Daily Focus: February 22 – 28

Your Daily Focus: February 22-28 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

My dearest and closest friend is a writer and I have the awesome privilege of being her beta reader and editor quite often. It never ceases to amaze me how she is able to capture so much information and imagery in the words that she chooses, without being so bogged down with the usual tropes.

When the same words are used, they can become part of our normal vernacular and over time become clichés. True, some don’t stand the test of time and we often laugh or roll our eyes when people use them, but many hold inspiration and lessons for us, even after all this time.

This week’s daily focus explores some of those well-worn tropes, and what we can learn from them. What are some sayings and clichés that you use? What can they teach you so that you keep moving forward?

 February 22

“The grass is always greener on the other side.”

No matter what we have in life many people have a tendency to view what others have as being more desirable. This can sometimes be self-sabotaging, making us jump from relationship to relationship, job to job, never allowing us to have stability or ground ourselves. But if used wisely it can help us to further understand who we are now rather than continuously making decisions and choices based on who we were. Those things that beckoned to us last year may or may not still resonate. So, go ahead and see if what once looked lush and amazing still is now that you are a different version of yourself. Today’s word is Viewpoint.

February 23

“You can’t please everyone.”

And yet we still try. The societal expectations of putting the needs of others ahead of our own, and our own well-being need to be tossed out the window! Living a life that fulfills us and validates our dreams, desires, talents, and goals should be a given and not something that we try to eke out bit by bit. There is nothing wrong with getting input and advice, but ultimately it is your life and you should live it so that when you look back you can smile! Today’s word is Satisfaction.

February 24

“There’s no time like the present.”

This may be a cliché, but it is a good one. Maybe there’s something that you want to change in a current situation, or perhaps you want a different future than the one that you see for yourself right now. No matter what it is, why wait for tomorrow to start making the needed changes? Today is the perfect time to take full advantage of opportunities, the paths less taken, and the 24 hours that you have at your disposal. Today’s word is Timely.

February 25

“Back to square one.”

All our best plans and hard work can sometimes backfire, fall short, or even bring us right back to the proverbial drawing board. It is so easy to lose our enthusiasm and desire to try again when we are facing setbacks like this. Sometimes though, this re-set can help us create a new direction or approach that will ultimately be better than the one that we initially planned on. Go ahead and feel upset or sad for a bit, but then shift your perspective and use your newly found knowledge and insight and get ready to succeed! Today’s word is Re-establish.

February 26

“Charity begins at home.” Sir Thomas Browne

This sentiment usually includes our family and friends, but we should also include ourselves in this list. Why are we generally more forgiving to those we love and our acquaintances before we show that same kindness to ourselves? Aren’t we just as human and deserving? The answer to that is a resounding, “Yes!” Always show yourself the same generosity that you show others, and in time the people that you interact with will begin to reflect that energy towards you. Today’s word is Altruism.

February 27

“Have a Red-Letter Day.”

This saying came about because of the usage of red ink to mark important feast days on calendars. Upon seeing the red ink people knew that something important was attributed to that day, even if they couldn’t read the words themselves. We still treat holidays like this. Traditional calendars will often use a colored ink rather than black to denote religious or cultural holidays and festivals, but this is not to say that we can’t treat the ‘black ink’ days like ‘red letter’ ones. Maybe today can be a red-letter day because your shower was the perfect temp this morning, or because there was lighter traffic than usual, or just because each day is full of so many possibilities and opportunities that it deserves to be treated like the amazing and special day that it is. Why is today your red-letter day? Today’s word is Celebration.

 February 28

“Burning the candle at both ends.”

People are always running around, multi-tasking, and trying to squeeze as much into and out of a day. Rarely do we just sit, breathe, and enjoy a task or a quiet moment without worrying or thinking about all the things we could be doing or still need to get done. At some point though, we need to stop and realize that we only have so much energy in reserve, and that we do need to regularly recharge ourselves. As we get ready to move into a new month, and with the beginning of spring right around the corner, now is a fantastic time to make sure that we aren’t burning our candles down to the point where there will be nothing left to burn come tomorrow. Today’s word is Rejuvenate.

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