Falling in Love with Yourself

Falling in Love with Yourself | California Psychics

The Feeling of Love

One of the most wonderful moments in life is the experience of falling in love. It’s amazing how things that drive us crazy on any given day, we tend to overlook when we are in love with someone. It’s as if a rose-colored filter falls over the whole world. The alarm doesn’t go off, we’re late for work, and we just shrug. Or the toast is burnt, we spill our coffee on the desk, and we find ourselves saying, “It’s okay, mistakes happen.” Someone cuts us off in traffic and we smile, the day rushes by and all we can think about is spending time with the person with whom we are in love. In other words, often when we are in love, we are also in forgiveness. It’s an amazing feeling!

A Divine Timing

A question that I am often asked close to the start of a new year is, “What do you see for me romantically?” A variation on this question is, “Do you think I will fall in love?” Most of the time, when we envision falling in love, we think of a chance encounter in the grocery store or dinner party that we have no control over. In other words, we are either meant to fall in love with someone or we don’t. Sometimes we may even feel angry or powerless, not knowing when a loving relationship will come. As a psychic reader, I know that there is a divine timing for all relationships, but one thing is also clear: we are always able to choose the time when we decide to fall in love with ourselves.

The Journey of Self-Love

Falling in love with ourselves is like traveling on an exciting journey. The great thing about it is, falling in love with yourself doesn’t require signing up for a dating site or impressing anyone else. The focus is entirely on you. When we fall in love with ourselves, we acknowledge our own self-worth, we pause and consider who we are, and why we value our lives. I have clients who have struggled in their romantic relationships and I’ve said, “I think your next relationship is with Becky. This is a year of falling in love with yourself.” It’s incredible how your energy changes when you fall in love with yourself. And the beauty is that when we love ourselves, we give off a loving vibration. It is a deeply attractive energy that encourages other people to love us too.

Defining Self-Love

Here’s what loving ourselves is not: it’s not arrogance, superiority, or narcissism. Falling in love with yourself is a process that requires reflection and positive thinking. It teaches you to be proud of who you are, where you came from, and what you aspire to be. Sometimes we ask others to love us, but we haven’t found a way to love ourselves or our experiences. Being proud of who you are means recognizing your accomplishments and being inspired enough to ask yourself, “Who am I?  What would I like to do with my life?”

Spend Time on Yourself

Inspirational speaker Louise L. Hay, who has helped millions with her work on loving the self, often focuses on affirmations and mirror work. One of the questions she suggests we ask ourselves upon waking up is, “What can I do today to make you happy?” We are also encouraged to look in the mirror and say, “I love you.” This usually sounds easier than it is. For some people, getting into a new relationship isn’t difficult, but loving the self is. Falling in love with ourselves means taking some time out of the day and devoting it entirely to ourselves and our happiness. The meal that we are hesitant to eat alone, or the movie we refuse to see alone – we now choose to enjoy because we love our own company. We take loving ourselves seriously, while we also allow ourselves to play more than ever. Maybe there is a creative idea or opportunity we’ve wanted to explore, and we’ve been waiting for the right time. Now is the right time.

Positive Energy

It’s been my experience that my clients who fall in love with themselves start out often looking to fall in love with someone else. Or they are unfulfilled in a relationship they are in. When they focus on themselves lovingly, it’s astounding how often healthy relationships come into their lives, or their romantic relationships improve. If they have been looking for someone and a new relationship arrives, they are thrilled, of course, but they don’t drop everything because they didn’t put their lives on hold for someone else before. The energy around them is one of celebration, and it is infectious. The partners who come into their lives bring love and positivity because that is what they already see around them.

Give to Yourself

When I give a reading about love, one of my favorite cards in the deck is the Ace of Cups. The ace is a powerful concentration of loving energy; it can also symbolize creative inspiration and abundance. I know when I see this card, something special is on the way. Falling in love with ourselves means we don’t have to wait for love to come into our lives. Many of us are so giving in our romantic relationships that we often forget to give the same love to ourselves. Loving the self is one of the fastest ways to attract the life we want in any area. So, choose today to love yourself and watch the miracles that begin to come into your life. And even better, when you go out, you don’t have to worry about who pays the check!

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