Is Your House Haunted?

The 21st century has brought many amazing things into our lives, but the paranormal field has never been as scientific as it is now. Hauntings and other paranormal activities are now being confirmed by scientific data and tools. Things that go “bump in the night” can now be tracked and resolved like never before.

If you think you’re having paranormal incidents in your home, there are some basic things you may want to know in order to confirm whether the events are paranormal, supernatural or simply basic physics. At the first creak of an old wooden staircase, some people may want to immediately jump to the conclusion that they have a house filled with the specters of old Aunt Mabel and her two dozen cats. Others will try everything they can imagine to excuse some very serious events. If you believe your home may have some events beginning to evolve with increasing intensity or frequency that simply can’t be explained, there are some things you may want to try as you begin your own ghost explorations.

Begin by keeping a diary of events. If you have others who live in your home, ask them to do the same. If you have young children, keep these concerns as unobtrusive as possible. With young children, it’s easy to give a small piece of information that can feed very active imaginations and cause even more problems. It has been noted by several professional paranormal researchers that children are often “generators” for psychic energy. If you have an active haunting in your home, the last thing you want is more interactions between your child and the other side!

You’ll want to make sure to keep as much positive energy in your home as possible. This is a good practice regardless of paranormal activity. With children in a home, the more peace and balance they feel, the stronger their own positive emotional and psychic growth becomes. Many wonderfully psychic children are being born these days and their gifts are truly astounding! If your child is the first one to notice any unusual events in their bedroom or elsewhere in your home, listen to what they are saying. Remain calm and make sure to reassure your child in every way possible that they are safe and loved.

Do you hear sounds that seem to mimic doors opening or closing? Do you hear footsteps in areas of your home where no one is walking? When you check to see where the sounds have originated, does everything seem normal or has the door that was previously closed now stand open? Sounds of doors closing or opening and footsteps are the most often reported concerns. There are many theories as to why this happens, but for the sake of brevity, we’ll just acknowledge that these are the #1 most reported activities of paranormal events involving a home. If you’re experiencing this phenomenon, try to take a small digital recorder and turn it on in the area that is radiating the sound. Set it for as long of a time that the recorder can hold, preferably at least 4-6 hours. (Prepare yourself for a lot of listening when you play it back! Most of paranormal research is tedious and often boring.)

Do you have a companion animal that is suddenly acting strangely? Dogs are the best haunting detectives around! I was in an old haunted church one night when my beloved companion dog suddenly raised his head up and his hair bristled. His head was pointed in the direction of the old confessional. I sat up and looked where he was watching and there it was: a dark gray “mass” ascending the area where the choir loft used to be. My dog relaxed as the mass dissipated but he was very alert for the rest of the night. Trust your companion animal to see or hear things before they become visible to the human senses.

Do you feel as though you are being “watched”? We live in a time where almost everything we do is watched: satellites, traffic cameras, security cameras, so many ways in which we are constantly under some kind of surveillance. However, there are times when you may feel as though you are not alone in the room. If that happens, write down the time and place where you had the experience. After that, you may want to invest in a small EMF meter. These little inexpensive devices can pick up concentrations of electronic fields. When these fields are in a truly concentrated form, it can evoke many sensations: uneasiness, feeling like you are being watched, nausea, the list goes on depending on how sensitive a person is to high electromagnetic fields. If you use an EMF detector, take it to the area where you had the experience. If the EMF spikes higher than at other places in the house, find out if there is a great deal of electrical wiring in the area. High EMF readings often immediately prove that the feelings you were experiencing are simply due to your own sensitivity to that kind of electrical concentration. If you do not find any unusual meter spikes in the area, try taking the EMF meter into the area several times at varying time intervals. Once you rule out physical properties, then it is time to consider the paranormal.

Some people report hearing words or whispers in an area that they feel could be haunted. I’ve been standing in the middle of a field when I heard a muffled conversation between what appeared to be a man and a woman. There was no one around me for miles, no radio or television transmission, nothing that could have generated that sound. Later in the day, some friends of mine had driven out to my ranch, and one came running out of the barn saying that a man just said “hello,” but there was no one there! Research done through the local library showed that the land had been originally owned by a couple who passed away on the ranch. The man died from a sudden heart attack, and his wife of 53 years passed away within a few months of unknown causes. Finding the history of the place you’re living can explain a great deal. Don’t immediately think that you’re losing your mind; the chances are very good that you’re simply experiencing a paranormal event.

In the next few weeks, I will be writing more about what to do if you think your home may be haunted and what can be done in order that all beings live in peace and tranquility.

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14 thoughts on “Is Your House Haunted?

  1. Cheryl

    Hello Jesse…I believe that happenings are taking place all around me… I was the age of 10 when my mom passed away and so many events take place here within my home….my 3 1/2 year old son consistantly points into the dining room and describes this woman believed to be my mom. For clarification of it, I aligned three photos of family members up on a table, one being my mother. Without hesitation or thought he instantly pointed to my mother..he laughs at times in the direction and has even sat up in bed and waved into mid air the bedroom when the lights were out… in his mind, he views it as and calls it a ” ghost “. A very strong floral scent is released and smelled by myself and the oldest daughter almost at the same time if we are in one anothers presence when this occurs. No other family member has witnessed the strong floral scent, even when pointed out to them, they still seem to say that they dont smell it. Alot of electrical surges and issues. If we are in the livingroom, walking in the upstairs is heard….I have also witness and seen a black siloutte of a female in my daughters room looking out upon me if I am in the restroom considering the rooms are across from one another, she also stands outside their bedroom door in the corner of the hallway….the oldest daughter and a friend at different times have also witnessed this…. once again no others in the house have withness the siloutte of the woman. I have had to take double takes when walking past their bedroom because of have thought that I have seen her multiple times looking out at me, I have even found myself completely opening the door and looking completely in behind the door…. We are pretty used to it and have no fear or anxity over it…amongst all else…. if some of these happenings are due to my mom, it is very comforting to know that she is around…the siloutte is the most puzzling??? just wanted to share alittle bit of my happenings in regards to your blog….. very interesting and thank you…. your the best……. hugs and smiles to you 🙂

  2. Linda Bland (lin)

    I live in a 1941 home in Gainesville, Fl. I bought the house in 2005…I rented it out to others for 2 years and moved in in 2007…it was in need of loving care…I “felt” the need to buy it, I “felt” on closing day when I entered the house alone that there was someone there…a presence. My son who was 18 also “felt” and saw “something” or someone…
    I did research on the home’s owners, and found that in 1997 the owner a man, was killed along with another person a woman who was a UF professor, while riding their bikes along with other bike ehnthusiastics. It was confirmed, without my asking….a neighbor stated she was nervous about coming into the house as she was given the opportunity to rent the house, but, some students who rented the house claimed that in the middle of the night they heard bikes “crashing” thinking that it was in the street outside but, nothing was seen, then going back to bed the crashing noise was even louder in the living room….they moved out after that…I have not heard that noise…I did find out when the man died, his mother got the house and sold it for next to nothing…and that he had been divorced. One day in the morning there was a knock at my door, I opened the door and saw a woman crying…I opened the door and said Carolyn? (that was the man’s wife’s name) somehow I “knew” it was her, his ex wife…she came in, she told me she and the man (who’s last name was the same as my maiden name) divorced because, not because she did not love him, but that he was brilliant yet all he wanted to do was work in a bike shop and ride bikes…she had higher aspirations, so she left, went to Ca. was a graphic artist, made great money…but, was not happy…she and the man who died, her ex husband, kept in touch, remained friends and actually she realized that money was not what made her happy, he did, they were going to remarry…then she received a phone call that he was killed…She came for the funeral, wanted to buy the house the angry ex mother in law…said no…now it was 10 years later 2007…she was in Fl. going to stay with her sister in a small town about an hour from Gainesville…she left Ca…she was amazed that I “knew” who she was…I told her what I had felt and about the “hauntings” that renters had described…she told me about their life in the house, what she and her husband had done to fix the house up, how they loved the house, that their dog was buried in the back yard, that she did art in a room that I had chosen to be my art room to paint and about the bamboo in the back yard the roses they had in the front…the woodwork they had sanded and stained with love, the teddy bear collection they had and kept in an old pedestal type bathtub that they had sitting in the 2 nd bedroom awaiting putting into the bathroom…I showed her that it was indeed now installed and that the first housewarming gift I received was a teddy bear. My friend that gave it to me thought it silly but “felt” that it was for some reason the gift she needed to give….Carolyn went to her car and brought in albums with pictures of she and her ex husband…she said she was just on her way to the cemetery after 10 years and just thought she would drive by the house but something told her to stop by…she cried, she felt so guilty for ever leaving him and loved him…I said he’s been waiting for you, he loved you too…now he can move on and you can too…I no longer “feel” him in the house….and Carolyn is thinking of dating, she had not dated anyone since his death….Carolyn is leaving Fl. to start a new career and a new life. I am hoping her ex husband is now able to rest in peace…On occasion I think I feel “something” here but I am not sure…Another story, my brother died at 15, I was 2…always knew he was there with me…even saw him behind me in a mirror as a teen…he disappeared when my mom passed away…and when she did my younger son and I experienced something for a couple of years…my mom loved old game shows…like the Match Game….my son and I one night in the middle of the night after mom passed (she lived with us for 7 years before her death) we both woke up at the same time…saying we heard a muffled “game show” noise….no neighbors, no noise when awake…we then had to move for a better school district to an apartment, same thing happened one night…hearing muffled game show noise….no noise from neighbors….and mom had always told me if you see a penny after I die…that’s me thinking of you…always find a penny especially when I am going through tough situations…can’t prove anything, but, I know these experiences seemed very real…

  3. Diane Crane

    At some point, I would like one of the psychics to do a blog on premonitions. I had one as a very young person that changed my life, it’s just that I was unable to read the premonition at the time. The result of the premonition was that I was hit by a car – I never saw it coming because the car was black and there was greenery overflowing the side of the road that partially obscured the view. The road itself was the back entrance to Harriman State park in Tuxedo, NY., and after my accident, the road was straightened. some people are skeptical about premonitions, but I never had another experience like that before or since. It took me decades to finally outgrow the seizure disorder that resulted from that accident, but I did! I’m a believer!

  4. Diane Crane

    Great blog. I experienced an unexplainable event when I was a child of around six or seven years of age. My little girlfriend and I were “exploring” an abandoned real estate office building when we suddenly looked up and saw a lady standing before us – she was dressed well and very polished looking for her surroundings, which were very dilapidated to say the least, and she spoke to us! She said, “This is my house”, which could not have been the case, because no one could have lived there, and she was dressed in what i would say were period clothes, that is, they gave the appearance of being a costume – not what people would have worn in the late 50s, early 60s. It was not until much later that I found out what the history was where i used to live -Camp Merritt in N. New Jersey was once a “town within a town” – the land was alive with people moving in and out in fairly rapid succession. It was a training camp for WW1 era doughboys who then were shipped to Hoboken and then overseas. My comment would be, in light of this story, there is always more than meets the naked eye. And by the way, Kathy and I ran from the site after our visitation as fast as our little legs would carry us!!!

  5. annie suess

    Jesse, good article! I like these type of blogs. I’m sharing what I experienced as a young child. We lived in an old farmhouse in Georgia near railroad tracks. At one time there had been a fire in the kitchen area which was not repaired but left to crumble down. A curtain was put across the area to hide it. I came into the kitchen and asked my stepmother who the lady was with the long black hair and a white gown on that I just saw disappear through the curtains. She told me I was imagining it and to go back outside and play. It was not the first time I would see her – I saw her again float through a door. At night I would hear footsteps and the sound of a long skirt dragging on the floor outside my bedroom. Every time I mentioned it to my family, they would laugh at me and pass it off. I was so terrified that I slept with my head covered up for fear I would see her in my room. Years later when I was grown my mother told me that a woman who lived there was killed by a train near the house. The point in this posting is that adults should listen to children when tell them story like this. If they did the child may not be scared like I was and afraid to tell anyone what I saw.

  6. Nena

    I knew that my house and property were haunted. All kinds of crazy things happened. Objects would constantly disappear and reappear. There were always cold spots. I always felt like I was being watched. All batteries in the house drain like lickety split. Electronic devices do not fair well in the house. My cell phone batter will run out in a few hours and I always have to recharge it. Same with my laptop battery.

    I even saw a full apparition! It was tall, thin with long flowing hair and it just kind of stared at me by my bed. Needless to say it scared the crap out of me!

    After all of this, I called a ghost hunting troupe. I was told that my house and property were full of spirits of Native Americans! They were really (and rightfully so) angry about being chased off their land! The fact that I was never really frightened by these things other than the apparition says that they sense that I’m an empath and very caring. I was told to get some tobacco and spread it around the property. I was told to NEVER burn sage because that upsets them. I was also told to just talk to them. I told them that I feel really awful for what they have been through during their lives and asked them if they need my help with anything to just give me a gentle clue. I also told them that it is their choice if they want to “pass on” or not. I just said “Okay guys, could you do ME one little favor? Please quit messing with my electronics!” The disappearing of objects decreased dramatically. Sometimes I feel their presence, but it now feels more like that they’re just hanging out and chilling rather than being annoyed. However, they still insist on eating up batteries! That’s not a big deal if they need the energy to do things. Now I feel that we’re good friends. 😉

    Oh and looking back, that apparition was a full dressed Native American chief! I looked up information about local tribes and the ghost looks exactly like a Miami chief!

    I’m glad we’re on good terms! =)

  7. starspirit

    Rose, I ALWAYS feel like theres someone in the rooms Im in..
    I always get the feeling Im being watched or touched sometimes and it freaks me out..
    Last night I said out loud, randomly, hello make a noise if you’re there.. and suddenly a huge sound came from no where..
    Im pretty sure my house is haunted.. but also , quite skeptical..
    this is always frustrating as I wish I was able to contact my spirit sometimes..

  8. lucy

    Hi Jesse: WOW – Great article you wrote, MUST WRITE MORE! Years ago I ran a B & B. During that time the attic was so active with child spirits, I would actually go up there and find new toys some days. Old cool stuff would appear out of “no-where”. I found out in the town archives that the house was once the doctors house in town. And, many children were raised there, many played there. The energy was always so much fun. Thank you Jesse for reminding me of great memories of 20 years ago.

  9. kallista

    Thank you for this great article, Jesse.

    You point out what folks need to know about hauntings and how to handle them, yet give reassurance and hope. I also enjoy the comments written, for they too are enlightening. I am looking forward to your upcoming articles on this topic. You are a wonderful writer, Jesse!


    Kallista, ext 9623

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  11. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I also live on OLD property, it was a homestead that dates back to the 1800’s……

    I have every recorded deed to this property, in a 3 inch thick binder, that the county courthouse gave to me since they no longer have room at the courthouse to store these old records and I paid cash for this old property and farmhouse.

    I have an old Territorial Judge that hangs out around here……looking thru the old records, this Territorial Judge won this property in a poker game way back to the 1800’s…..he was also the last, according to town records,Territorial Judge to sentence and hang a person in the town square for horse stealing.

    He retired here on this piece of farmland, but I still sense his presence from time to time. He stood very tall, about 6’4,had a moustache, wore a stetson, wore spurs on his boots ( I’ve heard the spurs jingle at night near my porch) and carried a gun on each side of his belt…..
    I usually sense him, or catch a glimpse of his profile/shadow outside when I garden, as he seems to like gardening…..and on my porch late summer night evenings…..he doesn’t bother me, so I don’t bother him… long as he continues to NOT wake me up….we’re good and he can stay.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  12. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Jesse,
    Nice article, I too, have done paranormal research and have walked thru many haunted homes and locations…..

    …..doors opening and closing, footsteps and, if I may add, knocking on walls and experiencing sudden cold spots in certain areas of the house NOT prone to drafts or near any air ducts.

    My best friend, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi lives in an old Civil War mansion that is so haunted it really should be showcased on TV.
    In fact, she has trouble getting handymen to work on the old estate manor to do things such as plumbing, carpentry and whatnot there…..they all run off scared, sometimes leaving very expensive tools in their wake.These spirits are NOT shy about making their presence known and guard the property. LOL LOL !
    But the spirits in that old mansion seem to have always protected her and her children as the kids grew up ,so she peacefully coexists with them in the house…..after all, they were there first.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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