Signs You’re Feeling the Thinning Veil and How To Deal With It

An image depicting the thinning veil as a black, starry door over a teal background. Orange wisps of smoke drift from the door.

What Is the Thinning Veil?

The term “veil” refers to the metaphysical barrier between the world of the living and the world of the dead. This veil thins as Halloween — or the Pagan holiday of Samhain — gets closer. However, the idea of the veil is not exclusive to paganism, which was formed and practiced by the Celts in Northern Europe. In Greek mythology, the thinning veil was represented by Persephone’s departure to the underworld. There is, in Greek and Roman mythology, a literal doorway to the world of the dead that only becomes accessible during this time of year.

During Samhain, people would wear masks to trick spirits into believing that they were among the undead, that way they wouldn’t be bothered when the thinning veil opened and spirits had free run of the land.

Today, that same thinning of the veil still occurs. Likewise, there have always been people who are more sensitive to the thinning veil than others, or for whom it may always seem thin. If you’re being affected by the thinning veil, you may feel anxious, nervous, or like you’re being watched. You may also receive messages in dreams or through the thoughts that pop into your head. If you’re wondering how to handle this spiritual shift, here are several ways that you can deal with it, depending on whether you want to get closer to or further from the thinning veil.

Connect With the Other Side

If you want to embrace the thinning of the veil and try to communicate with the spirits around you, here are five ways to do so.

Light a Candle

One of the simplest ways to interact with the thinning veil is to light a candle with intention, perhaps on an altar. A candle can work as a beacon for spirits, and an altar creates a sort of spiritual space, especially if you utilize some photos and mementos of the people you want to contact.

Speak to Your Ancestors

Saying the names of the people you want to contact can draw them closer to you. This might feel odd at first, especially if you’ve never tried it before. But the more you reach out, the easier it is for others to reach out in return. It’s good to call people in by using their names, reminding them of a shared memory, or asking questions. Even if you can’t hear the answer, you may be surprised by what you feel. You may notice some activity around you, like a sound or a drop in temperature. This may indicate that your spirit guides are close by and are powerful enough to connect with you.

Spend Time in a Graveyard

Most cemeteries are open to the public, and as long as you’re kind and respectful, this can be a great place to connect with the other side. People are tied to personal objects from beyond the veil, including their headstone. While spirits are of course free to roam around, check in with their loved ones, and visit places that meant a lot to them in life, their gravesite is always a powerful location, especially if you’re working with spirits you haven’t contacted before. If you want to feel closer to the spiritual world during the thinning of the veil, visiting a graveyard is a great way to do so.

Use Divination Tools

There are a lot of tools for divination that even beginners can use. If Tarot seems too complicated, you can also try a pendulum or a dowsing rod. Both are tools that will give you yes or no answers, and they are able to detect anomalies both underground and in the spirit realm. That said, if you do want a more advanced form of communication, Tarot is best. It carries no risk that spirits can come through the thinning veil, as it is not a portal. It is a tool for translating the language of the Universe, which is already all around. In contrast, spirit boards or Oujia boards can be portals and should not be used by people who do not know how to protect and shield themselves from the unknown.

Look for Messages

If you’re feeling the thinning veil, signs will show up in both your dreams and the waking world. Look for recurring patterns, animals, symbols, and motifs. You may even notice messages. For example, if you encounter conversations about traveling abroad more often than usual, while your dreams also show you visions of overseas travel, that could be a sign from the Universe. If you begin seeing patterns, write them down. Maybe there are spirits trying to reach you? Often, messages from the Universe are hand-delivered by your spirit guides.

Step Back From the Thinning Veil

If you want to distance yourself from the spirits who are more present during this time of year, here are two ways to do so.

Try Protection Meditation

There are a lot of ways to protect yourself against spiritual and psychic energies if you’re feeling uncomfortable with the thinning veil. By doing personal research and consulting with a Psychic Medium, you can find simple meditations for positivity and protection, as well as more powerful rituals. This is an easy way to step up your protection game if you’re feeling vulnerable thanks to the thinning veil.

Perform a House Cleansing

If you want to clear negative energy from a space, it’s best to do it with respect rather than anger. If there are spirits in your home, try to keep in mind that they are people too. Asking for space, boundaries, and peaceful coexistence is fine, but demanding that spirits leave the house might make things a little worse. If you want to use tools to help with cleansing, you can try burning herbs or incense. Palo santo wood and sweet grass are both excellent and sustainable alternatives to white sage. Saltwater, bells, and crystals can also be used for cleansing, especially for those who are sensitive to smoke.

Find Peace With the Thinning Veil

Whether you want to connect to the spirit realm or feel like you need some distance from the thinning veil, acknowledging that there are spirits around may help take away some of your anxiety. Setting boundaries is for the living and the dead alike. People in all stages of life and death are ultimately still human, and they want to be both respected and connected with. This is the time of year to focus on these things, while the veil is thin and messages can pass through easily.

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  1. Paula

    I think that not only does the thinning of the veil occur, but there are areas that are fully open, portals, wide open. This may also account for some disappearances of people, people accidently walk right into these portals….where they end up….??? Who knows. Hopefully the scientific world will figure this stuff out, there is so much about our universe we know nothing about!


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