Money Matters: Dreams are Not Foolish

Anitha from Singapore asks:

Over the past five years, I’ve been nurturing an ambition to become a published author. I used to be very prolific in writing poetry/short stories, but ever since I became obsessed with becoming a published author, I haven’t been able to pen a single line to my satisfaction. It’s been a big blow to my confidence, and sometimes I think I’m on a foolish pursuit. I work as a technical journalist and it only seems to kill my creativity. Am I harboring really foolish dreams? Thank you.

Psychic Abrielle ext. 9894 Responds:

Anitha, I’m guided to remind you that no artistic dream can ever be foolish–everyone has been put on this earth to create. So it’s important for all of us to have and go after our creative dreams. You’re not alone in wondering how to get the creative flow started!

Specifically for you, Anitha, in regards to the success of your artistic goal, I‘m receiving an image of a Technicolor rainbow with golden coins sprinkled throughout. This image tells me that you will have success artistically and financially. Also, you don’t have to wait very long, because the gold is throughout the rainbow rather than the gold being at the end of the rainbow.

Next, I’m being directed to look at the writer’s block you’ve been experiencing. Anitha, I see four interesting items: an image of a bed pillow, a blank paper with a pen beside it and an alarm clock. Instead of the usual numbers seen on an alarm clock, I’m seeing only AM and PM. I’m guided to tell you that these items are going to help you “sleep start” your writing so you can get to that beautiful rainbow path ahead of you.

We all know that the dream world often delivers psychic dreams and messages to us. During that very important dream time, we can actually have our creative subconscious work on our behalf. The subconscious will need your direction, Anitha, and those four items give very specific directions on how to go from a writer’s block to a writer’s dream!

The directions on how to use these four items is to select a special place by your bedside to put the pen and paper. Before you sleep (remember the PM on the clock), briefly ask aloud from your source to receive the words that your heart wants to express artistically. Give thanks for what you will receive while you’re asleep. When that AM time arrives–when you awaken–take that white piece of paper and fill it with every word that comes through you. Try not to judge or be critical. The goal here is to trust what your spirit wants to express through you.

A calendar is being shown to me to tell you to try this process every day for thirty days–to let yourself open up to the flow, for you to get used to writing freely from your heart again and to connect with your creative subconscious.

The message I have for all our readers is that this process of using our creative subconscious to work for us while we sleep can be used for any creative project or vision we have. The most important thing is to give ourselves a few weeks to let our subconscious “adjust” to this new work schedule. I can assure all our readers as a psychic, your subconscious loves to create positive outcomes and positive messages for you, and with consistent direction it will help you create a positive flow.

Finally, Anitha, I see a picture of people at a coffee shop with their computers open and reading while they have their coffee. I am peeking around their computers, and I’m seeing that you have created a wonderful blog with your poetry and writing on it. Also, your blog has an announcement of your latest book. The time frame of this looks like it will be over the next two years.

Best of luck to you Anitha, and all our California Psychic creatives!

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2 thoughts on “Money Matters: Dreams are Not Foolish

  1. ashINKeyle

    Wow! You are very insightful and helpful with your response to this readers concerns. What happens if you have forgotten your dreams?

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