Understanding Spirits and Mediums in a Modern World

Understanding Spirits and Mediums in the Modern World | California Psychics

Connecting with Those Who have Passed On

The practice of mediumship is timeless. The Mediums of yesteryear and today work in essentially the same way, but there is a major difference now in the greater awareness many people have about how Mediums work.

Mediums have always been with us. In the late 1800s, Spiritualism, where séances were held to communicate with the dead as the central practice, was exceedingly popular. Mary Lincoln, wife of President Abraham Lincoln, held regular seances. In Christianity, angels act as Mediums to bring messages from beyond. And in many cultures that go back centuries, shamans were, and still are, considered a link to the spirit world.

What is a Psychic Medium?

A Psychic Medium is someone who is both sensitive and intuitive enough to be able to communicate with those who have passed on to the other side. Some Mediums will access mental information in varying ways. Some will see your loved ones with clairvoyance, or hear them with clairaudience, or feel them with clairsentience, and sometimes all of the above. They know there is no such thing as death– there is only transition from the physical body to the spiritual body. Mediums are able to connect with discarnate beings and help those of us on Earth receive communication from them, as well as help us speak to those who have passed on to tell them we love them.

When it comes to understanding spirits and Mediums in a modern world, we only need to have a session with a professional Psychic Medium, many of whom are right here at California Psychics, to witness and personally understand how comforting it can be to receive solace from our deceased loved ones.

How do Mediums Work?

Most Mediums will say a prayer inviting in the light and love of Spirit or the Universe and those loving spirits who wish to communicate with you, either before you go into a reading together, or right there with you. Some Mediums might like to use a photograph of the person you wish to hear from, or simply ask you to concentrate on them. They enter into a meditative state of silence and begin the process of spiritual connection and communication, relaying to you what they perceive. Often, deceased loved ones are waiting right on the other side of the Veil, as anxious and eager to talk to you as you are to them. Your loved ones might even speak to your chosen Medium before you start the reading.

It is best to simply remain open to whatever the Medium is receiving. Be patient, kind, and receptive to what is received, for this is often delicate yet intense and heavy work. It can happen that you may hear from someone other than who you were thinking of, because that spirit may have an important message for you. Some deceased loved ones will reveal the name you knew them by on Earth, others will radiate what your relationship was, while others may just relay a message of lovingkindness to comfort you.

Some Mediums will act as a physical channel and allow spirits access to their bodies as a vessel in order to communicate through a human form. Some Mediums act as Empaths and transmit what they feel from the communicating spirit.

Can Mediums See Ghosts?

Mediums can, in fact, see ghosts. The phrase, “I see dead people,” isn’t just a movie line. Many have seen spirits since they were children. Mediums might see lights and shadows, mists and clouds, images and shapes of people, and often pets show up, too.

What to Expect During a Reading with a Psychic Medium

Know that having a reading with a true Psychic Medium who creates a spiritual bridge between you and your deceased loved ones can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but you can also receive spontaneous communication from your loved ones in your dreams or even just going about your daily errands.

The level of interacting vibrations between you, the Medium, and spirit is important. Sometimes a spirit can come through and sometimes they can’t, at least in that moment. Divine timing is always at work when you are moving between the realms of the physical and the spiritual.

You can expect pretty much anything to come through, but usually messages of love will be warmly transmitted, and a kind of report on how well your loved one is doing on the other side. You may be asked for your forgiveness if you didn’t get along while the spirit was on Earth, occasional advice and/or warnings, or other needed information for you.

While much depends on your openness and willingness to receive direct communication from your loved ones who have passed over, whether or not you ask for their guidance, they often give it to you however they can in order to guide and protect you. This guidance can come through, not only Psychic Mediums, but other people as well, even perfect strangers. Guidance can also come through meditation, in dream state, through a song on the radio, through visual and/or aural manifestation, and in any way they are able to communicate with you.

It’s Not a Party Trick

Are Psychic Mediums real? Definitely, yes. Author Gary E. Schwartz risked his academic reputation to succeed in proving that Mediums are real. You can read about his fascinating work in “The Afterlife Experiments,” and “The Truth About Medium.”

Edgar Cayce was a well-respected and extensively documented Psychic Medium whose work influences Mediums and intuitives to this day. Lorraine Warren, the famous subject of “The Conjuring” movies, was also a Medium.

Renowned Psychic Mediums like John Edward understand that all Mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are Mediums. What this means is that while gifted in their psychic abilities, not all psychics speak directly with those on the other side. You may recognize the names of some other well-known Psychic Mediums of today:

George Anderson

Rebecca Rosen

Kim Russo

Allison DuBois

Theresa Caputo

John Holland

Colette Baron Reid

Laura Lynn Jackson

Your Loved Ones are Still with You

Messages from loved ones who have passed on are almost always loving, positive, and filled with assurances of heavenly protection for you. A good Psychic Medium can change your life for the better and bring healing to your heart by connecting you with your loved ones who are still very much alive in spirit.

Death is not the end of your strong bonds with your loved ones. A psychic medium can connect you to those who have crossed over. During a psychic medium reading, you can share messages, get closure, and so much more.

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