3 Steps to Develop Your Skills as a Medium

 Three Simple Steps to Developing Your Medium Skills

I have always believed we can connect with our higher selves, Source, our guides, angels and those on the other side. I have always believed the only difference between you and I is that I believe I can do this and you don’t believe you can. So let’s change that!

First of all, we talk to our dear departed ones all the time. They do hear us. And, they communicate back to us. It’s hearing back from them and listening to the way they talk to us that really matters. When we understand and hear their messages we can be greatly calmed and happy knowing they are around us. Developing this listening skill is pretty easy. It is what mediums do and it takes two ingredients: belief and time.

The most basic skill you can have is the simple belief that you are intuitive, psychic and can connect with those loved ones that have crossed over. If you struggle with believing this statement, good luck in developing your skills. It will not happen without it. Belief in yourself and in the fact that you too, have medium ability, is the number one thing required in developing and using it. The second skill is repetition, and that means practice over time.

So, how do you begin developing your own skills as a medium? Follow this simple, three-step process:

1. Find the time.

It’s all about a few minutes a day, every day. Put aside 10 quiet minutes a day. Get a candle of any color. Many people prefer white. Light it. Sit in front of it. Relax. Close your eyes. Still your mind and ask to connect with God. Sit quietly  and still for as long as you wish or can. It is the quiet and the stillness you want to experience.

2. Develop your five senses.

Yes, the more heightened your physical senses become the better your psychic abilities become. Pay attention to taste, sight, hearing, touch and smell. Take 5 minutes each day and use each one in a quiet space. Really pay attention and notice things with each sense you never did. As you heighten your sensory awareness it heightens your extra sensory awareness too.

3. Light your candle.

Go inside to your quiet space, and ask to have a loved one come forward. Relax. Let whatever comes through for you come through. It sounds silly, but it is as easy as relaxing and believing what you feel, hear or see. When you are finished write it down in a journal. It is important you document what you experience because you can refer to it later when it is confirmed as a real experience by you, others or your dreams. This provides confirmation that what you are experiencing is real.

Using these very simple, basic steps are how many of the mediums that work professionally began their work and training. You will not only be able to talk to your loved ones on the other side, you’ll hear what they have to say to you too and feel their comfort and their energy around you. They are never gone; they are just in a different form.

7 thoughts on “3 Steps to Develop Your Skills as a Medium

  1. Lou

    I agree with Julie regarding the “sense” I too was wondering, while sitting how do I connect with ‘sounds’ and ‘sights’ especially….are you referring to the ‘sight’ you see within yourself as you sit with eyes closed when in a Quiet Mode? I too would appreciate any insight (no pun intended)

    Thank You

  2. julie

    You say to use each sense for five minutes each day. I’m sorry I may sound ignorant, but How does this work. listening for sounds or for different smells ok. How does taste come in. What about sight. Seeing auras or spirits? Hard to do with my eyes closed. If you could help me out here thank you.


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