Your Weekend Forecast for August 2 – 4, 2013

What’s Doin’ This Weekend?

Warm our bodies and our souls, lovely Leo Sun. The Gemini Moon will give us enough energy to carry on through the weekend even as the Moon enters Cancer on Saturday. The Moon is trying to put out the fires of passion with its moody nature, but our emotional stability is strong enough to hold up under the pressure.


Being cautious is the name of the game this weekend, so don’t play around. Check equipment very carefully if you are doing any sport or activity involving the body. Even sex could get out of hand.


Taking a chance can be exciting this weekend although your mood is quite mellow. If work calls, answer the phone. The pay off will be worth your while and you will still be able to have fun.


Being eager to do whatever is on your plate makes for a creative couple of days. Take to your favorite activity or learn something new. The pleasure will be all yours.


The feeling of fullness is one that has escaped you for some time now. Enjoy this new sense of self—it becomes you, as you are able to do your best while allowing your personality to shine.


Need a little push to get into the spotlight? There is a loved one behind you so don’t worry. You’ll be a hit. Have fun showing off your talent because all the energy is yours for the taking.


Your third eye is wide open and the things that you are seeing can scare you or please you. Putting your logic to work helps to keep you steady as the wonders of past lives, present experiences and future happenings encompass you.


If perfection could get any better this would be the weekend that brings it on. Watching your child win an award, selling a piece of art and giving encouragement are just a few of the opportunities that come on your path.


Take a bow because the award is all yours. A beautiful weekend with loved ones who gush all over you make you feel like a winner, which you are. Take the accolades—it is not about ego, but about the hard work you did.


Feeling as if you own the Sun is only part of how wonderful you are. You are in a place of true satisfaction, where whatever you touch turns to gold. Enjoy the vibration because you’ve earned it.


Open you eyes! The year is moving fast and you still have not cleared out the “stuff” that you were going to get rid of. This is your last chance to do away with unwanted items or you will have the same situation next year.


“Keep it simple” is your mantra for the month. You have such a big personality and want to help everyone. Do what you can without giving away the farm. As the saying goes, “The universe helps those who help themselves.”


Give yourself the weekend off , then get ready to do some very important work. You need some time to refresh from all the summer fun before work becomes your focus. Have a mini vacation with loved ones to unwind.

2 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for August 2 – 4, 2013

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    dear bella,
    you have a great weekend too…. thanks for posting, always good to hear from you.

  2. Bella

    YOU KNOW WHAT MS QUINN you read my mind, SERIOUS I was already thinking THE SAME THING, lol lol as always wishing YOU AND YOURS love & ii wish YOU many blessings have a great weekend YOU LOVE WEEKEND WARRIOR love GURU you lol lol YOUR RIGHT you job is a never ending story lol lots of love & ((((((MS QUINN)))))) xoxoxo your dearest bella .. 🙂 🙂


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