Your Soulmate Horoscope for August 2013

The Search for a Soulmate: Can You Have it Both Ways?

Venus moves into Libra mid-month, bringing an air of romance, but also practicality. Can you have your cake and eat it too in the soulmate and love department?

Here’s your soulmate forecast for August 2013.


You’re weighing your options and now is a good time to do so. You’ll have a clear perspective about the possibilities, for better or for worse, through mid-September.


Fun is the name of your game this month, Bull! And why not indulge in your senses this season? It’s hot outside; save the sex appeal. September will help you figure out if it’s more than just that.


Oh, you’re balancing your urge for freedom with your desire to settle down. It’s something you struggle with daily, Twins. Do you want this to go further? Let the light of Libran Venus help you decide after the 16th!

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Generally speaking, you’re drawn to people with ideas (substance) more than style. Right now however, a little flash is exciting as you’re feeling particularly creative. Enjoy the break from the norm!


You’re too busy working on yourself (or your work) to think too much about matters of the heart this month, Leo. But that doesn’t mean there’s no fun to be had. Just don’t take yourself too seriously.

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Seize on the first half of the month to build upon whatever it is you’ve started, whether you’re still working from the inside, or love has manifested. The second half of the month is more reflective.


Ah, with Venus in your sign as of the 16th, a world of romance opens up to you. Jump on it! You’re likely to enjoy a lot of attention and a potential paramour may very well appear under this influence!


Transformation has been the focus of your summer, though it’s still possible to be surprised. If not this month, then next when Venus enters your sign.


You’re used to getting your way, but this influence asks you to compromise. Find a middle ground in your relationships and in general. This is not a bad thing, Sag. You and your partner will benefit!


Perhaps more than any other sign, this summer has been a soulmate success, Capricorn. Things are set to continue through month’s end. Ride the wave and enjoy yourself! You deserve it!


Are you changing your ways, Water Bearer? It seems the time may have come for you to ditch the desire to drift—but probably not just yet. You’ll finish off this summer in the single (and/or sexy) style to which you’re accustomed.

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If you keep your head about you, this can be the most enjoyable time of year. Your sexual magnetism is at a high and plenty of paramours are calling. The catch is you must decide whom to answer  and how far to take it!

7 thoughts on “Your Soulmate Horoscope for August 2013

  1. liz

    I have 2 men friends and I love them both. One is a Tarrus the other Sagittarius. so how do I choose and no which one is my soulmate?

  2. Phatty

    Me too!
    I’m a Capricorn woman and wish I could say this summer has been a soul mate success…
    This Leo has really been bumming me out! He’s working so much ugh! I know that’s sounds strange coming from a Cap lol….

  3. Laura

    I’m a Capricorn woman,and I wish I could say this summer has been a soul mate success! Unfortunately it has not,thus far.


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