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I have had my own business for five years, it never did get off the ground. I am in tremendous debt because of it. My business partner and I have decided to close the business. She is broke, so the burden is all on me.

Knowing that I needed to reinvent myself, I started attending a medical-career school for training in medical insurance billing and coding, and I love it! At the same time, my marriage is all but over. It has been that way for the last seven years. We will be married 30 years this July, and while I do care for my husband very much I am no longer in love with him. There is someone else I have been interested in for some time (one year) but am unsure how to proceed.

My question, with all this going on in my life (and I did leave out a lot!) I feel quite positive about my future. This is quite unusual for me. I feel like I am being protected, and I would love to know who my spirit guides are – and what may be in store for me with regard to my new career path and this new person.

Growing a Happy Heart in Turbulent Waters

Dear Happy Heart,

You may be surprised to see your letter appear so quickly, but my guides feel that you’ll be a timely and important inspiration to a lot of people who read the newsletter!

Here’s what your guides want to share: although a few potholes remain in the road ahead of you, you’re traveling in the most stylish, stable and enduring vehicle possible – your happy heart! It will take you where you want to go unerringly, even if you decide to change a couple of destinations (which I think you will). According to them, your happy heart provides as much protection as your guardian angel and spirit guides provide – literally!

Because you are such a conscious and active participant in your future, and you are so alive to possibilities, a couple of things remain unpredictable. What is predictable is that your new work will support you nicely, as long as you’re very careful financially for the next year. You will discover a surprising and near-miraculous solution to the business debt you mentioned, and you and your husband will conclude your marriage amicably. You will discover options for a couple of other pending decisions that are better and more satisfying than what you’ve considered so far.

The realm of relationships is one of the areas that is most unpredictable. The man you’re interested in is an important member of your Soul Family, and a big part of this stage in your life – but you may decide that one of the two or three other significant men you’ll meet in the next couple of years would be a better long-term partner.

For the man you’re currently interested in, the recommendation is that you share fun and adventure, and let the future take care of itself for now. Know that whatever you decide – and it is up to you – you will be able to enjoy each relationship fully and, when the time comes to choose, you will be able to transform the men you don’t select as life partners into lifelong friends. That’s no small feat!

Interestingly, your guardian angel is more actively communicative than I’m used to experiencing, and has had the most to say about your future. Perhaps this is because your heart is leading the way, so your angelic connection is extra-strong. In any case, the Spirit Guides who have contributed to the conversation seem to be other members of your Soul Family – a lover (Koji), a friend (Serena) and a sibling (Charlie) from past lives.

Rather than mentors, your guides seem more like close family or best friends, ready to help with whatever you dream or desire, and interested in anything you want to discuss (aloud or in your head). As you may know, spirit guides often work with other people’s spirit guides to set up encounters and connections that help you achieve your dreams, and this seems to be the main activity of your guides.

Thanks for your wonderful letter. And may your future delight you even more than your present!

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