Your LOVECAST™: Angry Eruptions Derail Relationships

Angry eruptions can derail relationships at the start of the week, so strive to stay centered. Serenity resumes during the midweek love-fest, with sensual indulgence and charm peaking on Friday. This weekend, the Moon in Gemini takes witty repartee over the top. Have fun flirting! Best days for love: Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Week of July 13 – 19, 2009

Cancer: Irritations can be combustible at the start of the week, so try to avoid unstable people and situations. A group project can inspire a romantic interlude midweek, or a friend may match you up with someone fabulous. Role-playing and other sexy games percolate your desires this weekend, so use your imagination!

Leo: You may get the urge to revamp your long-term plans at the start of the week. Listen to your intuition. An exotic atmosphere makes passion soar on Tuesday. Think sensuality (a massage or good food) to inspire romance in the middle of the week. Networking at friendly gatherings can bring both love and a career opportunity this weekend.

Virgo: An intimate moment can get complicated (jealousy? control issues? secrecy?) at the beginning of the week. Your midweek sensuality is irresistible, so plan an enticing rendezvous. Also, romance might be found during a class or a spiritual activity. Friday is especially hot! Playful exchanges bring out your lusty side this weekend, so be creative.

Libra: Your partner may be argumentative or controlling on Monday, but sexy quality time can set things right on Tuesday. An artsy or natural environment inspires romance in the middle of the week. It’s time to get out of your brain, and into your body. Passion escalates in an exotic ambiance or during a trip this weekend. Saturday is especially romantic!

Scorpio: You’re feeling lusty-but-unreachable at the start of the week. Sharing your feelings will inspire intimacy. A midweek twosome brings delight. If you’re solo, stay open to finding love. Expressing what you want in the boudoir heats up passion this weekend!

Sagittarius: Love is wild or confrontational on Monday, when cooperation and compromise are difficult. Passion soars on Tuesday. An outdoor activity can rev up romance in the middle of the week, when love requires a leisurely approach. Feelings are likely exaggerated on Friday. Shared activities, ideas and feelings inspire love this weekend, so think in terms of two!

Capricorn: An overreaction can unhinge the start of your week, so take some time to get centered. Romance is sweet and sexy midweek, especially on Thursday – plan an enticing rendezvous, or keep your eyes open for someone new. Your creativity is on fire, too. A mind-to-mind connection revs up romance this weekend, so share your brainpower!

Aquarius: Rash words can derail love at the start of the week. You’ll want to be careful while traveling, too. A homey date with plenty of good food and drink inspires love toward the middle of the week. Slow down and enjoy the moment. Romance soars into the stratosphere this weekend – especially on Saturday – so open your heart and enjoy!

Pisces: You may need to take a stand for your ideas or feelings on Monday. Look for a moneymaking opportunity on Tuesday. Words of love inspire romance midweek, so express what’s in your heart. A trip for two can bring a lusty interlude as well! Entertaining a gathering of friends (or just that special someone) brings joy to the weekend.

Aries: Tempers flare easily at the beginning of the week, although by Tuesday you’ll mostly likely be feeling passion instead of peevishness. Love is slow and sensual toward the middle of the week, so take your time with your significant other – both in and out of the bedroom. You’re likely to overspend on Friday. Sharing your sense of humor and your insights inspires love this weekend.

Taurus: You may be irritated easily for no apparent reason at the start of the week. A serene environment will help reset your equilibrium. Your natural sexiness makes you irresistible toward the middle of the week, although you’ll be tempted to overindulge (food? drink? sex?) on Friday. Lighten up and have some fun to rev up romance this weekend, especially on Saturday!

Gemini: A friend or group project can be troublesome at the start of the week. Enticing, cozy surroundings (a home-cooked meal, music, candles) at your abode can inspire romance midweek. Get physical! Keep your eyes open for a moneymaking opportunity, as well. Your powers of attraction skyrocket this weekend. Plan a tantalizing twosome on Saturday.

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