Move From Just Surviving to Thriving

From Pink to Purple: A Psychic’s Personal Journal

It was early Friday evening when I decided to take some time off from my normal routine. I put on my cheery and very-pink running pants, grabbed my duffel bag packed with three-days worth of food for myself and my furry kids (dogs) and we set out into the back country. Although it is only about two miles away from home, it is extremely isolated and surrounded by canyon walls, so cell phones do not work. Since there was a good chance of storms, we could stay in my car and have a dry place to sleep while adventuring.

As the night sky settled in around us, I began to realize that this little trip was far more than just some time off from my regular routine. In actuality, this trip was about me finally and privately transitioning from pink to purple. In other words, to go from mid-life to full life or from princess to queen.

I knew once night fell on Friday that I would have to face and conquer the remnants of what was keeping me from being the most capable version of myself. It was a fear. I felt fearful because my core issue was no longer having any of my birth family on this earthy plain. Even as a psychic, I still wanted the physical embrace of my beloved family who were all gone.

Saying that the last few years have been tough is a true understatement. I buried my entire family within a three-year period, got divorced and had to relearn how to believe in myself and God. So many questions lingered. Why did everyone, including my brother (who was only a few years older than me) pass all at once? And, why did they pass so suddenly when they were so healthy?

I meditated and did some soul searching this weekend and used my skills as a medium in order to get some answers. My understanding of life came together so brilliantly! I realized that I get to carry on my family’s legacy and that I wasn’t a victim of loss. Instead, I realized I actually had everything I needed at that very moment in time. The shift in my thinking has moved me from just surviving to actually thriving. In thriving, I felt my inner child!

I returned home during the early part of Sunday morning and I was in harmony with myself. I knew that this feeling was forever! The simple enjoyment of my time in the woods: going for walks, playing with my dogs and eating whatever I craved, made me so happy again. I just may go out for pizza and a hot fudge sundae when I’m done saying all I have to say here!

Tomorrow I will go forward, knowing that I am blessed. I am blessed for all that I have, including being able to work for California Psychics where I can use my inherited gifts (dating back to 1400s Portugal) to help many of you. I invite all of you to expand your journey by calling me for my laser insight. I know what’s in store for you and how you can make your journey better. If you have a few things you’d like to get past, well I can help you with that too.

Today, I am wearing my purple running pants!

With loving blessings, Psychic Lucy ext. 5353

9 thoughts on “Move From Just Surviving to Thriving

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Lucy,

    Nice to see you writing , Lucy, for those of you who have yet to get a reading with Lucy…you are missing out.

    Gina Rose )O(

  2. lucy

    Thank you Amanda, Robin, Rivers, Cyndi, Larry, Ana! Yes, I would love to know each of you personally too. Life is SO good once we allow spirit to guide. Many Blessings to each of you

  3. Amanda ext. 5605

    Thank you Lucy, for sharing your beautiful, intimate and inspiring journey with all of us. Great share! I am remote viewing your Purple Pants 🙂

  4. Robin Bednarczyk

    This was a very enlightening article – very theraputic in the sense I could almost feel the writers feelings! If we all could take that “me time” or time to process what we’re going through, not letting the jealous ones trying to TELL us HOW to act or what to do, get through to our subconscious, we’d all be in a much better state of mind. Kudos to the writer for doing just that!

  5. Cyndi

    Lucy after reading your column, it was nice to see that I’m not the only one that had to turn my life around after a huge lose not so long ago. And that “feeling” of harmony is amazing and once it’s felt, it’s so nice to know that “you’ve” finally gotten there. Best wishes, and thank you for your letter. Cyndi


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