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Empowerment and Your Soul

Sometimes, we feel like a single bird standing on a wire—we feel very alone and vulnerable. Sometimes we perch ourselves on a place high above it all—a plateau to stand on and look around for where to go next. When we are looking for our empowerment, the illusions of our past may bring a form into our present that can be really scary.

Here’s an example: As little children the bogeyman was a fear-provoking illusion of some creature that lives among us. Usually in the still of night when it was quiet in our house, our minds would go to that dark and sometimes scary place. Some of us never got over that and as adults, with the Law of Attraction working all the time, we may actually bring that scary illusion into our reality. The mind attracts a live person to play that bogeyman role.

There is an affirmation: Begin by taking a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Then with your eyes closed say, “I am at peace from the top of my head. I am safe, whole, complete and perfect.” Watch your breath for a few minutes more, then slowly open your eyes and you will feel warmth and love for yourself, safety for yourself and the God energy in you.

Ever notice how when you think of someone, they sometimes call or pass by? It’s because you have sent the energy to that person and, simply, as if by gravity, they will appear out of nowhere and out of the illusion created in our minds.

It is time to let it go of sending energy out that we don’t like. Instead of self-sabotaging, realize that we are all the masters of our futures—we can turn every scary thought into a happy one. Then that scary man no longer has the energy you’ve given him to keep bothering you.

Our minds control so much of what is around us; you know that! When we connect to our minds in meditation and through other spiritually-based practices we learn to use our thoughts to direct the energy of our lives. Knowing that we can fly anywhere from the wire we perch ourselves on is a wonderful, empowering knowledge to have. It is true for everyone.

Call me and I can teach you more and give you all the tools you need to fly in your truth, to be bold and to move you into the happiest/safest direction for your.

Love, Lucy ext. 5353

8 thoughts on “Connect to Your Soul

  1. jonnala

    yes. when i had tried(at 8.00pmIST) lost two to three months back this process, one day i went in some place in the air (having a globe arround me like a protection) and travelled some distance .there was a forest with thick greenish .i have seen a woman out of a hut there when i am in trance.but nearby my residence outer people is shouting and i had distrubed and came into trance .but i am unable to continue my meditation at crowd (i am thirst to do the meditation but unabling. i have changed some diciplinary have understanding my problems now i feel like a single bird standing on a wire—i feel very alone and vulnerable. Sometimes i perch myself on a place high above it all—a plateau to stand on and look around for where to go next. When i am looking for my empowerment, the illusions of my past may bring a form into my present that can be really really scary.from next tuesday onwards i will try another chance to continue this process.because my mind is telling from ten days you are transforming.

  2. Maxine

    After reading “Empowerment & Your Soul” you will realize that you are in charge of ones self and through meditation and faith you can achieve your goals or piece of mind. For myself there are many times that I would be thinking of someone and within a very short period of time a phone call or text would be received. The more important aspect is you must learn to love yourself first and have faith in your guides after that all else will fall in place. I have spoken with Lucy many times always with respect and admiration.

    Thank you Lucy for being the person you are!


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