Should You Get Married, Ever?

Who Says You Have To?

As a psychic, I’ve noticed that about 90% of my calls are in regards to relationships. Moving a little bit further than that, I have noticed that about 75% of them are revolving around another person being in the picture. Most of the time, it involves an individual, if not both that are married. Let’s face it, relationship issues are all around us, and will always be. It seems to be a hot spot. So, with that being said, are monogamous and traditional relationships a thing of the past?

I have found that monogamy is still the norm. Typically, when couples are together, they want it to just be the two of them. However, I have found that as time has gone on and the culture around us has changed, even if that’s the ideal relationship, it’s most certainly not the case anymore. According to statistics, 60% of men and 40% of women are involved in an affair. Sadly, the information that I gathered on this does not include married people. According to my source, the numbers jump dramatically when taking into consideration the number of married people that are involved in some sort of affair. Also, according to statistics, in 80% of marriages, one of the partners will have had an affair at some point. So, looking at those numbers, I do believe that monogamous relationships are becoming a thing of the past, and I believe that in many ways the way that the culture of today has changed has a lot to do with it.

Let’s take a look back to the 1800s. The statistics for cheating or being with multiple partners back then was almost unheard of. If you were caught cheating, then there were horrible consequences to pay for that. Has anyone ever read the book The Scarlet Letter? The heroine had to wear an A, for adultery, on her shirt. As time has progressed forward, slowly, cheating and having multiple partners has become more acceptable. Nowadays, if that happened, there aren’t any real legal consequences: unless you’re married, which is a whole different ball game.

Taking it a little bit further, I don’t believe that people really think through marriages anymore. I have learned that, with my generation of people, the outlook on marriage is more of a laid-back approach. It’s so easy to get a divorce now that people just say “If it works, great, if it doesn’t, fine.” With that being the approach, I feel that people are more willing to get married to someone without really taking into consideration that they may not be the right one for them. Also, when times get tough, they’re more likely to just walk away as opposed to stick it out. I will be honest in saying that for a while that was my approach to marriage. I just figured that I could walk away whenever and it would be fine. While yes, this is the case, at the same time, that outlook would have really been looked down on 50 years ago.

In conclusion, I do believe that traditional and monogamous relationships are slowly becoming a thing of the past. People don’t really like to look at it like that; however, I do believe that it is the case. There is so much that comes into play in our culture that has kind of changed the outlook on things. Just like with anything throughout time, it changes to some degree, and this is one of them. Of course, there will always be people that stick to the traditional ways, and that is great! To each their own, but I believe as a whole, it is slowly fading away. That fairytale love that lasts for 70 years with one person is becoming a thing of the past.

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2 thoughts on “Should You Get Married, Ever?

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Lucy,

    Sad, but true, statistics ……and stats don’t lie.

    but it’s the children that are really suffering as a result of all of the monogamous relationships falling by the wayside.

    I still feel though that a monogamous relationship can endure, if a couple starts out by basing their union upon realistic & unconditional loving conditions, rather than perfectionistic , ideal goals and conditions.

    All marriages and unions will face trials and hardship at some point…….that;s a reality and fact of life. period.
    I’ve said for years now that the traditional words in marriage vows should be changed to highlight the ‘ For Worse ” moments in a marriage. Such as during cancer, loss of job, loss of insurance, loss of property… know, go into the ” for worse ” part in detail.

    Cut out the ” For Better ” part…nobody is generally leaving when times are good.

    Nice article Lucy…….food for thought.

  2. Samantha Harper

    I have to agree, I believe that marriage is a lifelong commitment. I would not marry anyone but my best friend, I would never cheat on anyone, I believe that cheating is wrong. I dont know why anybody would want to be the other woman and try to break up a marriage.


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