9/11: Our Growth and Steps Forward

Grieving and Moving On

As we approach Sept. 11, the anniversary of terror being brought world-wide, it’s interesting to see the changes in inter-personal relationships and how those changes have affected the bread-winners of the “family systems.” The economy is obviously the trigger for so much volatility amongst couples. And, if still single, finding someone to couple with makes people uneasy, since their own comfort has been challenged. The “fable” of bread-winners of “the good ole’ days” no longer exists for most. Every person on earth has been financially hurt by our struggling economy since 2001, and even more so in the last five years. Bankruptcies are at an all-time high, foreclosure the same. By looking at the effect of money and stability loss on everyone, it’s clear to see that the bread-winners of the family are more insecure, more volatile and more fearful about supporting the family. And therefore may have secluded “normal” emotion in order to function in their daily lives.

The bigger effect of this in inter-personal relationships is that new relationships can hardly get a start. People ask themselves, why get involved with another person when their own financial home and security are at risk? People don’t purposely think about the reason for being “closed off” emotionally. Many people are calling and asking me “where did he/she go? Is it over? But it was so good” I say that people and life have become “just the way it/they are during these difficult times” As we all learn to live in the “new” financial environment and adjust to it; once again love will bloom for everybody. No need to despair, embrace everyday while you allow your heart to stay open and learn.

We are in such difficult times. My predictions are that between now and October 18, we will begin to see the adjustments of the economy becoming a new reality. By November, people will begin to move into the consciousness and growing what they have into more. Not looking back with remorse at losses is the key to moving forward. Forgiving ourselves allows us to move into the “newness” of what life is about to unfold for every one of us. We have all seen such craziness this year with weather and have all had some emergencies. We are all, as a world, moving closer to living with change, and that is a good thing. I do see a very bright future for everyone that is willing to turn their fear over to God because only God can handle yesterday and what’s to come tomorrow.

If you stay present every day, and make the most of each day, whatever the circumstances, life will be great and all that it can be. If you need help in understanding something in your particular life you can always call us at California Psychics and we will lend a hand with our guides and yours.

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6 thoughts on “9/11: Our Growth and Steps Forward

  1. Samantha Harper

    I bet it was a heroic story to hear how she saved so many people. When I have time I like to watch documentories about 9/11. I like to hear the stories of the people that risked their lives, not that its good to hear sad stories, but I just like to watch them I cant explain it. When it happened I didnt understand what had happened, my grandma had to sit me down and discuss terroism with me, and how we would probably being going to war. The news was off limits to me for the next year after 9/11 because of how bad it effected me.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    I lost a private client on 9/11….she was a famous violinist…..

    Another private client of mine was on the 33rd floor ( CitiGroup offices) of the FIRST tower that was hit…..
    …long story short, this heroic lady had an angelic experience and led everybody in her office to safety out thru the underground shipping docks. To this day, she has post traumatic stress from it….and no wonder too….she is tuly one of the unsung heroes of that day.

    Let us never forget those victims on 9/11 ….but at the same time, let us come shining thru , and be victorious in our efforts to move forward and thrive once more.

  3. Samantha Harper

    I saw a magazine that said “Child of 911, I suddenly flashed back to the 11 year old 6th grader that I was that day, how it felt to hear about what happened in NYC and not fully comprehending what happened. I just knew that their was bad people flying planes in buildings, and I had a cousin that worked in the North tower that was trapped in the upper part of the building. That event brought the fear that I have today, and many other people that was children when that event happened. We have been involved in 2 wars since 911, it is sad but true. I feel it took those events that day to bring the nation back together, and make us realize that just because we are a big nation, doesnt mean that terror doesnt exist, doesnt mean that we are so big that we cant be attacked. I had nightmares for months after that, and it got to the point that anytime their was footage about 911, my grandma had to turn the TV off, or send me to the other room.

  4. mimi ext. 5252

    Thank you Lucy for such a great article to remind us to look ahead and not in the past. I agree with making each day count and making the most of it.


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