Your LOVECAST®: Get Ready for a Wild Ride!

January 17-23, 2011

Wednesday’s Full Moon in Cancer intensifies emotions throughout the week, especially if you have Sun or Moon in late Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Get ready for a wild ride! This weekend, Moon in Virgo favors natural, sensual and healthy activities from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. Then Moon in Libra energizes twosome trysts on Sunday after 4 p.m. PST. Best days for socializing: Thursday, Friday and Sunday evening.

Aries: Family activities with your sweetie can bring joy, hilarity or lunacy, depending on how you handle the unpredictable feelings swirling around you. Romance sizzles on Thursday and Sunday night, a great time to plan a date, meet someone new or get together with friends. A healthy activity inspires romance on Saturday.

Taurus: Verbalizing your feelings through a flirtatious or heartfelt message can take love to the next level. Offering your appreciation will inspire romance as well. Throwing a bash at your abode (or a home-cooked meal for two) brings delight on Thursday. A preview of your future will come to you this weekend, if you’re open to it!

Gemini: Getting out of your head and into your heart brings romance this week. Flirting is foreplay on Thursday through Friday afternoon, when your eloquence or brainpower fires up passion. Romance can be found while traveling, too. A cozy retreat inspires love on Saturday. Romance can be found during a party or concert on Sunday night!

Cancer: Expressing yourself may be difficult on Monday and Tuesday, but sharing your feelings brings good results – if you don’t go overboard – during the Full Moon in your sign on Wednesday. A dash of drama revs up romance on Thursday through Friday afternoon. Your sense of humor draws admirers (and a sexy romp?) this weekend!

Leo: An issue from the past may unhinge love on Monday or Tuesday. A serene but sexy ambiance inspires passion toward the middle of the week. You’re especially magnetic on Thursday, a good day for socializing. Watch your expectations on Friday. A natural locale inspires romance on Saturday. Flirting brings delight on Sunday!

Virgo: Your words have the power to transform romance at the start of the week, if you speak from the heart and stay centered. Also, your brainpower can bring other opportunities throughout the week. Hidden desires emerge on Thursday, when fantasy can set passion ablaze. Your powers of attraction escalates from Friday through Sunday afternoon!

Libra: Your personal power may be tested in a relationship, so get clear about your needs, desires and priorities. Socializing may be challenging on Wednesday but delightful on Thursday and Friday, when romance can be found during a group gathering. A peaceful locale inspires love on Saturday. Your style draws admirers on Sunday night!

Scorpio: Your feelings and intellect may clash at the start of the week, which might unhinge romance. A sudden insight about love or an emotional issue may come to you around the time of the mid-week Full Moon. Friends and group activities energize you on Friday and Saturday. Your intuition about relationships can guide you on Sunday night.

Sagittarius: You may have a tough time being vulnerable enough to let someone get close to you at the beginning of the week. Fortunately, sharing your feelings will fire up passion on Wednesday and Thursday. Love may need a more grounded approach on Friday and Saturday. A friend or community event brings romance on Sunday evening!

Capricorn: The challenge at the start of the week is staying balanced enough to achieve a compromise with your partner (or getting clear about what you want in a committed relationship). The Full Moon may trigger a breakthrough, if you’re courageous enough to express your true feelings. Romance may come from afar, online or through a colleague this weekend!

Aquarius: You may feel like the only sane person on the planet as mixed messages abound. Offering your insights and understanding to those close to you will help penetrate the fog. On the other hand, Thursday is a sublime day for a romantic tryst. Getting physical heats up passion on Friday and Saturday, while Sunday night is all about love!

Pisces: A control issue, argument or problem with someone in your social circle may unhinge romance at the start of the week. Fortunately, love blooms on Thursday, so plan to share your heart. You may seem elusive to others on Thursday. A twosome tryst can bring delight on Friday or Saturday. A beautiful ambiance inspires love on Sunday night!

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