Money Matters: A New Career With Pictures of Success

Gina from Newport Beach asks:

I have recently obtained my aesthetician’s license in hopes of reinventing myself, since my real estate investments are depreciating and not producing. Am I on the right career path, and will my real estate investments improve?

Psychic Abrielle ext. 9894 Responds:

Gina, in regards to your new career as an aesthetician, I’m receiving a very clear picture of a sign with an arrow pointing upward and at the top of the arrow is the word “success.” Much as we have road signs to help us drive, the sign representing your career ahead looks extremely positive.

Specific words I psychically hear as you begin your new career are “financial success through networking” and “entrepreneurial opportunities.” I’m guided to tell you that you won’t find work as an aesthetician through the want ads. Instead, you’ll find it networking in your local community by targeting specific salons and spas and presenting your credentials. I get a vision of a very tall, vibrant woman and the color of purple around her. I see you smiling and shaking her hand – she’s a great person to work with! Gina, your new place of work appears to be about twenty miles from where you live.

I’m also being pointed to take a look at three wonderful pictures of you: the first picture is of your name on a billboard, the second is of a beauty product line you have developed and marketed via the Internet, and the third is of you walking a golden road with two briefcases. One case is filled with your beauty line and the other is filled with the deeds of your real estate portfolio. The guidance coming to me about these three pictures is that the skills you have utilized in choosing your real estate investments will help you be a success in your career as an aesthetician!

Gina, finally, in regards to your real estate investment portfolio, I specifically hear the words “three to five years” with the emphasis on five years being stronger for your real estate portfolio to have a minimum of a twenty percent increase. I hear a little whisper that it could go as high as a fifty percent return as well. I know that may be hard to hear, but it looks like you’re traveling on the golden road of success as an aesthetician.

Choosing to start a new career in a struggling economy, you may feel there are limited opportunities because of geographic location, age group, or your past career. Gina is a good model of someone who decided to reinvent themselves with a new career and to pursue additional education. In what seems to be a limited economy, unlimited thinking and unlimited activity can help you to pursue new connections, new networks and new careers that will yield results.

Networking in this economy will be your most successful choice. Using LinkedIn, job resource centers – found in almost every city in America. This will be the fastest way to manifest new positions and/or new careers.

Best of luck to you!

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  1. Nahid

    Dear Sir,
    My Full name is Md.Masumer Rahman birth date is 01.01.1972 and time is early in the morning.I have invested a real estate business.Recently i got the license named “Noakhali Green city Ltd” where i invested lot but ot yet no return.Is the business is positive for me or should i try for something else?


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