Your LOVECAST®: Relationship Issues and Stymied Passion

December 27, 2010 – January 2, 2011

Love may get a bumpy start this week as the afflicted Moon in Libra evokes relationship issues on Monday and Tuesday, and the Mars-Saturn square stymies passion toward the middle of the week. Fortunately, Moon in Sagittarius fires up fun on New Year’s Eve and throughout the weekend. Best days for socializing: Friday and Saturday.

Aries: Your afflicted Mars ruler can make it seem like you’re trudging through a relationship quagmire. If your advances aren’t received well, or you’re feeling low in emotional or physical energy, be patient and take some time to recharge. Your natural joie de vivre will be irresistible by the weekend, when a spontaneous getaway can set passion ablaze!

Taurus: You may feel more like getting things done than indulging your sensuality at the start of the week. Taking good care of yourself is important to maintain your energy. A sexy tryst will bring your lusty side back to life on Thursday or Friday. Sharing your humor (a boudoir game, perhaps?) makes passion sizzle this weekend!

Gemini: A steamy beginning to romance may turn to ice water at a moment’s notice. Try not to overreact. Instead, talk things through with your sweetie or a friend to illuminate the issue. Love gets back on track by Thursday or Friday. Some one-on-one time inspires love this weekend. If you’re solo, you’ll likely meet someone hot (for you!).

Cancer: An emotional issue from the past or a problem with a family member may arise, which in turn may disrupt your relationship. Analyzing the issue will bring an insight that helps resolve it so your feelings can flow freely. A sexy romp brings delight on Thursday or Friday. A generous/helpful gesture inspires love this weekend!

Leo: Your words or intentions may be misunderstood at the beginning of the week, so it’s important to be clear when sharing or acting upon your feelings. Watch your words at work, too. Retrograde Mercury turning direct on Wednesday will help untangle communications. A tsunami of passion is headed your way this weekend!

Virgo: Romance is on your doorstep, but a conflict over priorities, values or money may keep the door shut, at least at the start of the week. Your talent for analysis prompts a revelation that will open the door to love. Flirting brings rewards then, too! Hosting a party for friends or dinner for two brings fulfillment this weekend.

Libra: You may feel strangely out of sorts at the beginning of the week. No doubt it’s some unresolved emotional issue that’s come back to haunt you. Your boss may be troublesome, too. Sharing your feelings with someone close to you will help you regain your equilibrium. You’re in the limelight socially (and romantically!) from Friday night through Sunday.

Scorpio: An issue over control, jealousy or secrecy can unhinge you emotionally. The test will be if and how you verbalize your feelings, because squelching them will only make you erupt later on. You’ll be feeling centered again by Friday, when your sex appeal beckons admirers. Letting your fun-loving side out to play energizes romance this weekend!

Sagittarius: Your ideals in love may collide with reality this week. Try to strike a balance between what you’d like in a partner and accepting their imperfections. Also, be aware of hidden/suppressed anger. A cozy date can fire up passion on Thursday or Friday. You’re a magnet for admirers this weekend, so share your light!

Capricorn: Afflicted Mars in your sign means your actions may be misconstrued or ill-timed, or you may be hesitant to take action. Facing down and releasing the issue/fear will set you free to move forward. A group gathering can bring romance on Thursday or Friday. Focusing on the blessings in your life will you help manifest love this weekend!

Aquarius: A troublesome emotion (anger? resentment? powerlessness?) may bubble up from your unconscious to be resolved. Getting in touch with your inner life through spiritual/introspective activities will help you heal emotionally and clarify your direction in love and other areas. A joyful celebration with friends brings out the best in you this weekend!

Pisces: Socializing may feel like a battleground at the start of the week, so avoid negative people, especially if they try to draw you into their conflict. Your insights and knowledge make you a magnet for admirers on Thursday or Friday, so look for love during a class or spiritual activity. A public event can bring romance this weekend!

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