A Day in the Life: Psychic Saba

Psychic Saba, with her hair half tied up, smiles at the viewer.

We believe that gaining a better understanding of our psychics can only deepen your connection when you call or text for a reading. In this continuing series, we talk to our psychics about their day-to-day lives. In this installment of “A Day in the Life,” California Psychics interviews Psychic Saba.

1. When you have a day off, what does that typically look like?

A day off is rare because I log on for my VIP callers daily, but if I do take a day off, it’s usually a Monday. My day starts right before sunrise with a prayer, a ritual (depending on the moon phase), and a prayer bath. I actually do this on most days, not just my [days off].

I then go back to bed and get back up between 10 [and] 11 a.m. After doing some deep stretching and a few squats with my kettlebell, I make my bed and cook myself breakfast. My go-to breakfast is turkey sausage, scrambled eggs, and low-carb pancakes.

I then get dressed and start my creative endeavors. My voice lesson is an hour, [and it’s] followed by my dance lesson, which can last up to two hours. Since music is a true passion of mine, I love spending my rare days off working on various projects and concepts after my music lessons. I write and record my own music, edit videos, and get on my neighbors’ nerves [by] playing what I’ve recorded super loud until the wee hours of the morning.

2. Tell us something interesting that your clients would love to know about you.

I’ve had hundreds of music placements on TV, written on a Grammy-nominated album, won an award from the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, and been signed to record labels three times… I’m [also] obsessed with…cute pet videos. I went to the very best mystery school on the planet.

3. Do you have any go-to mantras?

  • “I create my life.”
  • “Look good, feel good.”

I [seriously] believe that every day I choose my experience, and I give myself permission to decide the rules of my life.

4. What advice would you give a first-time reader?

Please have questions prepared. I get it — you’re calling a psychic (and we’re supposed to just “know”), but it may not be practical for the psychic to think of your questions and answer them too. Co-create and participate in your experience by knowing what you want to discuss. Your reading goes much [more smoothly] when you open up your energy and use…words to articulate your questions. Release fear and don’t judge yourself. We all need guidance and answers at some point.

We’re here to serve you, so ask as many questions as you can during our call.

5. When and how did you discover your psychic abilities?

Everything started when I was six. I met my guides, guardian angels, and ancient ancestors one night when they surrounded my bed. It was an indescribable experience that changed me forever. Other things happened too. One night, I told my parents that someone was in our house. I was still just six years old, but I just knew what was happening without hearing or seeing what was going on outside of my room. I went to my parents’ room and woke them up. When my dad went downstairs to check, our front door was wide open and there was a couple standing on our front porch right on the other side of the threshold. Clearly, they had just exited our home. They did not steal anything. We moved shortly thereafter. Other times, I would know what school people attended without them telling me. I’d predicted at least a dozen marriages long before I attended mystery school.

This gift has been a true blessing, and I feel privileged to contribute my gift to the planet every day.

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