Your 30-Day Saturn Horoscope for April 16 – May 16, 2013

Saturn: Leveling the Field

Depending on what area of your chart Saturn, the ringed one, is traversing, this could prove to be an interesting month. As May rolls around, you know where you stand. Read your Saturn horoscope to find out what’s in store for you!


The good news about starting at ground zero is there’s nowhere to go but up. Old alliances may have proven untrustworthy, but from here on out, you can begin again. The ground is fertile for you to plant new seeds.


You may not agree with the members of your inner circle—even those you’re normally aligned with. That’s okay… and to be expected. Your current lesson is all about understanding the plights of others and adapting accordingly. Having a hard time accepting the plight of others? Get an astrology forecast from Psychic Robin ext. 5492.


If you feel like you’re busting your butt even more than usual, you can thank Saturn. A lot is being asked of you and the rewards may not be visible yet. Here’s a hint: Think about what you’re getting internally, starting with self-understanding. Getting a bit tired of pushing ahead? Find out where you’ll end up by getting a detailed astrology forecast from Psychic Marilyn ext. 5364.


Any energy given to pursuits rooted in creativity, youthful spirit or romance flourish this month, Cancer. It may be hard to find time for recreation, but it’s worth it for you to do so!


The ringed one is still hanging around in your familial skeleton closet, Leo. Old issues surrounding your place at home are at the fore and begging for your attention. Remember, resolution now means peace going forward.

“I really believe in getting to the core of what’s going on and then the peripheral issues work themselves out.” – Psychic Rianne ext. 9423


You’re faced with challenges in the workplace, Virgo, but the good news is, you’re completely up for it! You find yourself able to meet deadlines even as they increase, and if you remain committed, you’ll impress the people who count.


The practical aspects of survival and nourishment—physical, emotional or spiritual—are at the fore this month, Libra. And it may feel hard to remain afloat. Hold your position. You can get through this and flourish. Patience.


Your life may feel unrecognizable. And it is. It’s also the ideal time for putting into motion the apparatus you’ll require to build the life you’ve always dreamed about. Hard work, yes. But if anyone can do it, it’s you.


Your current task is internal improvement. Your turn in the Saturnalian spotlight is still a year away, and you can best prepare by working on yourself. It’s not glamorous, but the rewards are limitless and often immediate.


It’s been a long time coming, but Saturn is finally on your side. That said, the ringed one never works fast. Fortunately, neither do you. Hold fast to your confidence and keep up the climb. The summit is in sight.


If you’re thinking in terms of big changes—career shifts, moves, settling down or breaking free—you can thank Saturn. The ringed one is forcing an overall change in your life’s direction.


Whatever your area of focus, it’s all about expansion of horizons. The catch is this expansion doesn’t require you to look wide, but rather to focus, taking inspiration from Michelangelo, who created David from a block of stone.

One thought on “Your 30-Day Saturn Horoscope for April 16 – May 16, 2013

  1. Holly

    I have been under Saturns stern karmis cycle. Alot of death, illness my husband skipped out on me after taking a $388,000 off my house that I owed 15 years before he begged me to marry him. After the equity was so was he. He has the loan as a first borrower as he is a MD but he is 76 now and won’t give me a descent proposal for divorce. He is (in love) with a recent widow. wILL i RECEIVE WHAT HE OWES ME, AT LEAST PART OF IT. hE WOULD GO INTO BANKRUPSTY IF i DON’T MAKE THE PAYMENTS BUT HE ONLY WANTS TO WORK ENOUGH TO KEEP HIS OWN NEEDS GOING. cAN YOU TELL ME HOW AND WHEN THIS WILL END?


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