Psychic Kit: Let Go of the Past, Embrace the Now

Psychic Kit Shares Her Wisdom

Psychic Kit ext. 5180 believes that you can’t get to the future until you deal with the right now. To help you take control of your future, she uses the runes and Tarot to help you see your situation with all of its many possibilities. Kit specializes in readings about love and relationships. She has been giving caring, nurturing readings for 19 years.

We sat down and had a chat with her, and she offered some incredible wisdom and insight!
How did Psychic Kit ext. 5180 get started as a psychic?

“I could always tell what people were thinking, and they would say it right afterwards—and then when I was 15 I got my first Tarot deck and I immediately picked up on it and seemed to know the definitions before I looked them up in the book, and then I just went from there. I would do readings for friends and my family thought I was a little strange. My grandmother told me that her grandmother used to read tea leaves! After I graduated high school, when I got married, at 21, I started working at a little metaphysical shop and it just started from there. I started reading for parties and doing group readings.”

What is she usually called to read on?

“The majority of what I read is love and relationships, followed by life path readings. A lot of love and relationship issues stem from wanting the other person to change and needing to know what they’re thinking. The constant communication—there’s  too much expectation for instant gratification: They want a text immediately, a phone call immediately, and want to know what the other person is doing every second. There’s no room to be individuals, which is why you fell in love in the first place— because you love the individual.”

What’s her advice on how to keep love together?

“My advice is to step back a little and start spending time away from each other, not texting every five minutes. Go a day without talking to each other. Just let things develop naturally.”

What tools does she use?

“I use a Tarot deck. I got it back in 1990, so it has a lot of energy. It has its own story. I am intuitive as well, so I use the Tarot a lot for confirmation. It goes back a lot between my intuition and then confirming with the Tarot. My best advice for those interested in working with Tarot is to throw all the books away and just look at the cards and see what they say to you. Look at the pictures. The story will just unfold. It’s OK if it’s personal to you; it doesn’t have to be what a book says. The best way to continue learning is to get readings and do readings for friends and family. I also use runes on occasion. Those are very blunt. They give blunt answers, where the Tarot is more descriptive. The runes are more black and white and give quicker answers.”

What are some of her notable successes?

“I had one client who was in a long-distance relationship, and I told her that there was going to be a point where she was going to be the one to say ‘no.’ He was going to come back and she was going to be strong enough to realize that this wasn’t what she wanted. Of course she thought I was crazy… and sure enough six months later she called back and said, Kit, you were right!”

If she could share one piece of advice with the world, what would it be?

“Don’t hold on to anger. You need to look at yourself honestly because we all make mistakes. You have to forgive yourself for your mistakes and realize it’s not something to hold on to. The fact that you’ve realized it and acknowledged it’s a mistake is important. They’re not even really mistakes; it’s just a choice you made at the time with the information that was available. So it’s not necessarily a mistake. It just wasn’t appropriate at the time. So if you look at yourself honestly you can start looking at the world around you honestly.”

What can Psychic Kit ext. 5180 see for you? Give her a call!

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  1. Chelsea

    I am really I into numerology I have been studying it for sometime now so I know all about life paths and different cycles another of my reading I get from it say I maybe psychic and I need to learn how to trust my intuition just womdering if I should Buy some terra cards and start learning how to use them?


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