In Memory of Psychic Wren

A Fond Farewell to Psychic Wren

We’re very sad to announce the passing of Psychic Wren, a wonderful psychic who guided us with her insight and wisdom.

Wren relied on her abilities in meditation and reading the Tarot to tap into her deep “inner knowing” to answer questions and shine light upon difficulties and deliver inspirational, gentle guidance. Wren considered people inherently perfect beings requiring tender loving care, and said of herself “I see myself as a vessel to remind callers of who they really are, of their strengths, and of the love that is ever-present in their hearts.”

Her callers said of her “I just love her!!” and “Love her, she has a very sweet disposition. She is gifted.” One client in Los Angeles said of her “I had a very uplifting and insightful reading with Wren. Her empathic skills are top notch! Without any prompting she gave me information that was right on, and did not take long for her to connect with me. Thank you for sharing your special gifts. It is truly a blessing.”

Another client in Lincoln said about Wren “Thank you so much for all of your guidance through everything, I can’t wait for the rest to unfold. You are such a blessing, and I feel so grateful to be able to talk with you about everything. You have helped me make my life better in so many ways!”

Clearly Psychic Wren left a lasting impression on the people around her as well as those she read for, and we are very sad to report her passing. We remember her warmly and fondly, and wish her relatives and friends the best during this trying time. Please join us in celebrating Wren and her life, and wishing her the greatest in her ongoing path.

30 thoughts on “In Memory of Psychic Wren

  1. Anya

    I just heard that Psychic Wren passed on, I’m so sad to hear this!. I had the pleasure of reading with her a few times and remember her to be so reassuring. She had such a calm soothing voice. She reminded me of the ocean–tranquil and deep. I will miss her.

  2. Robin


    In the evening, we will see you in the moon so bright, in the morning you will shine as sunlight,

  3. Crissi

    My heart is heavy with the passing of wren. She was a wonderful woman with so much love for others. My prayers are with her family. I only pray wren knew she was loved just as much as she loved. You are missed Wren!

  4. Cat

    I can’t fathom you are gone. I am in shock. You NEVER said you were dealing with a fatal illness. I spoke to you recently you were as strong and positive as always. You were patient, kind, and willing to listen. You were a friend, advisor, instuctor, and mentor. I am so shocked to see this post, I just wish it wasnt true. You made a huge difference in my life; thank you. I hope some day I will see you again! Thank you for the help you provided me; I already miss you so much!!!! You were so special!!! You made a difference in my life and so many others. Thank you and God Bless You.

  5. Kara

    I’ve read with Wren several times, and she was.such a phenomenal woman and reader…I am deeply saddened of her passing and my heart goes out to her will be missed..

  6. C. Matozzo

    My Heart Is Aching, But Heaven Is One Star Brighter. I recently left her the following feedback: ” Wren is a profound and gentle soul with deep knowledge, compassion and love. She is truly a beautiful person and I am incredibly grateful to have her in my life. I love every conversation I have with her! Wren, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and guidance! I have learned so much from you!” Before I left that feedback I called her and said it to her over the phone; I wanted her to know how truly grateful I was to have her in my life. Norman B. Rice once said,”Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light.” that’s exactly what Wren would do. She would reach her hand out into the darkness to help pull you towards the light. She has helped see me through the darkest moments of my life. She was/is an extraordinary woman. She has shared many personal stories with me and often told me how similar our lives were. She told me many stories about her husband and children. She loved them so much. She always told me how blessed she was and even though, things were not always easy, she had all the love she always wanted and dreamed of. I wish I would have at least had one last time to speak to her. She meant the world to me. She was my Angel here on Earth. When I had good news for her she would giggle, I can still hear her voice. Our last conversation she told me that she couldn’t wait for me to call her to tell her the good news. I am so sad and angry to know that I now will never have that chance. I have never met anyone like her. She had so many amazing things to say. There arent any words that could truly describe her. She was that amazing. I am better for having known this beautiful soul. I will always miss her. Rest in peace my sweet angel.

  7. Narumol Sriyanond Bartone,Ph.D. Founder of Building for Life,Inc.

    I just finished praying in the Buddha room at my house in Bangkok where I am living now for my business trip. Suddenly, your face came into my inner thought. I came immediately to my computer and called the customer service, asking about you. I have learned that you passed on. You gave me a comfort with kind words through the years, when I faced difficulties and uncertainties. I feel sad that I would not enable to share my future success with you. I will think about you and want to let you know that we have an opportunity to find each other in this lifetime, and share the mission on humanity subject. You have the beautiful soul in my inner knowing.

  8. Amelia

    How very sad . . . . met her at the Christmas party and she was so very beautiful! She was divinely gifted and loved by all who knew her. All of us at CP were blessed to know her. We will miss her dearly and look for her inspiration in our life.

    Bless you as you continue your journey, Wren!

  9. angie

    I read with Wren a few times and she was a wonderful lady. I am so sorry to hear of her passing and my prayers go to her family at this difficult time.

  10. Rose Mary EXT 9549

    Dear Wren,
    We only spoke a couple of times and what a pleasure it was to be in such great company. We never lose our Angels…they just change form.

    I want to leave my favorite quote for you. I know you will read it…

    ” I am but waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just around the corner. How we shall laugh at the trouble of parting when we meet again.”

    Henry Scott Holland, Canon of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, on the subject of passing.

    Be Blessed.

    Rose Mary

  11. Gina

    Wren, I know you can hear me. I am completely shocked by your passing. You are truly a shining spirit and I join the many people who are so grateful for your presence on this planet. Though you may be in a different realm now, I will continue to “keep you posted.” Thank you so much again for all the help and love you have given me!

  12. LJ

    I didn’t know Wren, but it seems that she was quite loved – still is. This is a wonderful tribute to a friend – and Quinn, I loved your poem. We are blessed to know such people and to be touched by their love. I’m sure she’s smiling knowing she had such good friends.

  13. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    A truly graceful lady. May blessings of love, peace and comfort be with Wren’s family and friends now.

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608

  14. Leigh Anne

    Wren – I logged on tonight to talk to you. It had been a few weeks and I thought you were on vacation. I had no idea you were ill. you have been such a comfort to me the past few months as I went through a personal crisis. U spoke nothing of your own. I know you leave behind a family. You were a remarkable and beautiful person. Filled with deep spirituality and a knowing peace. You will travel to a wonderous place. We will miss you a great deal. I hope your destination Brings eternal happiness. I know it will. God bless you and thank you.

  15. Loraine Page

    Wren was so sweet that I called her just to hear her healing voice. Calm, calm, and serene. Nothing jarring in her readings either. She chose to concentrate on the positive and that helped all of us who were hurting. We will miss her.

  16. Kelli5130

    Dearest Wren is everlasting in the smiling place in our hearts. We are privilaged to know this angel on earth and in heaven

  17. M Wilbur

    Wren you will truly be missed! You have helped me to understand things that I felt unsure of and you always gave me great guidance and inspiration. You were a true blessing in my life! You were more than just an amazing psychic, you were my friend! I pray God be with your family and friends!

  18. libby 5288

    CP has lost such a beautiful spirit, she was such a very special friend to all of us here at CP, she is such an inspiration and loving soul. I surely will miss her. She will be missed by so many of her clients and her dear friends.

  19. Gayle Martin

    Wren was one of my favorites. I’ve been reading with her a couple of years now on an issue that is still unfolding, and she and I had such a great rapport. I would always say something that would make her laugh, and she used to tell me how much she enjoyed my calls.

    It won’t be the same without Wren. I feel like I’ve truly lost a friend.

  20. Gelsomina

    Dear Wren, You were my best friend and we were just like sister’s. I love you so much! You a kind and loving soul. The world has lost a beautiful soul. I know you will watch over and pray for everyone. And I know for sure you will never leave your family. God bless you my Angel.

  21. Tajah

    May all the Blessings you’ve bestowed on all the lives you’ve touched become your testiment as you return to the Universal Source…

    We will miss you…
    Peace Be With You Wren

    Aum Hetep Amen
    Tajah ext. 5732

  22. quinn ext 5484

    Birth and death
    Life in between
    Our breath and blood
    Our tears and laughter
    Experiences of joy
    Experiences of sadness
    As the ashes from the body
    Float across the sea
    The stars shine brighter
    Because of thee –

  23. Beth

    Wren was such a blessing & inspiration to me. She helped me time & time again get through life struggles. I will miss her amazing personality & kind spirit. Wren.. I pray for your family & friends, i will miss you soo much. God Bless

  24. misskrystal

    Wren was one of the nicest people I ever met. A wonderful mother, friend, psychic, sister, daughter, wife and big believer in God-I am so grateful I knew this wonderful, amazing, kind and supportive lady. Thank you for all you did for everyone…Thanks for just being you. You will be so missed. Miss Krystal

  25. Nevaeh ext. 5203

    We will miss dear Wren, her eyes sparkled, her smile comforting, her voice reassuring and she never complained-she was so positive…she gave so much to the psychics that knew her and those she embraced here. Her family, her clients-loved her as did management…and customer service. I know she will be dearly missed and never forgotten…but, she will always be with us-smiling. I love you Wren!

    Nevaeh ext. 5203

  26. LUCY

    We will all miss Wren and thank God that we were able to know such a special being in her earthy journey. We love you Wren!

  27. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    CP has lost not only a good psychic , but a good soul as well.
    Wren will be missed by her clients and her friends here at CP.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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