Numerology: Analyze the Meaning of Your Name

Your Name by the Numbers

When we delve into names, we have three elements to work with—our first, middle and last names. If we marry, change our name or have a nickname we can look at the vibrations these names carry as well. Starting with your birth name will give you the basic scope of who you are.

You can calculate your name in three ways, using the chart below:

Your Ambition/Inner Surge Number: Calculate this number by adding all the vowels together.

Your Personality/Impression Number: Calculate this number by adding both the vowels and the consonants together.

Your Expression or Abilities at Birth Number: Calculate this number by adding all the consonants together.

If you get a double-digit answer, add the two digits together and you should get a number between 1 and 9.


Talents Associated with Each Number

1. Leadership, pioneering, originality, independence and drive
2. Diplomacy, cooperation, sensitivity, moodiness, indecision and consideration
3. Sociability, self-expression, optimism, imagination and a gift of the spoken or written word
4. Practicality, application, work, economy, restriction, health and the tendency to be stubborn
5. Freedom, variety, adaptability, change, attraction to the opposite sex, resourcefulness and highly strung
6. Love, ideals, domesticity, service, protection, marriage, adjustment, balance and artistic ability
7. Powers of analysis, introspection, secretiveness, faith, wisdom, peace and quiet
8. Executive ability, good judgment, material power, success and ambition
9. Universal love, sense of goodwill and service, compassion, understanding and artistic or literary ability

Lacking a certain number means something too! Review your calculations to see if you lack any of the numbers above. If you do, here is what lacking a particular number could mean for you:

Missing Numbers

1. Too much thought for self and lazy
2. Can be tactless and lack diplomacy
3. Quick temper, tries too hard and has an inferiority complex
4. Dislikes work and is impatient
5. Fears change, hangs on to old situations and things
6. Unwillingness to take on responsibility and lacks ideals
7. Ignores intuition and is not introspective
8. Worries about money, yet throws caution to the wind
9. Has a narrow outlook on life and is not compassionate

Here is an example:

Alex Lee Miller
1356 355 493359
Vowels = 1 (A) + 5 (E) + 5 (E) +5 (E) + 9 (I) + 5 (E) = 3 [ambition]
Consonants = 3 (L) + 6 (X) + 3 (L) + 4 (M) + 3 (L) + 3 (L) + 9 (R) = 4 [expression]
Vowels + Consonants = 7 [personality]

Alex Lee Miller has strong threes and fives in his number scope. He is very social, open-minded and loves to talk and write. His social activities are physical in nature such as dance, tai chi or other sports. There is a deep sexual vibration and he has no problem in the sensual arena. His level of compassion is there and at times, he uses it to win over people.

The numbers he lacks makes him independent, concerned about money, say that he has a hard time listening to his inner voice and that tact is not one of his charms.

The ambition number 3 puts him in the world of public speaking, writing or both.

The expression number 4 gives him a sense of balance and appreciation for home life.

The personality number 7 shows that he has a spiritual side. He shows himself as a peaceful person and as a friend who can keep a secret.

51 thoughts on “Numerology: Analyze the Meaning of Your Name

  1. Simone

    For expressions or abilities at birth im a 6 (3+3) and for personality of impressions im a 7,
    but for ambition or inner surger im a 1 or 1+0 which means a missing number (1) doh! a mixed bag really.

  2. Ivy x5198

    Hugs Quinn:) This was is so great!! Thank you for your time. I cant wait to do my kids names. Hugs again!! Ivy 5198

  3. Bella

    OMGOODNESS MS QUINN, A LOT OF FEED BACK about this 1 lol HUMMMMM I THINK I’M A (#7) .. myself lol lol .. lots of luv 2 you & lots of hugs 2 you 2 ((((MS.QUINN)))) your dearesst bella .. xoxoxoxo 🙂 🙂

  4. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    hello number groupies…:)

    so many of you have it. thanks to all who got the single number –

    please remember this is only a small view of your number-scope. there are some other wonderful articles about numbers here, so please check them out too so that you get a broader understanding of your name and birthdays.

    have a great day everyone.

  5. Stephanie

    Mine is boring. I got 2 (both) 2 (vowels) and 9 (consonants). 6 is the only number that didn’t come up at all, but the description is completely inaccurate for me.. Guess it doesn’t always apply to everyone.

  6. Jenny

    I think I have the answer for you who are confused. ME TOO til I remembered
    that if you add your numbers and its higher than 9, you have to now add the 2 numbers you have left. EX…3+7 = 10 Well since there isn’t a ten, you have to deduct it down to a single number, which would be now adding 1+0 = 1. 9+4 = 12 (which would be 1+2 = 3) It has to be down to a single digit!

    Hope it helped those who were confused like me! And by the way, I think it is on point some what. My numbers came up… 1, 2, and 9 ! Pretty spot on in a lot of ways!


  7. Trish

    All your questions
    ..keep adding up the numbers…if you get a 9 and a 5..add them up..which is 14..then add 1 plus 4…equals 6

  8. Patricia Jones

    Wow.. pretty close I did both myself and my signficant other and both were pretty much on point.. Interesting! That was fun!

  9. grace njeri njung'e

    its simple yet complicated..can i have a reading for my names as they are above?i will highly appreciate.thanks

  10. Thipasoung

    My name’s long, and my vowels are iaou. So the numbers would be 9+1+6+3. Which would equal 19. And 1+9 is 10, which wouldn’t work. This doesn’t make sense at all.

  11. Natalie Vivaldi-Anderson

    I have been doing Numerology for years and find it extremely helpful in my life. Thanks for any
    extra help you gave to me. Natalie

  12. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    hi everyone,
    I am so happy to hear from all of you. I wish I had the time to do all your numbers for you. if you read the article very carefully you will see exactly how to do it. it might take some time at first but once you understand the system you can apply it to all names.
    if you are married, do both your maiden and married name –
    each number has an explanation next to it.
    if you are coming up with two numbers, like 12 add the 1+2=3 always reduce to a single number.
    good luck in your quest to find more about yourself.

  13. Cristina

    I must be doing something wrong in my calculations. When I use all three of my names – first, middle and maiden name, the vowels and consonants add up to more than 9 and therefore there is nothing listed for that. Help?

  14. Beverly

    I came up with the numbers 5 for ambition, 9 for expression and 86 for personality, what does this mean?

  15. Matthias Yaw Kotoka Amuzu

    I am greatly amazed with your teaching and explanation. May I please ask you to interpret mine for me? Hope to read from you very soon.

  16. Crystal

    Can you do my name for free?? I cant pay you for it right now….
    My name is Crystal Joy Danner
    But will change it to Crystal Joy Almonte

  17. Hitesh M Somaiya

    i want to know about my name calcution i am having lots of problems in my please guide me an birt is 3-11-1977

  18. Manasseh Damulak

    Please let me know my path to success. No promotion for the pass 9 years, why? My name is: Manasseh Damulak born 15/01/19960. What do i need to get back all my lost promotions and succeed in business?

  19. Lydia Serrentino

    Very interesting to find out about the talents by the vowels and consonants in a name.

    I did mine, not sure it is right. My grandson is going to be born tomorrow, is there a possibility if I sent the name that it could be done to give as a personal chart.

    Thank-you Lydia Patricia Serrentino

  20. santana

    I want my life to b different i need money to take care of my daughter i been playing the lottery everyday but ain’t been really having luck can u help me with some lucky numbers?

  21. Pia Victoria


    I’m trying to compute mine but because my name is too long can you try it for me.

    Maria Paz Valencia-Victoria

    thanks so much!


  22. Vasu Krishnan

    I disagree with some of the conclusions.As long as one is not tied down to a contract with ones life(This is the way life has been so far,and this is the way its going to be in the future),then one is relatively free from ones Karma.

  23. Ochikiri Sylvanus

    Thanks very much my dear, how fortunate that I got to click on you. Please tell me, what does my names have in store for me.

    OCHIKIRI SYLVANUS OCHIKIRI and my friends call me OCHIKS.

    Thanks again, be hearing from you soon

    Sylvanus Ochikiri.


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