Celebrate Psychic Appreciation Month

Happy Psychic Appreciation Month!

This month we celebrate all the psychics at California Psychics. We’ll share with you their stories, how they developed their skills and how you can get in touch with your own. (We believe we’re all a bit psychic.) To help kick off Psychic Appreciation Month, I would like to introduce you to four new psychics. While they are new to the California Psychics service, they have years of experience as psychic readers.

Cindy ext. 6225

Cindy uses her powerful psychic abilities to help you unearth answers to things that seem uncertain. She says, “I believe readings help people make big decisions. Sometimes you don’t want to speak to your family and friends but you still need clarity on what to do.” Do you feel like you should know the answer, but there isn’t enough information to make a good decision? Give Cindy a call and let her reveal what’s hidden from you.

Valouria ext. 6220

Valouria says a white light blessing for pure love and protection while she channels her Native American spiritual guide, Chief Joseph. When she reads for you, you will sense that Chief Joseph is right there with you. She says, “You’ll meet the right person, meet your soulmate, start a new career and some money will flow in, all at the right time and right place. Psychics guide you on the right path, so you can achieve your goals, meet your loved one, succeed at your highest potential and fulfill your happiness.” Ready to achieve the next goal on your list? Give Valouria a call to find out how!

 Helena ext. 5890

Helena believes the answers reside within your energy, at the core of your being. She relays “soul messages” by psychically scanning your energy field to reveal details regarding your outward concerns and internal conflicts. When she channels she repeats messages from those on the other side exactly how she hears them. It is important to Helena to never hinder their words or meaning, so she shares true messages from Spirit. Get closer to your guides with a reading from Helena and see your path more clearly.

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  1. Tenley

    Happy Psychic appreciation month to all of our customers and Psychics. We all appreciate each other 🙂

    Always Blessings,
    Tenley Ext 5602


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