Me vs. We in Your Chart

Balancing your needs with the needs of your partner is an age-old relationship quandary. “Me” versus “we” scenarios can show up just about anywhere: You like plenty of veggies while your sweetie prefers Big Macs. You’re up ’til the wee hours of the morning while your mate starts nodding off at 10 o’clock.

And of course, there’s always those prickly intimacy issues, like sexual timing and preferences, that can derail your love life altogether. That is, unless you can work out a compromise that satisfies both parties. Although we can’t tell you if compromising is the best solution for you, we can give you a heads up about the type of me vs. we struggles that are likely to arise with your significant other.

Here’s the scoop: Because Aries rules personal desires, while the opposite sign of Libra rules partnerships, the Aries-Libra axis in your chart describes many of the me vs. we issues in your life. For instance, in a chart with 12 Houses, or departments of life, if you have Aries on the 2nd House of earnings, and Libra (opposite) on the 8th House of shared resources, then you have a 2nd-8th House axis that can prompt power struggles over money.

To analyze this axis in your own life, it’s best if you have an astrology chart based on your date, place and time of birth, which is much more accurate than just looking at your Sun sign. You can call an astrologer at to inquire about your chart. Once you can access your chart, find the House ruled by Aries as shown in your chart and read the appropriate paragraph below.

Aries on the 1st or 7th House – This is a classic me vs. we example. As a twosome, you need to take turns leading and following each other so the needs of both are met. With Aries on the 1st, you’re very self-directed and need to learn cooperation. With Aries on the 7th, you may compromise so much that you lose yourself in your partner. A balanced form of sharing is needed in your relationship.

Aries on the 2nd or 8th House – Money is your me vs. we arena. In a relationship, you need to come to an agreement on how you earn and spend money as a couple. With Aries on the 2nd, you can be headstrong about spending and need to check in with your partner on big purchases. With Aries on the 8th, you strive to direct your joint finances. With a little cooperation you can create prosperity together.

Aries on the 3rd or 9th House – Communication and spiritual beliefs are your me vs. we scenarios. With Aries on the 3rd, you’re direct and logical and depend on a partner to see the bigger picture of your life together. With Aries on the 9th, you’re the peacemaker and have a philosophical way of communicating. Learning how to talk to and argue with each other, and sharing your beliefs, will deepen your mental and spiritual connection.

Aries on the 4th or 10th House – Family and career can ignite me vs. we scenarios. With Aries on the 4th, part of your self-expression is fulfilled through creating a home or working from home. With Aries on the 10th, you need to go out and conquer the world through your career, but need a partner to handle family matters. Compromising on how much time you each spend on family and work activities will be the challenge.

Aries on the 5th or 11th House – Socializing and creative expression are your me vs. we arenas. With Aries on the 5th, you crave an adventurous love life and need to express yourself creatively. With Aries on your 11th, you have a wide circle or friends and need to learn to work creatively with others. Your challenge as a couple is to compromise over time spent together and time spent with friends, and working creatively together.

Aries on the 6th or 12th House – The grind of daily duties and care-giving can trigger me vs. we scenarios. As a couple, you need to work together but spend time alone, too. With Aries on the 6th, you can be demanding about the everyday tasks that need to be taken care of. With Aries on the 12th, you need time alone to dream and just be. Sharing responsibilities while caring for each other will help your relationship run smoothly.

Cooperation is one of the main elements of a compatible relationship, and working through the me vs. we issues in your life will help set the stage for success in love.

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